How To Make TV and Video: Five Creative Approaches


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A lecture for an intro creative class, CM417, Fundamentals of Creative Development, on ways to think about how to approach TV and video.

How To Make TV and Video: Five Creative Approaches

  1. CM417.15 Five ways to do TV and video Edward Boches, Professor of Advertising
  2. Thoughts on TV/Video
  3. Television offers endless opportunities to tell a story, feature a product, bring a user to life. You can be serious, provocative, funny. You can convey a feeling, leave an impression or educate the viewer. But the one thing you have to remember is that every person sitting in front of the TV set has a remote control within reach.
  4. What makes great?
  5. Are you interesting enough to watch? Are you respecting your viewer? Are you rewarding them for their time? Would you want to watch it yourself? Would you share it with a friend?
  6. What come first?
  7. Strategy Audience Message Concept Execution
  8. Strategy: client, planner, account team, CD Audience: client, planner, media Message: planner, account team, CD Concept: writer, art director Execution: CD, writer, art director, producer, director, editor,
  9. Where do you start?
  10. What do you want to say?
  11. How can you dramatize it?
  12. Five ways to do video
  13. All are concepts that you can remember and tell someone about. (Stories)
  14. Manifesto: say it brilliantly in words Tell a story: beginning, middle, end -- classic dramatic structure Visual: bring a powerful image to life to convey a feeling Dialog/drama: create a mini drama with characters and dialog Monolog: personal story or recollection
  15. The Manifesto
  16. If you let me play sports I will like myself more; I will have more self-confidence, I will be 60 percent less likely to get breast cancer; I will suffer less depression. I will be more likely to leave a man who beats me. I will be less likely to get pregnant I will learn what it means to be strong. If you let me play sports.
  17. Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world -are the ones who do.
  18. When I grow up, I want to file all day. I want to claw my way up to middle management. Be replaced on a whim. I want to have a brown nose. I want to be a yes man. Yes woman. Yes sir. Coming Sir. Anything for a raise sir. When I grow up I want to be under appreciated. Be paid less for doing the same job. I want to be forced into early retirement.
  19. Plain was the same as it ever was. Plainly plain. Samely same. But then, someone lit the flame. Plain rode away on lion’s mane. Where plain met fruits with strangely names. Such wonderful things they did contain. A shot of life to a hungry vein. That kept a beast who broke the chain. And there upon that fruited plane Is where plain became what plain became. So much more than more than plain. Plain will never be the same.
  20. What does the product stand for and believe? What do you want me to know about its vision? Tell a story with words that resonate. Write it. Write it again. Write it again. And again.
  21. Visual story telling
  22. VW’s handles great in the snow. Mercedes Benz handles great in the snow. Levi’s is for rebels VW has useful features like the remote key. Google search has all the answers
  23. How can I convey that in a story? Is there tension and drama? Character development? Is there a protagonist? What makes me remember it? How is time manipulated?
  24. How can I demonstrate the feature? Come up with 100 answers. Evaluate them based on relevance to brand, target, category convention. Presuming they are original, fresh, unexpected.
  25. One Powerful Visual
  26. What is the one thing you want to say? Joy and happiness. Amazing color. Women’s independence. Ultimate desire. Come up with 100 visual ways to say it.
  27. Dialog / Scene
  28. Is there a metaphor? Is there a mini-drama? Is there a simple encounter?
  29. First person monolog story
  30. Express a virtue that is connected to the product (VW) Relate an experience that celebrates the user of the brand (Bud) Share a sentiment, a wish, a regret that a product promises to address (Axe) Sometimes you are just creating a connection But you are always telling a story, a narrative, that is interesting
  31. inform: persuade: inspire: entertain: tell me about new product or feature or benefit convince me you’re better than the alternative make me feel good, connect around shared beliefs make me laugh and like your brand
  32. Idea first, but then the details matter.
  33. Shot list Casting Location Music Editing
  34. Elements of a script
  35. An idea If you can’t explain your idea in a sentence you probably don’t have an idea.
  36. There was a ________ that __________ it figured why not _________.
  37. There was a bear rug that watched so many Canal + movies it figured why not direct one itself. (Show Canal +’s passion about and commitment to, cinema.)
  38. Sequence of shots Description/explanation of action Dialog/VO SFX/Music
  39. Anthem TV: 60 Till all books are read and all the pens put down and stories stop being told and everything there is to learn is learned till tears are no longer shed and zingers have all zinged and the irony is all ironed out till the heroes retire and monsters return to their dens and ships are all beached and all the plots are wrapped up till there are no more twists or turns no more guns in drawers no more shaggy dogs till rhymes stop rhyming and pots stop boiling and everyone is happy and there is nothing more to say till that day by hook or by crook by book or by NOOK I will read. SUPER: Barnes & Noble
  40. FAGE :45 Launch Television “PLAIN” VO: Plain was the same as it ever was the same. Plain went against the grain of plain old plain. Plainly plain... It rode away... Samely same... ...on a lion’s mane. But then, someone lit the flame. Where plain met fruits with strangely names.
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