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  1. 1. Heineken Balbi Francesca balbi.francesca@gmail.com 718-­‐304-­‐6489  
  2. 2. Agenda Executive Summary Heineken Today The Us Beer Market &_______Competitors Barriers Creative Brief Media Channels
  3. 3. Executive Summary
  4. 4. Ad Evolution  19331       1948     AAer   Prohibition is lifted Campaign   Targeted directly at Heineken   is   introduced   in   women:  the  real  decision  maker.   the  United  States     It’s all about the beer. 1990s     Decline   in   market   share   and   brand   image.   1980s   New campaign   broaden   the   brand  Heineken   becomes   an   icon appeal  and  liA  sales2.  of luxury and excess.
  5. 5. A Global Campaign  Award winning commercial3    Viral  on  Youtube  Leverage  Facebook  App.    Earned Media    No  Clear  Call To Action  Beer is lost in  the  NarraKve    Takes  Aspirational too far[4,5]  
  6. 6. The US Beer Market Shrinking  since  20096   Highly  Saturated Consolidation      Company  level7   40%   27%  Brand Fragmentation 6.3%   7.8%    Top  4  companies  bring  to  the  Us   market  more  that  60  beers.    If  we  include  the  CraAed  beers  the   number  to  more  than  a  100.      
  7. 7. Strong Competitors  #1  selling  Beer  in  the  US        Just  introduced  Bud  Light   #1  Imported  Beer   Pla4num   Clear  posiKoning  around  “RELAX”      Heavy  media     Investments  to  liA  the  brand.    EmoKonal  and  PatrioKc  Appeal.    Example    of  Growing  popularity  of   Smaller  compeKtors  
  8. 8. How Can Heineken defend its marketshare from increasing competition?
  9. 9. Strengths and Opportunities High  Brand  awareness8    TradiKon   Iconic  Brand  elements      Quality   (packaging,  logo,  font)    Premium  Beer    Strong  Brand  Equity    Imported  Beer   PercepKon  that  Heineken  is  not  for  every  day   consumpKon   Trend:  “Live  a  Liale”,  aAer  the  recession  consumers   are  more  willing  to  indulge  in  premium  products.   Market Forecast:  Premium  Lager  Beer  are  expected   to  outperform  the  market.  
  10. 10. Brand IdeaHeineken  is  the  perfect  match  for  Daily  Premium  Moments  in  the  Us   consumers’  lives.   Key Message Heineken  is  a  premium  beer  and  can  be  the indulgence for  the   consumers’  premium  moments.  There  are more situations in life that deserve a premium beer. Target Audience  63%  Men9    College  Educated(118)    Age  21-­‐34  (132)    Mid  to  High  Income      More  than  sports    Sport  Fan    Wired  (134)    ESPN(123)    Tripadvisor.com(124)    NFL  Network(125)    Wsj.com(148)    Foxsposrts.com(134)      TwiTer.com(115)  
  11. 11. The Consumer PathwayTV AwarenessMagazinesDisplay Ad Mobile Ad Website ConsiderationTweet of the dayPackaging Acquisition Retention Facebook App. Youtube Channel User Profile Facebook Loyalty
  12. 12. Heineken Today
  13. 13. Brand History 1964     A  new  internaKonal  logo   is  introduced.   1933       1864     AAer   ProhibiKon   is   liAed   in   Gerard  Adriaan  Heineken   the   United   States   Heineken   purchases   a   small   brewery   sales   begin   and   Heineken’s   in  the  heart  of  Amsterdam:     popularity   in   the   United   the  1st  Heineken’s  brewery1.     States  begins  to  the  rise.   1968-­‐Today   M&A  and  Joint  Ventures  have   transformed  Heineken  from  a   family  owned  brewery     to  a  worldwide  business.      1914      In  the  United  States  ProhibiKon  begins.  
