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Theme in Literature


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Grades 4-7

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Theme in Literature

  1. 1.  Message Lesson
  2. 2. THEME {lesson learned}  DIRECTLY STATED  Obviously stated or given to the reader in the novel  INDIRECTLY STATED  Must figure out theme by analyzing what the novel reveals about life or the people
  3. 3. Themes • Not all stories have themes. Sometimes the author’s purpose is just to get an emotional response from a reader.
  4. 4. How Do You Find Theme in a Story? • To find the theme of a story ask yourselves some questions : main character of the story changed? What was the main conflict or problem in • Has the • the book? How was it resolved? title have significant meaning? • Does the
  5. 5. COMMON THEMES Friendship Good vs. Evil Struggles Courage Determination Perseverance Acceptance Loyalty Freedom Love Hope Man vs. Nature Prejudice Suffering Death Responsibility
  6. 6. Seedfolks Bridge to Terabithia, Crispin, Red Fern Theme