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G12 susan hazan_roundtableopenaccesjewish

Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Harvard

2016 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

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G12 susan hazan_roundtableopenaccesjewish

  1. 1. EVA/Minerva 2016 Round Table: Open Access of Digital Data in Jewish Studies Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Harvard Opening the door to Museum: collections, exhibitions and resources
  2. 2. Rijksmuseum Digitizes & Makes Free Online 273,000 Works of Art, Masterpieces Included!
  3. 3. What's in Open Content? Currently, there are more than 99,000 images from the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute available through the Open Content Program. Other images include paintings, drawings, manuscripts, photographs, antiquities, sculpture, decorative arts, artists' sketchbooks, watercolors, rare prints from the 16th through the 18th century, and 19th-century architectural drawings of cultural landmarks. Over time, images from the Getty Conservation Institute will be added, as well as more images from the J. Paul Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute.
  4. 4. 53,576,460 artworks, artefacts, books, videos and sounds
  5. 5. Български - Bulgarian Català - Catalonian Dansk- Danish Deutsch - German Ελληνικά - Greek English Español - Spanish Suomi - Finnish Français - French Hrvatski - Croatian Magyar - Hungarian Italiano – Italian Lietuvių - Lithuanian Latviešu - Latvian Malti - Maltese Norsk - Norwegian Nederlands - Dutch Polski - Polish Português - Portuguese Romanian - Romanian Русский - Russian Svenska - Swedish
  6. 6. 14,037,948 items from libraries, archives, and museums
  7. 7.
  8. 8. In December 2010, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, generously supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, convened leading experts in libraries, technology, law, and education to begin work on this ambitious project. A two-year process of intense grassroots community organization, beginning in October 2011 and hosted at the Berkman Center, brought together hundreds of public and research librarians, innovators, digital humanists, and other volunteers—organized into six workstreams and led by a distinguished Steering Committee—helped to scope, design, and construct the DPLA. The DPLA is led now by Executive Director Dan Cohen and guided by a Board of Directors comprised of leading public and research librarians, technologists, intellectual property scholars, and business experts from around the country. Based in Boston in the historic Boston Public Library, DPLA has grown from an initial staff of four to nearly ten, including an in-house technical team. To read more about the DPLA team, visit our our staff page.
  9. 9. The DPLA and Europeana announced their collaboration in December 2011. Speaking at the time, Robert Darnton, a DPLA Steering Committee member and University Librarian at Harvard, said, 'The association between the DPLA and Europeana means that users everywhere will eventually have access to the combined riches of the two systems at a single click. The aggregated databases will include many millions of books, pamphlets, newspapers, manuscripts, images, recordings, videos, and other materials in many formats.' Since then, the DPLA has worked closely with Europeana, adopting the Europeana Data Model, sharing metadata expertise, inspiration and lessons learned, and working to make the two digital datasets interoperable.
  10. 10. Federated searches – WITH License-based search for quality content
  11. 11. The Great Isaiah Scroll was translated by Professor Peter Flint (Western Trinity University, Canada) and Professor Eugene Ulrich (University of Notre Dame). Comparing the JPS English translation of the Masoretic version

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Susan Hazan, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Harvard 2016 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage


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