2013 14 jre open house welcome to room


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2013 14 jre open house welcome to room

  1. 1. Welcome to Room # 13 This is my 3rd year at JRE, before coming to JRE, I taught 3rd grade at SRE and DRE.
  2. 2. Student Behaviors • Be prompt • Be ready to learn when class begins. • Be prepared • Have materials with you and know due dates. • Be a polite and positive participant • Speak in a normal tone of voice, and listen attentively. • Be productive • Turn in work on time, and always do your best. • Be a problem solver • Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate.
  3. 3. “Love and Logic” • To create and maintain a positive learning environment for all students, I will use the following “Love and Logic” behavior policy: • I Believe: • Treat students with dignity and respect at all times. • Guide students to own and solve their own problems. • Use Love & Logic (empowering) skills. This is, I am going to hand students’ problems back to them with guidance to own and solve. • Us logical consequences instead of punishment when possible. • Treat problem behavior as a learning opportunity. • Refer chronic/severe/illegal behavior to the office. • Grant students and parents a conference when requested.
  4. 4. SPECIALS • Special area class schedule: JRE 3rd graders are on a A,B,C,D schedule. Special area class time is from 1:45-2:30 Monday through Friday:
  5. 5. Lunch and Recess • Our recess/lunch is from 10:45-11:30. Students can not stay in during recess unless they have a note from a doctor. If students has a note they will go to the office during recess time.
  6. 6. Computer Lab and Media Center • 2:30-3:10 Wednesday Computer Lab • 9:10-9:35 Monday Media Center
  7. 7. Snack • Students are allowed to have their snack at anytime during the day. Please have your child bring a healthy snack to school everyday. • I do allow water bottles in the classroom. However JRE does not allow other drinks.
  8. 8. Assignment Books • The assignment book is another way that provides a connection between parent and teacher and teaches student’s responsibility. It is also the best way to communicate with me as I check them every morning. Students should fill out their assignment book each day as I model what needs to be written. During the first couple of months, I will check each student’s assignment book before going home to make sure they are completely filled out. At times during the year, students may become lazy when filling these out. You should expect to see something written every day. It is imperative that assignment books are initialed each evening by a parent/guardian. Do not initial until you have seen the completed assignments. After students sign in for attendance and lunch, I will check their assignment books to make sure they are completely filled out, that it contains a parent’s initials, and that their homework is complete.
  9. 9. Assignment Book & Blue Homework Folder • How to use the assignment book & blue homework folder: • Parents need to check the BOTH every night BOTH must be returned to school everyday. • Check and sign assignment book nightly. • Check blue homework folder nightly. • Do all homework, have student put homework back into folder, return to school when completed or on due date. • Return the blue homework folder daily. • Please remove all papers from keep at home side of the Blue Folder.
  10. 10. Friday Envelope: • White envelopes are sent home every Friday, and these folders contain both important information from the school, PTO, and classroom. This envelope needs to be emptied, signed and returned on Monday. Good communication between us is important for coordinating home/school efforts in the best interest of your child. If necessary, other papers and notes may be sent home on another days.
  11. 11. Classroom Blog: • http://niemans3rdgraders.blogspot.com/ • This blog is for: • communication • Showcasing students work • Watching videos of lessons • And so much more
  12. 12. Reading: • During our reading time this year, we will be doing "The Daily Five". The term "The Daily Five" refers to the five choices that the students will be able to choose once the program is up and running. Each school day we will spend from 11:30-1:00 working with The Daily Five. First, we will do a whole group lesson on topics including reading strategies, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and writing. After our whole group lesson, students will break into one of the Daily Five choices. During this time, I will be pulling students to work with me or sometimes I will work with groups on reading skills and assessments. • Read to Self • Read to Someone • Word Work • Work on Writing • Listen to Reading
  13. 13. Working With Words • I will be using “Words Their Way” program. • Words Their Way is a word study program in which students learn by sorting words into categories. • http://educationextras.com/wordstheirway.html • Students will not take a spelling test every week. • Most test our every other week. • Students will be given about 20 or more words to sort. • For the test I chose 10/20 words. • On the test I will give students one or more sentence/s to write.
  14. 14. Scholastic Book Club • Scholastic Book orders help our classroom library grow with new and exciting books. • Can order online and have them shipped to your home or send Scholastic form in with your child with a check NO CASH. • Look for Scholastic Book orders about every month.
  15. 15. SKYPE • Our class will be participating in Mystery Skype this year. classrooms Skype call each other and try to guess where the other classroom is located either in the United States or in the world. • On the day of the call, students use their resources in trying to figure where the other class is calling from via Skype. • I have 5 classrooms lined up so far. • Students will be interacting with other schools from around the world.
  16. 16. Grading • Four Point Scale: • Score 4- consistently Exceeding Expectations Independently • Score 3- Consistently Meeting Expectations Independently • Score2- Making Progress but not consistently Meeting Expectations Independently • Score 1- Not Meeting Expectations Independently
  17. 17. Appointments: • Please remember to sign your child in/out at the office when appointments or other events arise. The office will then call to the classroom for your child. I am not able to send your child to the office at a specific time until you arrive and notify the office. This helps to minimize classroom disruptions and follows school safety procedures.
  18. 18. Holiday Parties: • Everyone is invited to attend our holiday parties. • Students will bring home a slip asking you to donate the idem they have volunteered you for.
  19. 19. Birthday treats: • Jackman Road has adopted a policy that no child is permitted to bring food in as a treats. • If you would like to do something for your child’s birthday here are some ideas: • Book for classroom • Game for classroom
  20. 20. JRE Suggested Supply List • (6) Paper folders (no trappers) • Art Shirt • (2) Packages #2 pencils • (2) Red Pens • Highlighters (3 colors) • Ruler with inches and cm • Small box crayons (24 ct.-no larger please) • (1) Large Eraser and Pencil Top Erasers • (1) Dry Erase marker and an old sock or eraser • Scissors • (1) Box Washable Markers (NO Sharpies) • Ziploc Bags-Gallon Size • Colored Pencils • (3) Boxes Kleenex • (1)Hand sanitizer • (3) Glue Sticks and 1 glue bottle • Zippered bag for supplies/or small school box • (6) Spiral Notebooks • (3) Packages of Sticky Notes • (2) Packages disinfection Wipes • $5.00 to cover a variety of items used in the classroom
  21. 21. Conference Schedule • More to come.
  22. 22. My Pledge to Students • I seek to build a positive working relationship with our students and parents through honesty, communication, and teamwork. • I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. • I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work. • I will work with you to meet learning goals. • I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you require them.