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  1. Where is Digital Humanities Israel? Sinai Rusinek Polonsky Academy at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute At The Tenth Annual Jerusalem Conference on the Digitization of Cultural Heritage Eva/Minerva 2013
  2. Digital Humanities Centers Worldwide
  3. The DigIn initiative 2013
  4. The digital incunabula A DH initiative in Israel The Annotated Star A social edition of Franz Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption (Stern der Erlösung), devoted to unveiling its intertextuality. In collaboration with Annette Gessner and Christian Kötteritzschthe, the E-traces team at the Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities (GCDH). Netzwerkerei A platform for exploration of historical Jewish intellectual networks with the use of network analysis and visualization, geospatial and text analytical tools. Several other projects are in the planning stage, with the hope of finding for them financial support, and eventually, an institutional home. hack Yack better DigIn 1.2013 Yack Sinai Rusinek, Polosnky Academy at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute Workshops introduce and discuss the various areas of development of digital humanities and were conducted in collaboration with the National Library, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar-Ilan University, who provide data, host, and fund the events. The workshop on Web archive research was conducted in collaboration with WebART: Web Archive Retrieval Tools project in the Netherlands. Seed funding for the Initiative in 2013: The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute more :
  5. Hebrew Manuscripts in the Digital Age Hosted and sponsored by the School of Philosophy and Religions at the Hebrew University April 2013
  6. Co-organized With Anat ben David and Adi Zamir Nitzan, assisted by Hugo Huurdeman, Taher Samar, Ilia Pritzker and Ido Ivri
  7. - Text and textuality in the 21st century Hosted and sponsored by the school of Philosophy and Religion The Hebrew University, September 9, 2013 , 10:00-17:00  Avriel Bar-Levav The Open University of Israel  Shlomo Berger University of Amsterdam  Elena Pierazzo Kings College, London  Susan Schreibman Trinity College, Dublin  Joris van Zundert Huygens Institute, Den Haag
  8. Computer Technologies for the Historical Research of Intellectual Networks NLI - VLJI Workshop October 7-11 2013 co-organized with Arie Dubnov With: Howard Hotson (Oxford) Glen Worthey (Stanford) Scott Weingart (Indiana) Marten Duering (Nijmegen) Hannah Marcus (Stanford)
  10. digital-humanities-israel/
  11. Digital Humanities Israel January: Hansen Hospital, Jerusalem February 17-18: Haifa University March: Ben Gurion University April: Tel Aviv, Beit Ha’ir Museum …
  12. Ben-Yehuda THATcamp Haifa Save the date! February 17-18, 2014
  13. 

Editor's Notes

  1. A year ago, at a very similar session at the EVA Minerva conferences, I presented an initiative that I started here at the VLJI. The project has just been approved by the institute administration. I had in mind an incubator for projects, an A-Team of Digital Humanists that will work with the universities, and that will also run specialized workshops on the different methods and approaches in the digital humanities. When I later received the approved part of the budget, 20, 000 NIS, It was made clear that there will be no dream team. We can only kick start one or two very small pilot projects, and then hope for the best. Gladly, as we started working, we found that there was a lot of interest around us in supporting events, conferences and workshops, and we found some generous collaborators and hosts. And so we held 4 very special events:
  2. Again I would like to invite you to register to register to the group, to follow our website to be updated on the rest of our activities and to join the discussion on our facebook group.