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Project on teachers design training


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Published in: Education
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Project on teachers design training

  1. 1. Project on teachers' design training for digital citizenship H.S.Skovoroda National Pedagogical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine Art Education and Digital Technologies: Virtual World Conference 2014
  2. 2. What does it mean “design training”?
  3. 3. New generation teachers century social-content/ social-content/
  4. 4. ICT reanimate informal education
  5. 5. We curate and produce visual content
  6. 6. The power of the visual content Source: Visual culture Visual literacy Visual language
  7. 7. Methode • Project-based learning, Design competition • Student-centred learning, Team building, Lidership • Multidisciplinary inquiry in learning (Languages, History, Arts, Social sciences, Pedagogy and Psychology) • STEAM (Science, Technology, dEsign, Arts and Modeling) Content •Real world problems (events, exhibition, museums) •Social value and sustainability (languages, history, environment, arts, science) • Visualization information (text + dates) Means • ICT for drawing, painting, printing, storytelling , events, installation • Multimedia gallery (slides, wiki, animation, infographics, quest and problem solving) • Networking, simulation, multitasking, Competency-based education for digital age
  8. 8. Design learning with ICT for the future Quality (social activity, fluency, sustainability, community of practice, design thinking) Social emergency projects Connected educators Leadership Partnership P2p projects Social media Portfolio Quality (digital literacy, culture of innovations, critical and creative thinking)
  9. 9. Student’s activity Teacher‘s facilitation: • motivating and evaluating what students know • creating personalized learning experiences • helping students explore complex problemscollaborate communicate cooperate think inquire create assess evaluate …
  11. 11. Student’s Personal Learning Environment for critical and creative thinking Animation scratching Google services Moodle Infogr.amBlogs Mobile devices Wiki Information Curator Xmind Web design Virtual labs Tests Skype Youtube Maps Instagram Photo tools, Painter Vkontakte MS Office Portfolio tools
  12. 12. Web 2.0 “turn on” constructive social activity
  13. 13. New possibility for critical/creative thinking development
  14. 14. Design thinking development Defining the problem Reviewing info and visualizing result Working out plan and select design tools Modelling Testing and assessing model Evaluating model according the problem
  15. 15. Electronic portfolio is innovative tool Formative Authentic evaluation, Responsible learning, Active position Competences Summative Assessment of planned knowledge and skills Reproductive activity Portfolio
  16. 16. • Thank you • Oleinik Tatyana, Chebotova Yana, • Prokopenko Andrey, Andrushenko Olena, • Leontieva Olena, Trubchaninov Mykolay •