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Grey kw quickly our credentials


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Grey kw quickly our credentials

  1. 1. Grey Group is: • a multinational full service marketing company • offices in 96 countries, operating in 154 cities • working with ¼ of Fortune 100 companies GreyKW is: • local expansion of our Canadian offices • located in The Communitech Hub: Digital Media & Mobile Accelerator − marketing service provider to the startups within the Hub • ready to make your campaigns FAMOUS AND EFFECTIVE Who is Grey? Globally, we are VERY BIG! Regionally we are driven to build our name by working with B2B focused companies who will benefit from our results-driven initiatives.
  2. 2. Grey is Full Service At Grey we believe big ideas accelerate brand fame and campaign success – a catalyst for change to become Famously Effective. Through a strategic and creative process we find the big ideas that will deliver the most effective communications strategy. Big ideas that are smarter but not more expensive. Grey knows big ideas. We know how to turn them into reality. Lea Lead Lead Generation Social Media Media Planning & Buying Direct Marketing & CRM Strategic Planning & Research Production Services Data Analytics & Modeling Brand Advertising Grassroots Marketing Digital Services Lea Lea Lea
  3. 3. Grey has extensive experience Backed by an impeccable track record across the globe, Grey prides itself as being Famously Effective since 1917. It is this ideology of achieving fame, success and sales for our clients that forms our mission and culture.
  4. 4. Beth Cotter, Business Director The Communitech Hub Digital Media and Mobile Accelerator 151 Charles St. West Kitchener, ON N2G 1H6 p. 519-804-2305 c. 519-591-8165 twitter: @greykw Now you know a little bit more about Grey, I’d like to learn more about your business. Let me know when we can connect over coffee. I deliver.