  14. 14. Heineken campaign evolution  Heineken  has  been  present  in  the  Us  market  since  19331  and     has  launched  different  campaigns,  the  most  representaKve  are:      Heineken  began  to  adverKse  soon  aAer    Despite  producKon  problems   its  IntroducKon  in  the  US  in  1933  aAer   Heineken managed  to  stay   ProhibiKon  was  liAed.   relevant  during  World  War  II  These  Ads  main  objecKve  was                                    First  step  toward  ironic   to  create  brand  awareness.     adverKsing     “Heineken. Refreshes the parts otherbeers cannot reach.” Launched  in  19731.     Functional  vs.  EmoKonal,  delivered  with    Heineken  has  been  one  of  the  ironic  adverKsing.      icon of luxury  and  excess  in  the  1980s1’.    The  green  labeled  exported  boale  is   introduced  supplemented  by  other  gadgets   such  as  neon  signs,  coasters  and  branded   umbrella.  
  15. 15. Heineken experience at work  Heineken  image  and  performance  declined  in  the  early  1990s4.    Thanks  to  its  experience Heineken was  able  to  overcome  these  hard  Kmes:   the  brand  introduced  the  “It’s all about the beer” campaign  and  was  able   to  compete  with  domesKc  and  imported  brands.      Several  commercials  began  to  broaden the brand appeal and  caught  the   aaenKon  of  the  Us  audience                         Heineken   has   been   a   constant presence It’s all about the beer.in   the   US   market,   its   experience   allowed  the  brand  to  overcome difficulties and  its  understanding   of   the   industry   dynamics  resulted  in:    High Brand awareness  Tradition  Iconic Brand elements  Quality (packaging, logo, font)  Premium Beer  Strong Brand Equity  Imported Beer
  16. 16. A New Global Campaign★    AAer   years   of   campaigns   that   blindly   followed   the   Beer   Industry’s   adverKsing   best  pracKces  chronically  set  in  Bar  and  either  featuring  stunning  model  or  impressive  jokes,  Heineken  has  decided  to  re-­‐focus  its  aaenKon  on  its  global premium image.  ★ In   order   to   coordinate   part   of   its   global   communicaKon   it   has   hired   Wieden+Kennedy,  an  agency  with  a  strong  internaKonal  presence,  and  has  launched  an  innovaKve  global  campaign:  “Open Your World”★   “Open  You  World  is  Heineken’s  cohesive  strategy  that  gives  the  brand  a  global  voice.”  Lesya  Lysyj,  Heineken  USA  CMO2.   Heineken Lager: The Entrance The Date Heineken Light: The Handlebar Moustache The Snakeskin Jacket Heineken: The Serenade James Bond Partnership
  17. 17. Heineken Lager   The Entrance and  The Date best  represent  the  efforts  that  Heineken  is  making  to  posiKon  itself   as   a   global   premium   brand,   with   an   innovaKve   campaign   and   leveraging   new   media  consumpKon  paaerns.      The   Entrance3:   the   main   character   makes   his   entrance   to   a   party.   We   follow   him   from   the   door   to   the   stage   where   he   joins   The   Asteroid   Galaxy.   Along   the   way   he   interacts   with   several   characters,   he   captures   the   aaenKon   of   beauKful   women   and   most   important   he   is   always   in   control   of   his   acKon   and   his   spectacular  entrance  seems  effortless.    The   Date4:   we   follow   the   main   character   of   this   commercial   as   him   and   his   date   find   their   way   from   the   kitchen   of   the   restaurant   to   the   dance   floor.   The   focus   is   once   again   on   the   successful   acKons   of   the   man,   everyone   knows   him   and   he   seems   to   be   guiding   his   date   in   a   unpredictable  and  exciKng  epic  journey.   Length,  Style,  PromoKonal  Images  and  Extra  Credit  available  online  have  set  The Entrance and  The Date apart  from  tradiKonal  commercial,  making  them  similar  to  short  film  
  18. 18. Heineken Light    The   Handlebar   Moustaches   and   The   Snakeskin  Jacket,   the   commercials   designed   for   Heineken   Light  present  the  tagline  “Occasionally Perfect”  in  addiKon  to  the  campaign’s  tagline  “Open  Your  World”.   Even   though   the   two   situaKons   portrayed   are   different,  the   two   male   characters   embodied   once   again   the  confident,   successful   and   unique   “Male   of   the   World”,  the   new   Persona   that   is   at   the   center   of   the   global  campaign.          The  ads  with  a  balanced  synergy  between  images  and   voiceover   highlight   the   eccentric   “accessories”   of   the   male   characters:   the   Handlebar   Moustache   and   the   Snakeskin  Jacket.      The   story-­‐lines   want   to   create   a   simple   analogy     between   the   Handlebar   Moustache,   the   Snakeskin   Jacket   and   Heineken   Light:   these   three   elements   may   not   be   the   perfect   fit   in   an   everyday   life   but   they   will,   OCCASIONALLY,  be  perfect.  
