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Open house 2011 12 kazanjian font

  1. 1. Welcome to Kindergarten Open House 2011-2012
  2. 2. A little bit about…. <ul><li>Professionally </li></ul><ul><li>Graduated from Jacksonville State University with a B.S. in Elementary Education </li></ul><ul><li>Received my M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Piedmont College </li></ul><ul><li>Received my Ed. Specialists in Curriculum and Instruction from Piedmont College </li></ul><ul><li>17 th year teaching </li></ul><ul><li>1 st in Kindergarten!!! </li></ul>Mrs. Kazanjian
  3. 3. A little bit about… <ul><li>Has been with Cobb County for 20 years as a Para pro. </li></ul><ul><li>Studied at University of West Georgia and Kennesaw State University. </li></ul><ul><li>Married to Ronnie Priest. They have one son, Justin, and one grandson, Ethan! </li></ul><ul><li>Has 2 golden retrievers and a golden doodle puppy. </li></ul><ul><li>Enjoys spending time with family and friends </li></ul>Mrs. Priest
  4. 4. Our Schedule
  5. 5. Curriculum and Report Cards <ul><li>Instruction is based on the Georgia Performance Standards viewable on the Cobb County School System website through Picasso. </li></ul><ul><li>Report Cards match the new GPS and are sent home every 9 weeks. </li></ul><ul><li>Progress reports will be sent home as needed every 4 and a half weeks. </li></ul><ul><li>There will be one Parent/Teacher conference. Conferences will be held Oct. 24 th – 28th. </li></ul><ul><li>Students will get out at 12:15 on Parent Conference Days. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Year at a Glance
  7. 7. Letters and Sounds <ul><li>We will study each letter and the sound it makes. We will form words with the letter. We will learn about vowels & consonants. We will also learn about tricks that letters make when they are used within words. We will learn the correct way to write each letter. </li></ul>A
  8. 8. Katy Huller Homework
  9. 9. Reading <ul><li>Language Arts - Good Habits,Great Readers. </li></ul><ul><li>We also use Katy Huller’s Kinders Can! READ and WRITE </li></ul><ul><li>Reading Strategies: </li></ul><ul><li>Making Connections </li></ul><ul><li>Picture walk </li></ul><ul><li>Using reading clues </li></ul><ul><li>Comprehension </li></ul><ul><li>I will use the DRA to assess children’s reading level throughout the year. </li></ul><ul><li>How can you help: </li></ul><ul><li>Read with your child at home nightly. Have them use the clues we are teaching them here at school. Ask them questions about the story such as who were the characters, where did the story take place, what was your favorite part and what did this story make you think of? </li></ul>
  10. 10. Writing <ul><li>Language Arts Writing Series - </li></ul><ul><li>Good Habits, Great Writers </li></ul><ul><li>Zaner Bloser Handwriting </li></ul><ul><li>Writing Journals </li></ul><ul><li>Writing assessments are done each quarter. </li></ul><ul><li>1. narrative 2. persuasive 3. informational 4. response to lit. </li></ul><ul><li>How can you help? </li></ul><ul><li>Have your child draw a picture and write </li></ul><ul><li>at home about stories they read with you, </li></ul><ul><li>places they go, things you do. Look for words around the house to write… Model how you use writing in your everyday life. </li></ul>
  11. 11. Mathematics <ul><li>Whole Group Instruction </li></ul><ul><li>Small Group Instruction / Math Tubs </li></ul><ul><li>Manipulative Activities </li></ul><ul><li>Calendar Math/ Every Day Counts </li></ul><ul><li>Interactive Smart Board lessons </li></ul><ul><li>Problem Solving Strategies </li></ul><ul><li>Math Problem Solving Journals </li></ul><ul><li>A.D.D. (Arithmetic Done Daily) </li></ul><ul><li>Question of the Day </li></ul><ul><li>Harcourt Math Series </li></ul><ul><li>Think Math </li></ul>
