Fourth grade curriculum night 12 13 parham


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Fourth grade curriculum night 12 13 parham

  1. 1. Cogburn WoodsElementary School Fourth Grade Curriculum Night 2012 - 2013
  2. 2. Tonight’s Events• Introduction• Class Schedules• Curriculum Overview• Policies• Special Programs• Miscellaneous• Conference/ Volunteer Sign-up
  3. 3. Mrs. ParhamThis is my 13th year in fourth grade, which includesthe year that I was a fourth grader.Here’s what I remember…. • Mrs. Blessing was my teacher. • We wrote in cursive. • I penned a new haiku almost daily, and we traded them like baseball cards. • Math wasn’t nearly as challenging as it is today and was nowhere near as interesting as it is today. • Aside from reading, there was no pastime quite as satisfying as building something out of a huge, cardboard box.
  4. 4. Our Schedule7:10-7:35 Unpack, Morning Work7:35-7:40 Announcements7:40 Tardy Bell7:45-9:00 Math9:00 Snack9:00-11:03 English/Language Arts11:03-11:33 Lunch11:33-11:59 Restrooms & Recess12:00-12:30 English/Language Arts12:30-1:15 Specials1:15-2:20 Social Studies/Science/Health2:20 Dismissal
  5. 5. Curriculum Overview • English/Language Arts • Mathematics • Science and Social Studies • Sign and Return Papers • Agenda • Grading
  6. 6. English/Language Arts• CCGPS-Common Core Georgia Performance Standards in English/Language Arts provide for an integrated approach to Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Grammar/Conventions• Continuous Achievement levels are fluid to enhance the appropriate learning needs for all students
  7. 7. Spelling Tests• Expect a test weekly• New format to prepare for 5th grade• 10 words from weekly spelling lists and 10 words from all prior lists (20 total)• Spelling City
  8. 8. Cursive• Fourth grade students are required to complete all assignments in cursive• Our fourth grade standard follows: ELACC4L1:h -Writes legibly in cursive, leaving spaces between letters in a word and between words in a sentence.
  9. 9. Mathematics• Mathematics is taught through CCGPS-Common Core Georgia Performance Standards for Math• Differentiated strategies will be used to accommodate student’s needs.• Materials used to teach Math include Georgia Math, Exemplars, Partner Games, Super Source, and hands-on manipulatives• Math 4 Today used weekly
  10. 10. Science and Social Studies • Calendars • Each unit is themed • Georgia Performance Standards • Water Cycle, Weather, Patterns in Earth and Space, Light, Sound, Simple Machines, and Ecosystems • Early American History up to 1860
  11. 11. Sign and Return Papers• Look for papers other Thursday• Graded student work• Please review papers with your child• Sign and return packet as indicated• Initial and return Social Skills/ Work Study Habits checklist inside folder bi-weekly (+) = Needs improvement ( ) = Blank is good!
  12. 12. Agendas• Agendas can be found in your child’s binder• Topics and Homework will be written daily• Please review this with your child• Sign and return the agenda daily• Comments may be written for communication, please check daily
  13. 13. GradingGrades are based on a variety of information • A = 90 - 100• Assessments – 50%• Class Work – 40%• Homework – 10% • B = 80 - 89• You can monitor your child’s grades though the Fulton County HOME • C = 70 - 79 ACCESS CENTER *You will see your child’s • F = 69 or below performance through sign and return papers, nine week report cards, and progress skills checklist
  14. 14. Wahsega Field Trip• Overnight field trip on Thursday, March 21st and Friday, March 22nd• Students will be ineligible to attend this trip if they receive two or more days of “office time-out,” or a suspension from school. In addition, any student having two or more failing cumulative grades at the end of the first semester will be ineligible to attend.• More information to come……
  15. 15. School-wide Policies• Homework Policy: Up to forty five minutes a night, 4 nights a week• Students have to be responsible for their assignments: No returning to the classroom after dismissal or calling home for forgotten work• Transportation Policy: Must have all changes in writing (e-mail is not an acceptable form of notification)
  16. 16. School-wide Policies Continued• Absences – You must send in a written and signed note within 3 days of the child’s absence (emails are not accepted) or the absence will be recorded as unexcused. 5 or more unexcused absences will result in contact from an administrator• Tardies – Your child is considered tardy if they are not in the classroom by 7:40. Please make sure your child is on time!
  17. 17. School-Wide Discipline Rules  Follow directions  Listen while others speak  Respect others and school property  Walk quietly in the school  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself Consequences: • Step 1: Student receives a warning • Step 2: Teacher will note behavior in agenda or by email • Step 3: Student will fill out an “Think Time” form for parents to sign and return • Step 4: Parent will receive a phone call • Step 5: Office Referral
  18. 18. Mini-Society • Focuses the students on being independently responsible • We design our own, fully functioning economy • Students have jobs, are paid, and pay taxes • Students keep track of their account balances • Students can use their money for auction items • We have Market Day twice a year (December and May) • Bonuses and Fines can be awarded
  19. 19. Special Programs • Lunch Bunch • Character Education • Chorus • Student Council • Environmental Club • After School Programs
  20. 20. Volunteers• All volunteers will be required to fill out a Volunteer Form.• Per state legislature, all volunteers are mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect.• In addition to the form, volunteers must complete a short on-line training in addition to the volunteer form.*There is a link to both the form and on-line training on the Cogburn Woods website:
  21. 21. Health and Wellness • Please send a healthy snack everyday • Don’t forget to wear sneakers on P.E. days (Monday& Wednesday)Clip
  22. 22. Birthdays• Birthdays are a great time to send in a snack to share with the class.• We have 27 students in our class!• Please make sure the snack is prepackaged and ready to pass out. With allergies on the rise, it is imperative that teachers are able to read all ingredients.• We have students with food allergies : peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, wheat.• Please do not pass out invitations at school.
  23. 23. Conference/Volunteer Sign-upSocial Room Mom- Laura SteeleCurriculum Room Mom- Amy RIgginsConference Day-Sign up sheets are on the back table Remember: Write yourself a note…..
  24. 24. Thank You!
  25. 25. Cogburn WoodsElementary School Fourth Grade Curriculum Night 2012 - 2013