  19. 19. Heineken Consumer MEN•   Not  the  typical  beer’s   commercial  guy    There  is  a  almost  perfect  correspondence   MILLENIAL between   present   Heineken   consumer   and   • Age  21-­‐34   the   Open   Your   World   campaign’s   target   •     40%  are  in  college6   audience.  • 75%  is  on  a  Social  Media  site        Heineken  is  not  trying  to  capture  a  new   segment  of  consumer.   MULTICULTURAL • Millenial  is  the  most                                                        73%  of  its  current  consumers  are  MEN   diverse  generaKon                                                                             in  American  History    The  Index  Vs.  Men  18-­‐34  is  192   MALE of THE WORLD  The  index  Vs.  Twiaer.com  is  1797   • Complex  personality   • Confident  &  Progressive5   • Able  to  navigate  any                                                         social  situaKon  
  20. 20. Campaign Themes There  are  three  major  themes  that  come  back  throughout  the  four  commercials.     Global  Appeal Heineken  has  moved  away  from  the  typical  beer  ad’s  set:  the  Bar.   The   locaKon   of   the   commercial   is   not   clearly   stated   or   easy   to   guess.   Each   of   the   commercial   presents   elements   from   different   conKnents   with   a   subtle   dominance   of   Asian   countries   and   cultures.   Nostalgia Even  though  different  elements  suggest  that  the  ads  take  place  in   the   present   a   clear   Kme   frame   is   not   given.   Moreover   numerous   references   to   a   “Magic”   past   are   juxtaposed   to   the   modern   elements  thus  creaKng  a  nostalgic  and  Kmeless  atmosphere.   Humor  not  Comedy Once   again   the   “Open   Your   World”   campaign   moves   away   from   the,  almost  stereotypical,  beer  commercial  which  main  objecKve  is   to  make  the  audience  laugh.  The  humor  is  present  throughout  all   the  commercials  but  these  ads  are  more  likely  to  make  you  smile   than   laugh.   The   stories,   the   eccentric   characters   and   the   main   actor  acKons  are  the  center  of  the  stage  not  the  same  old  joke.      
  21. 21. Campaign Message   “You  will  be  a  Man  of  the   “Open  Your  World”   World  if  you  drink  Heineken”     has  to  be  interpreted  as  an   invitaKon  to  explore  your   personality  and  whole  persona.  Strong  AspiraKonal  Element.  Heineken  may  not  be  like  the  actors  in  the  commercial  but  they  would  like  to  be  just  like   them.   “With  this  campaign,  Heineken   recognizes  the  legend  in  all  of  its   drinkers.  Men  who  know  their  way   around  and  recognize  a  fine  beer   Heineken  is  the  brand  of  choice   when  they  taste  one.”  W+K8   if  you  want  to  be  the  hip,   confident  and  progressive  men   portrayed  in  the  commercials.   EmoKonal  Vs.  FuncKonal.  
