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New Year 7 Presentation - 2013


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New Year 7 Presentation - 2013

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New Year 7 Presentation - 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to Crossley Heath Mrs Wendy Moffat: Head Teacher Mr Jonathan Brownlie: Deputy Head Mrs Penny Doig: Deputy Head Mr Barry Coulson: Assistant Head Mr Sean Boyle: Assistant Head Mr Steve Donlan: Assistant Head Mrs Debbie Parkinson: Executive Leader House-keeping – if fire alarm sounds, evacuate the building and congregate on the front lawn. Mobiles turned off, please
  2. 2. The pastoral team Mr Barry Coulson is the Assistant Head in charge of students in Years 7 – 11 Mrs Anna Jowett is the KS3 Co-ordinator and Mrs Helen Hill is the Achievement Leader for Years 7+8 Mr Chris Davis is in charge of SEND provision Mrs Pam Lea is the Careers Co-ordinator Mrs Sally Davies is the Well-Being Leader
  3. 3. Our form tutors 7A Mr Chris Pickles 7B Mrs Luciana Todde-Wilson 7C Mr Chris Moore 7D Miss Emma Hodgson 7E Mrs Ceri Lusk What to expect: first point of contact; communication; planner checks; daily support; discuss targets; provide support in a crisis; home/school liaison; good advice
  4. 4. Year 7 transition It starts here! Transition Day this Friday 5 July – more on that later Summer schools in DT and Languages – first and second weeks in the holiday Programme of induction on Wednesday 4 September Then into lessons …
  5. 5. Parental transition It’s a big change for you too … We want you to feel part of the school. Here’s what you can expect. Information Evening in early September A social event organised by the CHA in September ‘Meet the tutor’ day in November ‘How to help your child’ evening in the Autumn term Parents’ Evening later in the school year Informal drop-in coffee morning with the Head and other staff
  6. 6. Keeping you up to date with progress The planner is a vital communication tool. Please check on a regular basis. This is where your child will write down details of homework. We also use it for teacher comments and for merits. In addition You will get 3 progress up-dates per year And a written report from the form tutor There is a whole school celebration assembly at the end of each term and a Key Stage 3 Celebration afternoon in July.
  7. 7. Getting involved New Year 7 students can look forward to • Year 7 team-building day • House events such as Swimming and Drama • Book week events • Non uniform day for charity • Fountains Abbey trip • Talent shows • Residential trip And now over to Anna Jowett …
  8. 8. My role as KS3 Coordinator • Wellbeing of year 7 students • Monitor academic progress • Promote high standards/expectations • Encourage participation in school life • Develop home/school partnership
  9. 9. Registration • Students should register at 8.30am • Please phone or email the school reception if your child is going to be late / unwell • If absent the office will send a text /email home • Planned absences - students bring a letter/write a note in the planner to tutor • 3 days or more planned absence please contact • If student needs to leave school early for any reason he/she must sign out at reception.
  10. 10. Getting into a good routine • Student planner is a key tool for communication • Students use it every day to record homework • Useful for messages between home/school • Parent checks and signs it weekly • Form tutor checks and signs it weekly • Familiarise him/herself with the new journey to school • Students and parents check school bag when child arrives home. • Check the planner, check for homework, check if there are any letters home • Check he/she has the correct books for the next day
  11. 11. Uniform • Uniform guidelines for boys and girls can be found in the student planner • School uniform stockists have displays in the dining room • Boys only should try on rugby tops in the Sixth form area at the end of the evening.
  12. 12. Team-building – Friday 20th September • Fun activities at Mixenden Outdoor centre • Spider’s web, Maze activity, Cross the Swamp • Problem-solving • Teamwork • Communication
  13. 13. Transition day - Friday 5th July • 8.30am – 3.25pm • Wear primary school uniform • Meet form tutor and other year 7’s • Have a tour of the school with sixth formers • Experience some lessons • Year 7 Arts performance • All team-building day consent forms with payment please
  14. 14. Any concerns? • Any queries please contact me by telephone or by email: • 01422 360272 (main reception) •
  15. 15. Crossley Heath Association • Known to all as the CHA • Chair of CHA: Mrs Gina Choy •
  16. 16. Crossley Heath Association • More than just fundraising • More than just a school • ‘Be the Best That You Can Be’
  17. 17. Parental Involvement • The start of what we hope is a 7 year partnership • Learning • Attendance • Communication • Extra Curricular activities • Governing body – parental representation
  18. 18. Meet the Tutors • Venues for meeting your child’s form tutor • 7A - A2 • 7B - A16 • 7C - A27 • 7D - A30 • 7E - A35