Open house 2013


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Open house 2013

  1. 1. August 9, 2012 Mrs. KeithSecond Grade
  2. 2. • I am beginning my ninth year of teaching at Addison.• I have taught Kindergarten, First and Second Grade.• I am married to my husband Kirby. We have a two year old son named Liam and a 4 year old golden retriever named Jackson.• I am a huge sports fan. I love the Braves, Falcons, and especially college football. Go DAWGS!• I love to read, shop, and spend time with my family.
  3. 3. 7:15-8:00 Arrival/Unpack Morning Work –Math and Writing Journal News/Attendance/Lunch Count/Dismissal8:00-10:15 Language Arts Block( Science & Social Studies Integrated) Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop10:15-10:40 Recess/ Restrooms10:40-10:55 Math Journal/ Discussion10:58- 11:28 Lunch11:30-12:30 Math (Calendar, Guided Math)12:35-1:20 Specials/ Restroom (Weds. 8:35-9:15)1:25 -2:10 Sitton Spelling (Science & Social Studies Integrated)2:10 Behavior Reflection in Agenda, Pack up2:20 Dismissal
  4. 4. The Common Core Georgia Performance Standards arealigned to the highest international and national standardsand have an increased emphasis on the following: Reading more informational and complex texts Writing to justify thinking and reasoning and writing formore authentic purposes Engaging in more problem‐solving and problem‐basedlearning Making more real‐world, relevant connections Assessing learning at higher‐levelsThis year we will begin to implement common core standardsin language arts and math.
  5. 5. • The Sitton Spelling Program emphasizes the importance of high frequency words spelled correctly in all areas (not just spelling tests).• Students are expected to spell core words correctly in all assignments.• 5 spelling words will be practiced each week and students will be tested each Friday.• Spelling tests consist of dictation and everyday writing assignments.
  6. 6. • Please read your child’s daily reflection on their work and behavior.• Please initial each day by your child’s reflection.• Spelling words for the week will be listed in the agenda each Monday.
  7. 7. • Your child will be writing a letter to you each week in his/her Letter Home Journal.• Your child will bring this journal home at the end of the week.• After reading your child’s letter, please write on the BACK of the page and PRINT your response to the letter so your child is able to read it. A short paragraph commenting on his/her works or thoughts would be appropriate and rewarding. Also, the family is invited to write about family happenings.• Please return the Letter Home Journal on the next school day, so your child can continue writing in it.
  8. 8. • Homework will be sent home on Monday and returned each Friday.• Each week, your child will complete math, language arts, and spelling homework.• Homework will be recorded and completed in their homework journal.• Your child we be required to read for at least 20 minutes each night. Students will complete a reading link each night. The links will help the class earn a special treat.
  9. 9. • Cobb County Fire Safety Village• Center for Puppetry Arts (Space)• The King Center
  10. 10. • All dismissal changes must be written on a separate note and sent in with your child.• Please do not record dismissal changes in your child’s agenda.• All last minute changes must be done through the office.
  11. 11. • Students will develop and agree upon class rules and procedures.• Color coded clip chart will be used to monitor behavior choices.• Students will record their behavior daily in their agenda.
  12. 12. • Letter Home Journal (Monday mornings)• Garden Mom (fall planting, spring planting)• Science Lab• Plenty of volunteer opportunities will be available in May to help with Goods and Services Day.
  13. 13. • Daily Folder and Agenda• Weekly Updates on our class blog•• You may email me at• Class Blog includes useful information and links to educational websites.
  14. 14. Snack Please be sure to send in a nutritious snack daily. Students make bring in a water bottle. Please do not send in juice. Birthday/Allergies Please check with me before sending in birthday treatsdue to allergies. Treats can be shared during lunch time. Conference Week Conference week will be held October. Scheduled days and times will come home at the end of September.
  15. 15. for taking the time to attend Open House! I look forward to working with youand your child this year. It is going to be a wonderful year filled with exciting learning activities!