  22. 22. Heineken & James Bond  Heineken  has  a  15  years  long  partnership  with  the   James  Bond  franchise9.    Heineken   will   be   part   of   SKYFALL:   the   23rd   film   of   the  James  Bond  series.      2012   marks   the   50th   anniversary   of   the   Bond   franchise.   Heineken   brand’s   markeKng   program   will,   for   the   first   Kme   in   the  history   of   Heineken   and   007   partnership,   include   commercial   featuring  actor  Daniel  Craig.   Brand   campaign   will   be   shown   in   more   than   170   countries   and   will  leverage  Heineken’s  recent  deal  with  Facebook  and  Google  to    sKmulate  the  digital  conversaKon.  
  23. 23. Heineken & James Bond In   Heineken’s   global   partnership   with   SKYFALL   James   Bond  will   be   the   new   leading   actor   of   the   “Open   Your   World”  campaign.   James   Bond   can   be   considered   the   ulKmate   Male   of   the  World:  confident,  trustworthy  but  unpredictable  with  a  complex  personality  that  is  the  result  of  the  past  and  of  the  World  that  surrounds  him.    The   partnership   with   James   Bond   also   reinforces   the   aspiraKonal   element,   one   of   the   key   feature   of   the   “Open   Your   World”  campaign.    Heineken   will   not   only   benefit   from   the   media   exposure   that   the   partnership   guarantees   but   it   will   also   be   at   the   center   of   the   conversaKon/buzz   about   Bond   50th   anniversary.  
  24. 24. The Serenade Heineken  hosted  a   It’s  a  Facebook   24  hours  live  event   ApplicaKon  that   on  YouTube  with   lets  Heineken  fans   couples  interacKng   Serenade  their   with  the  show  and   partners  and  ask   recreaKng  the  them  out  for  a  Date   features  of  the   on  ValenKne’s   online  ApplicaKon   Day10   It’s  the  result  of   It  features  the   the  mulKmillion  $  60’s  Indian  band   contract  that   that  plays  the   Heineken  has  catchy  song  from   signed  with   The  Date   Facebook11  and   Google12   It  tries  to  keep   consumers   engaged  providing   Reaches  the  consumers   It  gives  a  chance   them  a  unique   where  they  spend  most   to  Heineken’s   experience   of  their  Kme:  on  social   consumer  to  be   media   a  “Man  of  the   World”  
  25. 25. Current Channels Websites    TradiKonal  Media   heineken.com    TV  ($26MM)   heinekenusa.com    Magazines($7MM)   enjoyheinekenresponsibly.com    Newspaper($0.19MM)   heinekenexperience.com    Outdoor($1.8MM)13   Facebook  Page    New  Media    SEM    Digital  Display  ($0.4MM)   Twiaer  account    Facebook  Ads   YouTube  Channel    Consumer  generated  Web  Page    Media  Coverage   (e.g.  heinekenproject.com)    Ad  Campaign  Viral  online    @HeinekenLovers  Twiaer    (>11MM  Views)   Account  
  26. 26. Consumer Perception Top  Quality   Imported   Premium  Beer   #6  World’s  Most   Admired  Brand  among  Beverages   (CNN14)   Heineken  Brand  Has  grown   more  than  60%  since  2005.   #91  Best  Global  Brand  of   Strong  Taste,   201115.    not  for  everyone.   “…for  me  Heineken  is  the  quintessenKal  beer…”16  
  27. 27. - US Beer Market -A Competitive Overview
  28. 28. US Beer Market • Volume:  24  billion  liters17   40%   27%   • Value:  $  40,335  million   • US   Beer   Market   Volume   has   been  shrinking  since  2009   7.8%   6.3%  • Craft Beers brewed   locally   are   becoming   more   popular   in   the   US,   and   are   part   of   the  compeKKon  for  the  major  beer  companies  along  with  wine  and  liquor.  • High  CONSOLIDATION  has  reshaped  the  market;  To  be  able  to  compete  globally  and  create  economies  of  scale18.   • Each   of   the   Top   4   company   has   a   mulKple   brands   por{olio   and   together   they   bring   to   the   US   market   at   least  60 different Brands.   • The   number   almost   doubles   if   we   consider   other   Imported   Brands,   Brands   from   smaller   Brewers   and   CraAed  Beer.   • Level  of  compeKKon  is  high  and  the  market  is  highly saturated18.
