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Team Initiative Orientation PowerPoint


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6th Grade Team Initiative Parent Orientation Presentation

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Team Initiative Orientation PowerPoint

  1. 1. Welcome Parents & Families of Team Initiative Volunteering • If you would like to volunteer to copy or help with students, please sign up! The sign-up is circulating on clipboards. THANK YOU
  2. 2. Initiative Teachers Mrs. Veiss-Language Arts Mrs. Stermer-Language Arts Mrs. Koons-Math & Social Studies Mr. Verno-Math & Science
  3. 3. Behavior Expectations School Wide Behavior Expectations: Demonstrate Respect Accept responsibility Include others Succeed through positive effort Essentially, DAIS expects you to be responsible for you and your actions. You alone CHOOSE! "Make it a great day or not...the choice is ALWAYS yours!" There are people here to help if you need it so don't be afraid to ask!
  4. 4. Taking the Initiative to be DAIS… • Punch Cards/Tickets: – System which teaches the students the value of credits and debits – Supports DAIS expectations, rewarding students as they demonstrate behaviors above and beyond the routine – Students can use their credits to purchase rewards
  5. 5. Team Initiative Expectations Homework: It is completed each night without exception. This is PRACTICE and should not take more than an hour. Lunch Money/Absences: Students should deposit money upon arrival or use online credit card system; Makeup work can be sent home or picked up in the office. Work can be arranged for extended absences if you send a request. There is no substitute for being in class. Make-up Work: Following an absence, students must see teachers upon return. They may work during recess and at home to complete work. One week is allowed for the completion of missed work. Agenda: We expect all to USE IT! Place to record homework, important dates such as tests/quizzes, spirit days, project deadlines. Lockers: Students may visit quickly - in and out; 3 times a day: upon arrival, before lunch, at the end of the day. Cheating: No tolerance policy! Immediate call home. Grades will be affected. Snacks/Water Bottles: Both are permitted. Please keep snacks HEALTHY! Do not freeze water as it will "sweat" all over.
  6. 6. Dress Code: Shorts, longer than mid-thigh, may be worn all year BUT remember that we do go out for recess and may have fire drills. Be cognizant of the temperature!  No spaghetti straps or muscle shirts. Shorts/skirts must fall below your fingertips when standing up straight. You will be sent to the nurse for an alternative. If your clothing has wording or images, please make sure they are school appropriate (this may be different from home!)
  7. 7. Needed Supplies: 2 three subject notebooks (Language Arts) 1 composition book 5 pocket folders (Homework, Science, Social Studies, Music, Health) 1 two-inch binder with 5 dividers (Math)  PENCILS, PENCILS, PENCILS Post-it Notes , lined paper, glue sticks, dry erase markers, colored pencils, pencil case/box Please donate supplies to help all Team students!
  8. 8. Student: ____________________________ Initiative Group Red, Orange Day 1 & 3 8:30 Homeroom 8:40-9:25 ENCORE 9:30-11:45 Language Arts-Mrs. Stermer 11:50-12:20 I/E Homeroom 12:25-12:45 Lunch 12:45-1:05 Recess 1:10-2:15 Math 2:20-3:15 Science-Mr. Verno 3:15 Pack-up/Dismissal Day 5 8:30 Homeroom 8:40-9:25 ENCORE 9:30-10:15 Language Arts 10:20-11:05 IE or ENCORE 11:10-11:45 Language Arts 11:50-12:20 Math 12:25-12:45 Lunch 12:45-1:05 Recess 1:10-1:35 Math 1:35-2:20 Science-Mr. Verno 2:25-3:10 IE ar ENCORE 3:15 Pack-up/Dismissal Day 2, 4, 6 8:30 Homeroom 8:40-9:25 ENCORE 9:30-11:45 Language Arts-Mrs. Stermer 11:50-12:20 I/E Homeroom 12:25-12:45 Lunch 12:45-1:05 Recess 1:10-2:15 Math 2:20-3:15 Social Studies-Mrs. Koons 3:15 Pack-up/Dismissal
  9. 9. • Sixth grade Language Arts is an intensive study of Reading, Writing, and Word Work. We write about reading, read about writing, and study words that impact both. Naturally, it makes sense to report this as one grade. – Language Arts will appear as one course on your child’s report card. This is replacing “reading” and “writing”. Students will receive ONE grade that will encompass Reading, Writing, Word Work, and Word of the Day.
  10. 10. Language Arts First Quarter Curriculum -READING *Review Reading Strategies &Complete DRA ‘s *Tag Expansions-reflect upon your personal thinking about a character, plot *Literary Essay-develop response that is supported with reader opinion and text evidence *Non-Fiction Text *Independent Reading @ 20 minutes each day to begin class. Students must have a book to read! *Discussion Groups-first theme is overcoming obstacles & social issues. Two books in Q1.
  11. 11. Language Arts First Quarter Curriculum -WRITING *Review Writing Process *2 published writing pieces: *Personal Memoirs *Realistic Fiction *Quick Writes-short response to a prompt that relates to class discussion topics; focus on writing style, structure, use of Word of the Day words *BONE book-daily independent writing
  12. 12. Word Work & Grammar Word Work will be incorporated into Language Arts and is a big part of the writing grade. Students will have a quiz on DAY 4 of each cycle. There will be 10 words and 1 grammar focused each cycle week, introduced on Day 5 and reviewed every day. Students will study Latin /Greek roots, learning how these pieces contribute to the larger meaning of words. Students will also learn 2 commonly confused words (ie Affect & Effect), 3 high frequency words. In addition, there will be a grammar focus each week. The beginning of the year is a review of common grammar (nouns, verbs…) and then we will focus on the various types of pronouns.
  13. 13. Word of the Day We will also have a “Word of the Day” three times per cycle. These are challenging words that we expect the students to use in their writing and within conversation. Every 9 words, the students will have an assessment in the form of a quick write, which will require them to use at least 3 words correctly within their written response.
  14. 14. Language Arts Homework We expect that each student will spend approximately 20 minutes of total time reading and/or writing EVERY NIGHT. What does that mean? If a student has reading to do for Science/Social Studies, this should be their reading HW. No need to double up reading UNLESS content reading was short! Writing can be a reflection on their reading, writing in their notebook, journaling, emailing their LA teacher…anything that gets them into meaningful written work! Students may use their BONE Books or independent writing books. Just as with any sport or instrument, practice improves skill and these are life skills!
  15. 15. 1. Instruction will be guided using a new series. 2. Glencoe math incorporates a consumable text, as well as an online version. 3. Glencoe aligns with our new district curriculum and CCSS. 4. Students are grouped with like-abilities for instruction. They are managed flexibly by marking period. 5. Students must maintain a separate binder with 5 divided sections for class. This IS the math book for the year.
  16. 16. Map Skills Culture Traits Continent s & Oceans JA BizTown Landforms & Physical Features Culture Studies Daily Homework: Study by reviewing all unit materials from class.
  17. 17. 6th Grade Science: 3 Units
  18. 18. MyBigCampus We will be using MyBigCampus, similar “social style” to facebook, throughout the school year. It will be used in Library class. It is a “walled garden”: only can communicate with Dallastown students.
  19. 19. Let’s Support Each Other …we are a TEAM Please contact at anytime if you have a question or a concern.