BUSCD 2: What is a big idea?


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BUSCD 2: What is a big idea?

  1. #BUSCD Session 2
  2. What have we learned?
  3. The new advertising:A new strain of marketing in which the brand, agency andconsumer work together to reach a tangible, meaningful goal.As a decade of digital interaction gives way to social andcollaborative initiatives, brands and marketers no longer needto rely exclusively on traditional, short-term campaigns as theirdefault strategy in the battle for consumers’ hearts and minds.
  4. Campaigns:Having evolved to suit the tightly defined media options of the past,a campaign is the end product of the creative process, done andfinished when it goes out the door.
  5. Digital Assets: (platforms, apps, programs, utility):Platforms and projects, on the other hand, live on. They rely onconsumer participation. They are collaborative and communal,and evolve over time. They demand more time, attention andmonitoring, as they are never finished, but they can leave adeeper, long-term impression.
  6. Blogs: first time, platform, links, embeds, commentsAssignment: challenging or easy; did you learn anything by doing
  7. Stream: your favorite item not posted by you, why?
  8. Standups: 150 out of 1000 grade points. Yikes.Evaluation criteria: choice of work; analysis of strategy, target, mediaand creative; presentation (materials); eloquence, eye contact, ability tocaptivate audience.
  9. Assignment
  10. What is a big idea?
  11. Are there multiple kinds of big ideas? Ultimate Driving Machine / The Hire 15 seconds / Cavemen Just Do It / Nike +
  12. 1984 was a big idea that was an adThink Different was a big idea that was a campaign The combination of technology and humanity is a big idea that goes forever.
  13. Mercedes Gleitze was the first women toswim the English Channel in 1927.
  14. DescriptionFind any campaign that is rooted in a big idea. Stay away from Nike (Just Do It) or Coca Cola (Happiness) and findsomething not quite so omni-present. We will talk about ideas like Jet Blue (You Above All) and others next week, sothis assignment precedes in-class discussion.Hint: Patagonia Common Thread. Olympus Pen Ready. Mont Blanc Beauty of a Second.Pick a campaign and analyze:What is the big idea? What is it supposed to accomplish? Is it a creative big idea.--awareness, memorable, competitive differentiation, focus, etc.Is it expressed in a tagline?  Or through brand behavior?Is it about the product, a customer promise, a fundamental belief?Does it differentiate the brand from others in the category?Does it (could it) extend beyond advertising to behavior, social media, apps and utilities?Do you believe it is enduring?In the pantheon of "big ideas" (Think Different, Pepsi Refresh, Ultimate Driving Machine, Shift ____, King of Beers, IWant My MTV, The future is now.)Given all the ways that consumers interact with the brand you have chosen -- apps, in-store, web, search, social --where does it make the greatest contribution (where on the funnel?)
  15. Stand ups: Team C, each person, 3--5 minutes, slides
  16. #BUSCD special guest: Kelsey Hodgkin
  17. Enduring Ideas
  18. Heineken
  19. Patagonia
  20. Dulux
  21. Olympus