Gustave Edward Berg Bio


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Presented at the Berg Cousins Reunion 2012 by Ken Berg

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Gustave Edward Berg Bio

  1. 1. Biography of Gustave Edward Berg 1884-1968 Compiled from biographies of: Ruby (daughter) Mae (daughter) Harold (son) Shirley (daughter)
  2. 2. 3 Generation Berg/Andersen Pedigree
  3. 3. Grandparents Gunder Eriksen Berg and Ellen Jacobsen
  4. 4. Parents➲John Edward BergBorn Aug. 30, 1859inTrondheim, Trondelag,Norway➲Anna Eriksen PaulsenBorn Mar. 22, 1860 inGausdal, Opland, Norway➲Both converts
  5. 5. Married in Endowment House on Jul. 21, 1881
  6. 6. Gustave Edward Berg born Sept. 1, 1884
  7. 7. Gustave Edward Berg➲Proud, even boastful, of his Norwegian heritage➲Parents taught him well the Gospel of Jesus Christ➲Only allowed to go through the 4th grade and thenwas expected to get a job and bring in some income➲He was interested in math and mechanical drawingin school
  8. 8. Family Life➲Lived on the Island (open Google Earth)½ block from Logan River2 block SE of Logan TempleDeseret Flour Mill to north westSW was a big forest he played in with friendsStood on bridge and caught fish with a pitch forkSkated on ponds in nearby cow pasture in winterDrinking water taken from Logan RiverHelped his mother rock the babies, scrub the floorsand wash the dishes
  9. 9. Anna Drowned in Logan River 1888• Gustave never forgot about his sister’s drowning.• His Mother blamed him for it, saying he should have jumped in and saved her even though he was only 3 years old at the time.• He said his Mother was always reading novels and didn’t spend enough time watching her children.
  10. 10. Father Left for Mission 1890➲John Edward, his father, was called on a 2 yearmission to Norway➲His third daughter, Bertha Eleanor, was born shortlyafter he left➲Gustave went to town to get sugar and cocoa➲On the way home, he fell into a creek and lost thegroceries➲He cried and prayed he could get more sugar➲A man came by and asked why he was crying➲He took him to town and bought him moregroceries. People knew his father was on a mission
  11. 11. JE Berg’s Mission 1890-1892From “Legacy of Sacrifices: Missionaries to Scandinavia, 1872-1894”
  12. 12. Father Returned from Mission 1892 ➲When he came home, the family was about $500 in debt for living expenses. John Edward was re-employed at the Oregon Short Line as a carpenter and they got along quite nicely after that.
  13. 13. Father Returned from Mission 1892➲When John Edward, Gustave’s father cameback from his mission he brought back a➲family of converts with him, and let them livein two of the rooms of his house.➲One day Gustave saw the father of the familydragging one of the children on the floor on topof a big family Bible with a rope tied into it. Hehad borrowed it from Gustave’s father.➲That family later left the church.➲When Gustave was 8 years old, in 1892, thefamily moved to Salt Lake City
  14. 14. His Father’s Work➲ In1893 there was a panic and he made only $8.00 a week. He was paid $2.00 a day and worked four days a week.
  15. 15. Gustave’s Brothers• Because of personality differences, he had trouble relating to his brothers later in his life
  16. 16. Einar Baptized 1904
  17. 17. Brother Einar Died-1920
  18. 18. Albert Baptized 1904
  19. 19. Albert Harriman Ordained a Teacher 1912
  20. 20. Orson Cornelius Born 1893 Orson and his wife, Hattie
  21. 21. Misc. Family Temple Records
  22. 22. Gustave’s Sisters• He always got along well with his sisters: Mary, Nora and Bessie
  23. 23. Moved to SLC-1892➲Family moved to Idaho Falls for a few yearsthen back to Logan, then to SLC in 1892.
  24. 24. Baptized and Confirmed July 2 1894➲ Gustavewas baptized in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on Sept. 2, 1892 by Joe Keddington
  25. 25. Aaronic Priesthood Service➲When Gustave was twelve years old, he was ordained aDeacon➲It was the Deacon’s duty to go around and collect for wardexpenses➲When they went to collect from the grocery man, he said,“You can take money from the tithing I pay, to help with theward expenses.”➲It was also the Deacon’s job to keep the ward clean and keepthe fires going in the winter, because there was no janitor.➲They chopped wood for the widows. One time they choppedwood for one of Lorenzo Snow’s wives➲When Gustave was Ordained a teacher he had a newresponsibility, he went “block teaching.”➲When he was a Priest, he blessed the Sacrament.
  26. 26. School Years➲During his school years, drawing and mathwere his favorite subjects.➲He was allowed to only attend school to the4th grade, then he was expected to work tobring in income for the family➲As an adult, he took a correspondencecourse in mechanical drawing
  27. 27. Books➲Some of the books Gustave had liked to read are,Washington Irving’s Works and he enjoyed reading churchbooks, including the Book of Mormon and the Life of Heber C.Kimball.➲As a child his favorite books were wild west and Indianadventures.
