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Mobile Premier Awards 2013


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The Jini pitch at the Mobile Premier Awards start-up competition

Published in: Technology
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Mobile Premier Awards 2013

  2. 2. IMAGINE A FUTURE :Your mobile device is a sixth sense í Quantifies your life - x Becomes a smart-agent - x No search, but inspires you - x
  3. 3. WE’RE OUT OF SYNC: Content without context is useless í Social networks are static. Life isn’t íHuman are unreliable. Sensors aren’t í
  4. 4. TECH :Social Sensors API Devices Context Cube
  5. 5. HI, JINI : Context-aware life logger (“journal”) íBehaves as a context / cognitive layer í Interprets personal behavior í Give personal insights and remarks í Right-time experience í
  6. 6. DISSECTING JINI :State you’re in Automatedsensed check-in Jini comment cardProposed sleeptime Jini observations (card) Sensor indicators Jini recommendation card tap for more detail
  7. 7. HI, DEVELOPERS : Get our API & SDK í The ultimate mobile cookie í Full sensing & context engine íYou can build magical mobile apps í Context-Aware Query Language í
  8. 8. MONETIZATION : API & SDK licenses í Contextual Data Marketplace íAlready first mover in industries í Healthcare - x Media (music, tv, …) - x
  9. 9. ROADMAP : Dec 2013 Sep 2013+ 10.000 user Predictiveprivate beta signups ServicesGet yours at Jul 2013 Data Marketplace Public Beta Feb 2013 Private Beta
  10. 10. OUR FUTURE : Launch product íExpand team and setup in US íIterate until product-market fit í
  11. 11. JINITHANK YOU !