LeWeb 2012 Paris Startup Competition Pitch


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This is the Jini pitch as done at the LeWeb '12 Paris edition during the Startup Competition, where we were finalists.

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  • Hi everyone, my name is Filip Maertens and I’m the founder of Argus Labs.We’re a Belgian start-up with a team of nine developers, mathematicians and mobile experts that are passionate about smart-phones, machine learning, big data and sensors. Following a period of fundamental research, it wasn’t until last summer that we started the actual development of our technology.So we are very excited to be here today, as we’re about to give you a first look into our alpha version. @&
  • It seems we live in a paradox. While social networks and search engines have never been as omnipresent as today, yet it has become increasingly harder to find relevancy. And specifically for mobile users.We want to simplify the life of a mobile user, by knowing who he is and …This problem has some root causes:
  • Humans produce enormous amounts of content, yet there is little context available to make systems truly accurate and useful.Once patterns are identified, they hardly ever change. This is not at all how real-life works. I used to like AC/DC, but now I’m more into DJ Shadow. Our world is in constant change, yet systems remain mostly -evolutionary.It is in our human nature to produce biased – and so low quality - data. Let me ask you, how many of you today have “Liked” something just for the heck of it? Last one is that recommendations and ad systems around us are build to return as many results as possible, resulting in irrelevancy, often annoying a user.In short. Mobile users don’t have the tools to get personalized recommendations when they need it most, while brands struggle to get their message across to their consumers.
  • We made it our mission to transform your smart-phone into a smart-assistant. We called it Jini.Jini makes sense. She learns who you are, so she can help you discover and give personalized ideas and inspiration, but also anticipate what you want. We wanted it to feel as if you were having a sixth sense, without requiring the user to enter heaps of data.But first some complex mathematical and sensor issues had to be solved before we could start developing. This research gave us a one-year lead-time, and patented findings.
  • The technology that we’ve built is able to pervasively contextualize the user, its environment and its behavior. Our secret sauce is to mine social data, and analyze sensor data from your smart-phone and connected devices. We produce these dynamic contexts to better understand your needs, affinities and motivation.Method is patent pending
  • The true magic happens however when the system starts making spontaneous personalized suggestions. At the right moment. And under the right conditions.
  • We can go on for hours discussing the technology behind this, but let’s give you a quick walkthrough of Jini. OK?
  • For developers, advertisers and anyone else that wants to build context or behavior aware mobile apps, we’ve got good news.As of 2013, we expose our algorithms and platform through an SDK and an API so you can benefit from our research, and continued support to create your own sensor fused apps. Let me show you what I mean.
  • As you can see you can link your solution from within your mobile app.Of course you might want to use the API to perform more complex tasks such as predictive profiling, sentiment analysis, context analysis and more. Just a quick example of our prediction in action.
  • We allow brands and advertisers to use true behavior- and intention-based campaigns to reach their audience by turning ads into useful experiences. Always on time. Always useful.We sell ideas. Never data. As such, we only offer our platform to brands so they can get their message across to the Jini community.Of course, advertisers can also use the API to make their own apps.
  • Developed this unique technology, we have set our ambitions to become a leading capability for behavioral and intention based services.As we are pre-revenue, our focus is definitely in delivering a good user experience and gaining traction.
  • My partner and myself have bootstrapped the company for over US$ 500.000. We are now raising a first round of US$ 1 million to expand the team, launch the product and establish a presence in a startup friendly climate.
  • Thank you for having me. I’ll gladly take any additional question.
  • LeWeb 2012 Paris Startup Competition Pitch

    1. 1. HI, THEREFounded in Spring 2011 by @fmaertensApplied Machine Learning & Sensor FusionPassionate and experienced teamFrom Belgium, with LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    2. 2.  problem As a smartphone user, I feel more and more lost in an ocean of data.Cumbersome experience for smartphone users to actually find relevant stuff. LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    3. 3.  broken by design Ubiquitous content. Scarce context. Recommendations are static. Life is dynamic.Humans produce biased data. Sensors observe behavior. Advertisers work on quantity. We need quality. LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    4. 4.  welcome Jinipersonal assistant and advisor  gives you insights in your life  connected devices/sources  capable to anticipate  privacy by design  LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    5. 5.  secret sauceThe “Context Cube” LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    6. 6.  how it works aggregate sensor data analyze behaviorintegrate connected devices make predictive profiles trigger real-time events push ideas and observations LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    7. 7.  for usersThis is the part where things can go very wrong ;) LIVE DEMO LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    8. 8.  für developersBRINGING THE ULTIMATE COOKIE FOR MOBILE SDK + APIPredictive Services  Semantic Interface  Sensor Fusion Framework Sentiment Awareness  Context Services  Behavior Analysis LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    9. 9.  SDK & APIFee per SDK instance API volume pricing p.m. LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    10. 10.  advertising model Behavior and Intention based advertising Turns ads in to an experienceMobile ads (2016)US$ 60B Looks like you had a rough night. Want to taste that new Red Bull ? We don’t sell data … … we sell ideas. LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    11. 11.  financial projections We are pre-revenue. Low burn-rate.For 2012, we should focus on users and API developers so we can give them a good experience LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    12. 12.  fundraising Raising US$ 1 million in seed for 18 months runwayExpand team  Launch product  Establish presence abroad LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini
    13. 13. THANK YOU LeWeb ‘12 Paris Startup Pitch @getjini