  28. 28. A Young Man 1904-1907➲Hanging in Ken and Cathy Berg’s living room under uniqueoval convex glass.
  29. 29. A Young Man 1904-1907➲ Charles Daddley and Chester Knight wereGustave’s favorite pals.➲They would often play billiards and bowling andwould dance at the Salt Air Pavilion and alsoWaldamer Park.➲They learned new dance steps at Russell’s Hall.
  30. 30. Received Apprenticeship at 18
  31. 31. Ordained a Priest-1905
  32. 32. Agnes Josephine Anderson➲At a dance in the 22nd Ward, Gustave met a verysweet girl, Agnes Andersen.➲He wanted to take her home but she refused to gohome with strange fellows.➲ He met her the second time at the 16th Ward’sdances. After this they became very close friends➲When Agnes, (his girl friend) went to Wolf Point,Montana; he went with her as far as Butte.
  33. 33. Agnes Josephine Anderson➲Ca1906, about the time sheemmigrated to America
  34. 34. Agnes Josephine Anderson➲They went together to Lagoon, Salt Air,Waldamer and different wards.➲Sometimes they would rent a horse and buggyfrom the livery stable and take rides into the➲Canyons.
  35. 35. Married Agnes on Oct. 30, 1907 in SL TempleThe 30th day of October in 1907, he went to the SaltLake Temple and was married to the true andfaithful convert from Norway, Agnes Andersen. Shehad been in America only a year.They paid a lady to make their temple suites.
  36. 36. Ordained an Elder-1907He was ordained an Elder when he was twenty-three yearsold, just a few weeks before he was married.
  37. 37. First Home at 300 N 300 W
  38. 38. ChildrenThey were blessed with a family of seven children.
  39. 39. Homes➲When Nephi was nine Months old, they movedfrom 3rd North and 3rd West to their new homeon 17th South. This was in June 1909.
  40. 40. Homes
  41. 41. Home at 743 E. 1700 S.-1908➲Bought this home and moved here in June 1909. Nephi was9 mos. old➲Agnes, Florence, Ruby, Mae, Jennie and Harold born here
  42. 42. Birth of Ruby Irene 1915
  43. 43. Birth of Mae Viola and Jennie Alvera 1918
  44. 44. His Dad Retires from Kennecott-ca. 1920
  45. 45. Home at 738 Logan Ave.➲In the summer of 1920, Gustave cut out part of the orchard inthe back yard and began construction of a new home thatfaced Logan Ave.
  46. 46. Ordained a Seventy 1922
  47. 47. Birth of Harold Marcus 1924
  48. 48. Birth of Harold Marcus 1924
  49. 49. 738 Logan Ave.➲Moved here in 1924➲Gustave did all design and construction work except brick➲First ranch home raised 4 feet above grade (high basementfor protection against water in basement)➲Hand made all wood trim➲Front entrance room had double doors with glass on eachside-one to living room and one to dining room➲Main entrance on west side of home➲Eaves were unusual 2 foot extension from outside walls➲Had several features that were ahead of its time
  50. 50. Draft Registration-1924
  51. 51. Death of Mother Anna 1927
  52. 52. Death of Father John 1929
  53. 53. Nephi Married Gertrude 1931
  54. 54. ➲Family lived there until Agnes said she wanted to move toHolladay or she would die in that house
  55. 55. Holladay 1937
  56. 56. Millcreek Canyon-1930’s
  57. 57. Millcreek Canyon-1930’s
  58. 58. Millcreek Canyon-1930’s
  59. 59. Millcreek Canyon-1930’s
  60. 60. Millcreek Canyon-1930’s
  61. 61. Millcreek Canyon-1930’s
  62. 62. Millcreek Canyon-1930’s
  63. 63. Misc. 1930’s
  64. 64. Pocatello, ID 1930
  65. 65. Ordained High Priest 1933
  66. 66. Moved to Holladay 1933In 1933 they moved out to Holladay, Utah.
  67. 67. Death of Wife Agnes 1935
  68. 68. Death of Wife Agnes 1935
  69. 69. Death of Wife Agnes 1935
  70. 70. Death of Wife Agnes 1935
  71. 71. Death of Wife Agnes 1935
  72. 72. Death of Wife Agnes 1935
  73. 73. Death of Wife Agnes 1935
  74. 74. 1937
  75. 75. Holladay 1937
  76. 76. Florence and Andrew Marry 1937
  77. 77. Moved to Omaha• Gustave moved to Omaha to work in the UP headquarters after Agnes died.• He met Louise Loertscher at a dance in Salt Lake City.
  78. 78. Married Louise in Council Bluffs, IA 1939 Louise Loertscher-age 20. She was 41, he was 55 when they married.
