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Back to School Night Powerpoint 2012


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Back to School Night Powerpoint 2012

  1. 1. Back To School Night With Mrs. WernerCliffwood Elementary School Room 16
  2. 2. Cliffwood Elementary Principal: Mrs. Valerie UlrichDistrict Website: www.marsd.orgTelephone Number: 732-290-2770School Day: Begins at 9:10 Ends at 3:35
  3. 3. Child Study Team • Behaviorist: Andrea Trezza• Case Manager- Susan Pearsall and James Zibbell(Gwen, Cristian E, and Saeed have Ms. Pearsall Sean and Christian J have Mr. Zibbell) • Speech Therapist: Amy Gallagher • Occupational Therapist: Ms. Kim
  4. 4. Instructional Assistants • Mrs. Beth Letowsky • Mrs. Sharon Collins
  5. 5. Our Daily Routine Monday-Thursday• 9:05-9:20- Arrival• 9:25 9:35- Quiet Time• 9:35-10:10- Writing• 10:15- 11:25- Reading• 11:25-11:40- Snack• 11:45-12:30- Math• 12:30-12:50- Count Coins/Free Time• 12:50-1:10- Social Skills/ Penmanship• 1:10-1:55- Lunch/Recess• 2:00-2:40- Content (except Thurs and Fri)• 2:45-3:20- Special (except Thurs and Fri)
  6. 6. Freak Friday • Our schedule for Friday is different from the rest of our Monday-Thursday schedule9:20-9:25- Homeroom9:30-10:15- Writing10:15-10:55- Grade 3 Health Grades 1 and 2- Music11:00-11:45- Shared Reading11:45-12:25- Guided Reading/Centers12:30-1:10- Grade 3 Music Grades 1 and 2- Health1:15-1:55- Lunch2:00- 3:00- Math3:00-3:25- Art Project• Students must wear appropriate footwear for Directed Physical Activity (Gym and Recess)
  7. 7. Reading/Language ArtsHarcourt Trophies Series•Spelling•Reading ComprehensionReader’s Workshop (3rd Grade) *Centers *Guided Reading *Shared Reading *Writing *Handwriting *Word Work**Weekly Tests on Fridays unless notified.** Harcourt Trophies Series Only
  8. 8. Math Everyday Math Success relies on: *Parent Involvement *Games and Manipulatives *Reference Book *Number Grid**Test dates will be determined and announcedwhen each chapter is completed.**
  9. 9. Content•* Social Studies•Community, Citizenship, Government*Science - McGraw- Hill Textbooks*Health – •Social Skills
  10. 10. Behavior Management *Caught being good coins  *16-18 coins = Free Time/Am *11-13 coins = Free Time/PM Lose 2 coins Big Prize Lose 3 coins Small Prize Lose more then 3 no prize *Group Awards *Student of the Week/Month *Act of Kindness Wall
  11. 11. Behavior Manager• The behavior manager that gets sent home is not used for direct behavior management, it is meant to be for communication purposes between the teacher and parent.
  12. 12. Promethean Board
  13. 13. Birthdays Birthdays will be recognized in class. • Birthdays will be recognized in class • Please be aware of Peanut Allergy Students • Cupcakes or munchkins are permitted. • No birthday invitations passed out in school unless the whole class is invited.
  14. 14. Contact Information• My email address is:• Telephone number: 732-290-2770
  15. 15. SCHOOL RESOURCES• Cliffwood Main Office Staff – Please go to the main office first when you come to school. They need to know that you’re here, and they can be helpful to you in most school related situations.• Nurse, Mrs. Reese• Social Worker, Mr. Dymond-Drake – Conflict resolution, student concerns, social skills
  16. 16. PLEASEREAD AT HOME WITH YOUR CHILDto support their success in school.
  17. 17. Miscellaneous• NJASK will be given in May, 2012 (3rd grade only)• NJPASS 2012 (2nd grade only)• Class parties will be planned for a time prior to the winter and summer breaks• Cliffwood Elementary School has an annual Halloween parade – Students will NOT be allowed to wear masks, face make-up, or other face and head coverings with their Halloween costumes
  18. 18. Let’s work as a team and have a great school year! Questions ? Thanks so much for coming 