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Characters Traits and Functions by Jamee Summers



Character traits slideshow

Character Traits Slide Show

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Character traits slideshow

  1. 1. When Antonio walked into the classroom, he accidently bumped into the door frame. He took a few more steps and then tripped over a chair leg and fell flat on his face. What character trait best describes Antonio? clumsy unkind coordinated foolish Character Traits
  2. 2. The fourth of July is Andy’s favorite holiday. Every year, he puts American flags out in his front yard to help celebrate. He also decorates their house with red, white, and blue streamers. What character trait best describes Andy? selfish friendly entertainer patriotic Character Traits
  3. 3. Character Traits Raj got a new bike for Christmas. Even though he had a helmet, he decided not to wear it. He jumped on his bike and took off as fast as he could down the middle of his street. When a car came driving down the street, Raj tried to race it. What character trait best describes Raj? thoughtless frightening dangerous grateful
  4. 4. Character Traits Kay got $20.00 for her birthday to spend however she wanted to. She decided to invite her best friend Alex to go to the movies with her. Alex said she couldn’t afford to go to the movies, so Kay offered to pay for her ticket. What character trait best describes Kay? respectful generous agreeable polite
  5. 5. Character Traits Would you rather... •  Be bossy or lazy? •  Be generous or cooperative? •  Be brilliant or unselfish? •  Be irresponsible or thoughtless? Explain your reasoning to a partner.
  6. 6. Character Traits Put the following character traits in order from the word that means “The Most Funny” to the word that means “The Least Funny.” Explain your reasoning. hysterical silly witty amusing entertaining hilarious humorous comical
  7. 7. Character Traits For more ideas on ways to teach Character Traits, check out my blog: Or, CLICK HERE to buy my No Prep Character Traits Bundle! Graphics by: Teaches 3rd in Georgia
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