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G14 eyal reuven_nli_theopenlibrary


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Eyal Reuven, National Library of Israel: the Open Library
2016 EVA/Minerva Jerusalem International Conference on Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

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G14 eyal reuven_nli_theopenlibrary

  1. 1. EVA / Minerva 2016 Open Library National Library of Israel Open Library National Library of Israel
  2. 2. Using international known standards and tools  Open access to digital reproductions – IIIF and IxIF  LD for Data and Meta Data ~ Graph DB  Including discovery of entities  Library Ontologies – Bibframe  Developing Apps on top of the MediaWiki framework Open Access policyOpen Access policy
  3. 3. 1. Cooperation with Wikimedia Israel  Enriching Wikidata with NLI data  Participation in Wikimedia int’l Hackathon (Jerusalem 2016) & DataHack. 2. The Public Workshop (NGO)  Hackita 02 program  Involvement in projects CooperationsCooperations
  4. 4. • Discoverability of NLI data repository  Developing sitemaps generator for all NLI items  Utilizing Google search console  LibraryWiki • Launching of a Developers website • Analytics of data access and usage Internet presenceInternet presence
  5. 5. Thanks! Eyal Reuven