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Independent reading letter


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Use this reading assignment to add accountability to independent reading. It works best as an in-class assignment!

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Independent reading letter

  1. 1. Emily Kissner 2018 Name Independent Reading Writing Task You will have up to 30 minutes to complete the following task. Write a letter to your teacher describing your independentreading this week. You may include information about:  Why you chose your independentreadingbook  The characters and setting of this book  Vocabularyused in the book  Why you do or do not like this book  Your future goals for reading Criteria 4 3 2 1 Content Abundant details are included to address at least four of the topics above. Adequate details are included to address at least three of the topics above. Scanty details are included to address the topics above. The reader needs more information! Organization The piece is structured as a letter. An introduction and conclusion section frame the piece, with transitions used throughout. The writer attempts to structure the piece as a letter. An introduction and conclusion section are attempted. The writing is not quite ready to function as an organized piece. Sections may be missing, or it may not be in letter form. The writing looks more like a set of disorganized notes than a letter. Style Strong word choice enhances the piece. The style is appropriate for the occasion. Adequate word choice supports the piece. Word choice does not enhance the piece. There are style problems with the piece. The style is inappropriate for the occasion. Conventions The piece shows strong conventions. Capitalization, punctuation, and Capitalization, punctuation, and spelling choices do not detract from the piece. Repeated errors in capitalization, punctuation, and spelling are present, but do Repeated errors make the piece difficult to read.
  2. 2. Emily Kissner 2018 spelling choices enhance the piece. not interfere with meaning.