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Apps Marathon 2012


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The AppsMarathon 2012 presentation of the mobile app, Jini, that won the jury and public prize.

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Apps Marathon 2012

  1. 1. Get smart. Get inspired. Speaker: Filip Maertens @fmaertens
  2. 2. data pollution is upon us Too much content. We’re lost.!3M check-ins/day 250M photos/day 250M tweets/dayI don’t care! I don’t like! I don’t read!
  3. 3. the inability to handle this data overload causes many things to be broken !! search spam explicitdiscover! inspire! sense!
  4. 4. content without context is useless! We need to turndata into intelligence!
  5. 5. Our secret sauce +   take one gram of and fuse with social! sensors! deep data mining affinity networks jini   machine learning algorithms sensor fusioning
  6. 6. Get smart. Get inspired.!Jini  is  a  personal  assistant  on  your  smart-­‐phone.      She  offers  5ps  and  sugges5ons  to  make  your  life  be;er.  Using  sensors  on  your  smartphone,  Jini  knows  who  you  are  and  in  what  situa5on  you  are  in.      As  such,  Jini  is  capable  of  offering  sugges5ons  tailored  to  your  personality.      In  short,  Jini  is  your  sixth  sense.!
  7. 7. Current relevant observations and ideas !Past observations and inspiration feed!
  8. 8. have Jini propose you stuff you like example: music!
  9. 9. gain insight about your own behaviorexample: sleep and awake!
  10. 10. or meet up with friends when they are around!
  11. 11. let Jini propose interesting deals for you !
  12. 12. Basically, Jini is a diary that writes itself! and suggests relevant opportunities !
  13. 13. Of course, sometimes it’s hard even for Jini to sense a 100% fit. Then she asks…!
  14. 14. We don’t care where you are ! but what you are doing!
  15. 15. Where’s the money ?! Mobile   Adver5sing   Deals  Industry   US$  35B   US$  80B   we want to evolve the advertising industry deliver actionable inspiration + sell ideas! never your data!
  16. 16. The road ahead ?! /   but still many challenges to go privacy, fundraising, … you!
  17. 17. Thanks for voting ”APPS 5” Speaker: Filip Maertens @fmaertens