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Spelling words Unit 2 Week 3


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Grade 6 Spelling Words, Wonders Unit 2 Week 3

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Spelling words Unit 2 Week 3

  1. 1. Spelling Words Wonders Grade 6: Unit 2 Week 3 Spelling Words Closed syllables Closed syllables with double consonant factor banner victim ballot mental muffler formal ragged pantry wallet prosper funnel pumpkin dwelling kingdom barren necklace ponder snapshot fabric Vocabulary Words alcove: (noun) A small space set back in a wall or room stifling: (adjective) Suffocatingor extremelyclose commerce: (noun) The buyingand selling of products to make money upheaval: (noun) A major or sudden change domestic: (adjective) Related to family or life at home utmost: (adjective) Of the greatest or highestdegree fluent: (adjective) Able to speak a language well exotic: (adjective) Something unusual or interesting Packet due Spellingand VocabularyTest:
  2. 2. Related words (words with the same root) *root: com- (with, together) Sentence with the word commerce Picture to illustrate the meaningof the word Synonyms (words with similar meanings) Related words (words with the same root) *root: flu- (to flow) Sentence with the word fluent
  3. 3. Picture to illustrate the meaningof the word Synonyms (words with similar meanings) Analogies Directions: Complete each analogy with a spelling word from the box. pantry wallet banner mental barren ragged 1. closet: clothing :: pantry : ___________________ 2. lush : rainforest :: desert :_____________________________ 3. backpack: books :: _________________: money 4. physical : body :: _________________ : mind 5. crimson : red :: flag : 6. unfinished : complete :: ______________ : new Compound Words
  4. 4. Word 1 Word 2 Compound Word snap lace Vocabulary Review 1. Make a list of things that would fit in the category of stationery. 2. Draw a picture of yourself discovering an artifact. 3. Circle the synonym of the vocabulary word in each list. yields asks requests results inscription engravingartifact envelope
  5. 5. artifact fossil leaf object utilize reject use refuse 4. Draw a picture of a communal dinner.