  29. 29. Who are Heineken competitors? Based  on  their  US  Sales,  Consumer  Profile  and  CommunicaKon  Effort   Heineken  4  biggest  compeKtors  are:     • #2  Selling  Beer  in  the  US   • Only  brand  that    sKll  focuses     • #1  Selling  Beer  in   on  freshness     the  US  • #3  Selling  Beer  in  the  US  • Massive  media  push  to  support  the   • #1  Imported  Beer  most  iconic  ABInbev  brand.   •   Most  direct  compeKtor  of  the  4   And  they  are  all  fighKng  for  the  same  type  of  guy…  
  30. 30. Beer Drinker: Stereotype Vs. Reality For  years  beer  commercial  were  all  about  the  following  equation:   When   sales began to decrease and   beer   started   losing   consumers   to   wine   and   other   drinks  that  are  both    healthier  and  more  sophisKcated  beer  brands  were  forced  to  take  a   beaer  look  at  their  consumer  profile  and  understand a more complex persona.  College  Educated(118)  ≠  Frat  Boy    63%  Men    Mid  to  High  Income      Age  21-­‐34  (132)    $  150  K  (129)    $75K-­‐$149.9K  (115)    Sport  Fan    More  than  sports    ESPN(123)    Wired  (134)    NFL  Network(125)    Tripadvisor.com(124)    Foxsposrts.com(134)      Wsj.com(148)    TwiTer.com(115)  
  31. 31. "  #  1  Imported  Beer  in  the  US20  "  The   tradiKonal   associaKon   with   Mexican   sunnybeaches was  limiKng  the  brand  to  a  “VacaKon  Beer”  "  “Find Your Beach” global  campaign  to  “expand”  the  posiKoning  of  the  Brand.  "  BRAND IDEA:   Corona   is   the   beer   of   choice   for   those  moments  when  you  finally  take  the  mind  off  and  relax;  even  if  it’s  just  for  a  few  hours.     "  One  of  the  few  brands  that  includes  women  in  its   commercial  without  objecKfying  them.   "  Emotional   vs.   FuncKonal,   the   brand   wants   to   be   associated   with   feelings   of   relaxation and peace,   commercials  reinforce  the  message  through  copies,   colors  and  background  music.    
  32. 32. Channels "  Newspaper  $647  K21   "  Outdoor  $1,103  K   "  Facebook  Page  -­‐  1M  fan   "  TV  $41,278  K   "  Online  Store   "  Online  $815  K   "  Website  www.corona.com   "  Media  Buzz  about  Owned  Event   "  Consumer   generated   Product   Review  on  YouTube   "  Owned channels,   in   parKcular   the   Facebook  "  Integrated channel selection to   page,  keep  the  consumer  engaged  invite  them  to  support  new  coherent  posiKoning   post  pictures  of  their  own  beach  and  offers  prizes   to   sKmulate   consumers’   interacKons   with   the  "  TradiKonal  Paid Channels were  key   brand.  to   launch   the   tagline   “Find   Your  Beach”   "  Thanks   to   event   similar   to   the   Times Square “Pop-up” Beach,   Corona   Earned   media   coverage  and  consumer  interest.  
  33. 33. "  #1  selling  beer  in  the  US22   "  It’s  growth  has  slowed  down  since  2009  and  as  a  brand  it   is  struggling  to  find  a  clear  posiKoning.   "  BRAND IDEA:   effort   to   step   away   from   the   “sophomoric”23   posiKon   and   try   to   appeal   to   a   more   sophisKcated   audience.   The  simple  tag  line  “Here  we  Go”  despite  being  catchy  may  not   be  powerful  enough  to  reposiKon  the  brand.   "  Emotional   vs.   FuncKonal,   connecKon   with   good   Kmes   with   friends   and   new   addiKonal   emoKonal   element   with   the   “Here   Weego”   ads  and  its  support  to  rescue  dogs.  "  To  protect  and  reinforce  its  number  one  posiKon  in  the  Us  market  Bud  Light  heavily  invests  in  sport sponsorship.  "  It   is   the   official   sponsor   for   the   NFL,   aAer   signing   a   six-­‐years,  $1.2  billion  contract.  "  Bud  Light  is  also  UFC  official  sponsor.    