  12. 12. Content Curriculum <ul><li>Science/Social Studies/Health- Units integrated as much as possible with the curriculum.  </li></ul><ul><li>Field Trips – we participate in several in-school trips and out of school field trips during the year that relate to our curriculum if the necessary funds are collected. </li></ul>
  13. 13. Homework <ul><li>Read at Home Daily </li></ul><ul><li>Katy Huller Activities </li></ul><ul><li>Sight Word Review </li></ul><ul><li>Writing Practice </li></ul><ul><li>Skills Tutor & IXL </li></ul><ul><li>Star Student Poster </li></ul><ul><li>At home projects </li></ul>
  14. 14. Testing <ul><li>GKIDS (Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills) –Assessment that correlates with the Georgia Performance Standards on the report card. </li></ul><ul><li>DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment ) – Fall if applicable /Winter/Spring </li></ul><ul><li>Writing – samples from each nine week period are assessed using Cobb County’s Kindergarten Writing Stages Rubric and placed in your child’s portfolio. </li></ul><ul><li>All results used for instructional purposes </li></ul>
  15. 15. Room Moms and Volunteers <ul><li>Room Moms – </li></ul><ul><li>Amy Clark and Julie Donselaar </li></ul><ul><li>They will send out email communications for needed items and help needed in our class. Please remember to hit reply to all when responding to emails. </li></ul><ul><li>Sign up for Mystery Reader </li></ul><ul><li>Mystery Reader is held on Fridays from </li></ul><ul><li>10:15-10:30. We ask a different parent to come in and read a book or two to the children. You can also go to lunch afterwards with your child. </li></ul>
  16. 16. Communication <ul><li>Daily Folders go home each day . Please check these on a daily basis for important information. Please clean it out nightly and return with your child the next day. We only check the folder so please make sure to put all notes in the folder and not in the book bag. </li></ul><ul><li>Daily Behavior Sheet </li></ul><ul><li>Classroom blog </li></ul><ul><li>Weekly Newsletter </li></ul><ul><li>Monthly Specials calendar </li></ul><ul><li>PECS from Mrs. Mason </li></ul><ul><li>Kemp website </li></ul><ul><li>Best way … send a note in your child’s communication folder or email us. </li></ul>
  17. 17. Classroom Rules
  18. 18. Consequences and Reward <ul><li>Stop Light </li></ul><ul><li>Green – Great Day for Learning!!!! </li></ul><ul><li>Yellow –Slow Down/Think About Your Actions </li></ul><ul><li>Red – Stop/Behavior is interfering w/learning </li></ul><ul><li>Consequences will depend on the situation. </li></ul><ul><li>You will get a daily report of </li></ul><ul><li>your child's behavior. </li></ul><ul><li>Positive Reinforcement </li></ul><ul><li>Happy Sticks </li></ul><ul><li>Treasure Box and Rewards </li></ul>Everyday is a NEW day in Kindergarten!!!!!!!
  19. 19. Daily Behavior Chart
  20. 20. Extra Activities…. <ul><li>Guidance - with Mrs. Briggs twice a month </li></ul><ul><li>Media Center -weekly </li></ul><ul><li>Computer Lab- weekly </li></ul><ul><li>Book Buddies with Mrs. Sieland’s 5 th Grade Class </li></ul>
  21. 21. General Information <ul><li>Transportation Changes need to be in writing </li></ul><ul><li>Send Money to school in appropriate envelope </li></ul><ul><li>with your child’s name, my name, and what the money is being sent in for. </li></ul><ul><li>Medication – must be kept in clinic </li></ul><ul><li>Special Birthday treats are eaten in lunchroom </li></ul><ul><li>Birthday Invitations may be placed in cubbies if all children are being invited. </li></ul><ul><li>Absences – send in a note with your child the day they return, so their absence/s can be excused. </li></ul>