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First day of school for sixth grade


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A sample schedule for the first day of school! Great as a reference for teachers who are new to the grade level or teaching.

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First day of school for sixth grade

  1. 1. First Day of School for Sixth Grade 8:45-9:10: Arrival -Choose desks -Color nametags with brand-new fine point markers -Socialize(students have been in thisschoolfor two years, so theyknow each other well) 9:10-9:40: Morning Meeting -Teach greeting routine -Play an icebreaker game (maybeZoom?) 9:40-10:30: Ideal Classroom Activity In my letterto students over the summer, I asked themto draw a pictureof their ideal classroom. Today,students will work in groupsto share theirpictures. We’lltalkabout theirbig dreams (youknow, likea swimming poolin themiddleof theclassroom) and howwe can translate thoseto realisticideas. Each group will thenput togethersomeof their ideasinto a poster about theiridealclassroom, which we will share with theclass. This is also theidealtime to share some of thebasic classroom rules, with theideathat therules will help us to achieve our idealclassroom. 10:30-10:45: UV Beads UV beadsare great toolsto get kidsthinking scientificallyat thestart of theschool year. For this activity,each student will get a chenille stem and 5 UV beads. Theyalreadyknow that sunlight makes thebeadsturn colors, thanks to theirfourth grade teacher—right,that was me. Our next step will be to generate some questions about the UVbeads to prepare for our upcoming trip outdoors… 10:30-11:15: Solo Spots I love taking students outside!Solo Spotsis a quiet, reflective timein which students spend time outdoorsto observe, wonder, and think.Students will make theirSolo Spots journals, we’lltalk about expectationsfor thistime, and spend 15 minutes outdoors. 11:15-11:45: Share Solo Spots/Revisit UV beads I’llwatch students carefully to see exactlyhow to spend this time. Students may share theirSolo Spotsjournals in small groupsor with theclass. Depending on their discoveries and questions, we may probefurther with theUV beadsto talkabout testablevs. non-testable questions. 11:45-12:05: Recess and lunch rules review 12:05-12:45: Recess and Lunch 12:45-1:05: Read Aloud
  2. 2. I’ve put togetherashelf of readaloud picturebooksand novels. In thistime, I’ll introduce theshelf and callon a student to picka bookfor read aloud! 1:05-1:15: Expectations for Silent Reading We’llmake a chart of what silent reading time shouldlooklikeand sound like.Students will beable to move around theroom, so we’ll talkabout how to manage thisseamlessly. 1:15-1:45: Silent Reading Reading timeis a priorityfor thefirst day! I’ve pulled togethersomebookdisplaysand decentralized my library to make browsing easy. 1:45-2:30: Organize, Agendas, Pack Up This is thetime that I need to hand out first-daypackets, introduce theagendaroutine, and talkabout how to packup for theend of day. 2:30-2:45: Closing Meeting What didwe enjoy?What are we looking forwardto?What willstudents share with families? I’m not sure of exactlyhowthis meeting willbe organized (maybe even outside?)but I know that it’s a keyto have a goodfirst day. 2:50-3:30: Phys. Ed for kids/planning for me In which I will drink at least 3 bottlesofwater! 3:30-3:55: Dismissal EmilyKissner