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Common themes formatted


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This set of themes is formatted so that you can create an instant bulletin board. Display literary themes all year long!

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Common themes formatted

  1. 1. Common Themes
  2. 2. Friendship is moreimportant than money or popularity
  3. 3. If you lovesomething, let it go
  4. 4. Follow your own path
  5. 5. We can solve problems by working togetherTwo heads are better than one Fighting doesn’t solve problems
  6. 6. Good can come from badEvery cloud has asilver lining It’s an ill wind that blows no good
  7. 7. Take care of natureAppreciate thenatural world Take time to observe what’s around you
  8. 8. Persistence and effort pay off
  9. 9. Honesty is the best policy It’s better to be honest than to lie.
  10. 10. Cheaters never win.
  11. 11. Good will triumph over evil
  12. 12. Be yourselfDon’t worry aboutwhat others think
  13. 13. Stand up for whatyou know is right
  14. 14. Family is more important than anything else Blood is thicker than water
  15. 15. The journey is asimportant as the destination
  16. 16. Remember where you came fromheritage root s
  17. 17. Ordinary people can be heroes
  18. 18. The path to being a hero is filled with challengesquest