  79. 79. Birth of Ray George - 1940Ray was born in 1940 when they lived on Chicago St. in Omaha.
  80. 80. Shirley Born in 1942They had moved to Corby St. when Shirley was born.
  81. 81. Corby St., Omaha- 1942
  82. 82. Corby St., Omaha- 1942
  83. 83. Corby St., Omaha- 1942Shortly after Shirley’s birth, Florence, Louise’s daughter from a previous marriage, visited them. They told her they were naming their daughter “Anna” after Gustave’s mother’s name. She suggested they name her “Shirley” instead, and they did.
  84. 84. Moved to 2411 Washington St., Bellevue, NE in 1943
  85. 85. Moved to 2411 Washington St., Bellevue, NE in 1943
  86. 86. Bellevue, NE 1947They had many friends in Bellevue. Best friends were the Slaters who a furniture store in town and the Hansens who owned a auto repair shop. Another family, the Otto’s were friends, and lived about a block away. The Otto family had several tragedies. Mr. Otto was incarcerated for drinking. The family home burned to the ground, on a cold, snowy, winter night, killing 3 of their 6 children. The mother, Anna, survived but was severely burned. After spending months in the hospital she recovered but had severe facial scarring. The was a tragic loss for Gustave and Louise. They later donated many things to the surviving family
  87. 87. Bellevue, NE 1947members. It was later determined that the fire had been caused by the landlady plugging the oil heater chimney with snow.
  88. 88. Bellevue, NE 1947
  89. 89. Bellevue, NE 1947
  90. 90. Bellevue Street Directory 1943
  91. 91. Moved to SLC at 1020 Ramona Ave.-Aug. 1947Gustave loved this location. It was only a block from Sugarhouse business district. He would walk there to by a paper when not working out of town. He had a free pass on the UP. He would leave Omaha after work on Friday afternoon and get to SLC on Sat. night. On Sunday morning he would board the train and be back to work in Omaha on Monday morning.
  92. 92. Sugar HouseHe continued working in Omaha for a few years until he retired.Gustave took his family with him to Omaha occasionally to spend the summers. The also travelled to Sedro-Woolley, WA, where Gustave worked making patterns. They also enjoyed many trips to Los Angeles, CA and Spokane, WA.
  93. 93. Sugar House 1948
  94. 94. Sugar House
  95. 95. Sugar House ca 1949The family had many summer picnics in the large backyard in Sugar House. Gustave made outdoor furniture for these occassions.
  96. 96. SugarHouse ca 1949Gustave remodeled the bathroom and kitchen here. He also put new supports in the basement and shored up the house’s sagging structure.
  97. 97. SugarHouse ca 1949
  98. 98. Sugar House 1948
  99. 99. Sugar House 1948-51
  100. 100. N. Logan, 1948?
  101. 101. N. Logan 1948
  102. 102. N. Logan 1948
  103. 103. Shirley’s Misc. PixN. Logan?
  104. 104. Shirley’s Misc. Pix
  105. 105. Shirley’s Misc. Pix
  106. 106. Shirley’s Misc. Pix
  107. 107. Shirley’s Misc. Pix
  108. 108. Shirley’s Misc. Pix
  109. 109. Shirley’s Misc. Pix
  110. 110. Shirley’s Misc.
  111. 111. Shirley’s Misc. Pix
  112. 112. Granger/WV Homes ?
  113. 113. Building the ShopWhen he retired from UP he started construction of his wood pattern shop. He did all the work himself, except the electrical, which Nephi did. Main
  114. 114. Building the Shop
  115. 115. Building The Shop-ca 1948
  116. 116. Building The Shop-ca 1948
  117. 117. Building The Shop-ca 1948
  118. 118. 1st Pattern Out in 1953
  119. 119. 1948
  120. 120. TravellingGustave always enjoyed hiking, dancing, and traveling. He has been to Los Angelesseveral times, to Stockton, California; San Francisco; Yellow Stone National Park; Kansas City’Independence, Missouri; Omaha. When Agnes, (his girl friend) went to Wolf Point, Montana; hewent with her as far as Butte. He as also been to Pocatello, Idaho several times on business trips.
  121. 121. Leaving Sedro Wooley, WA Fall 1951
  122. 122. Omaha Greeter 1945
  123. 123. RR Passes-1940
  124. 124. UP Timetable
  125. 125. Seattle 1951
  126. 126. Seattle 1951
  127. 127. Christmas 1962Gustave enjoyed playing checkers, especially at Chrismas time. He was good at it and was seldom defeated.
  128. 128. Louise at Organ ca 1960’s?
  129. 129. With children ca. 1965
  130. 130. 80th Birthday Party 1964
  131. 131. 80th Birthday Party 1964
  132. 132. 80th Birthday Party 1964
  133. 133. Death 1967