  34. 34. "  Magazines:  $4,692  K24   "  Newspapers:  $199  K   "  Outdoor:  $5,555  K   "  Website  www.budlight.com   "  Online:  $5,907  K   " Facebook  2.5  M  fan     "  TV:  $18,9442  K   " Online  Store     "  Media  and  consumer  interest  before  and  aAer  the  Super  Bowl       "  Fan  generated  Youtube  videos;  commercial  going  viral  and  videos   of  BudLight  sponsored  events  (i.e.  Bud  Light  Fan  Camp)   "  Bud   Light   tries   to   integrate sponsored events"  Bud   Light   had   Massive   presence   and its media presence especially  through  digital  during   the   2012   SuperBowl,   the   media;   the   facebook   page   is   one   of   the   few   that  “Rescue  Dog”  ad  was  one  of  the  top   presents  specific  secKon  for  the  different  “events”.  commercial   and   guaranteed   brand "  The   associaKon   between   beer   and   sports   is   well  exposure for the weeks that known   in   the   industry   and   Bud   Light   has   guaranteed  followed the event.   itself   a high exposure with the male target through the sport sponsorships.
  35. 35. "  In  2011  has  become  #2  Beer  in  the  US  surpassing  Bud25.   "  BRAND IDEA:   it’s   focused   around   the   physical   aaribute   of   freshness  as  proven  by  the  tagline:  “World’s most refreshing Beer”26   "  Functional  vs.  EmoKonal;  one  of  the  few  big  brands  that   bases  its  posiKon  on  a  tangible  “brand  promise”:  freshness.  "  Two   “comical”   commercials   featuring   Ice   Cube  and   a   can   of   Coors   Light   in   a   Cold Challengereinforce  the  beer  current  posiKoning.  "  The   packaging   has   been   modified   and   has   now  “cold”  and  “super-­‐cold”  indicator.   "  AAer  years  of  sponsoring  the  NFL  Coors  has  lost   the  contract  to  direct  compeKtor  Bud  Light.   "  Coors   connects   with   its   consumer   base   by   sponsoring   the   NHL;   as   part   of   the   sponsorship   the  pre-­‐game  news  are  called  Cold Hard Facts.  
  36. 36. Channels "  Magazines:  $4,004  K27   "  Outdoor:  $90,065  K   "  Newspaper:$242  K   "  Website  www.coorslight.com   "  Online:  $9492  K   "  Facebook  1.3  M  fan   "  TV:  $90,065  K   "  Twiaer     "  Online  store   "  Users’  Generate  Twiaer  Account  “Coors  Light   Fans”&  “NJ  Coors  Light”   "  Media  Buzz  about  Ice  Cube’s  ads;  mixed  reviews  "  The   commercials   featuring   Ice   Cube   caught   the   aaenKon   of   very   diverse   audiences   and  had  mixed  reviews.  "  Coors  Light  has  chosen  Jean  Claud  Van  Damme  for  its  controversial  commercial  in  Europe,  once  again  aaracKng  the  interest  of  the  media.  These  may  be  a  sign  of  a  specific  company  strategy  that  seeks  to  leverage  the  media  aaenKon  by  creaKng  “unique”  adverKsement.  
  37. 37. "  A-­‐BInbev  Most  iconic  Brand  has  slipped  to  #3   selling   beer   in   the   US   and   is   losing   sales  both  to  imported  and  domesKc  beers.   "  BRAND IDEA:   Budweiser   is   strongly   associated   with   both   American   history:   “The Great American Lager”,  “The King of Beers” and  good   Kmes  “Great Times are always waiting”.28 "  Emotional   Vs.   FuncKonal,   Bud   is   trying   to   leverage   the   patriotic feeling of  its  American  drinkers.   "  The  EmoKonal  appeal  was  dominant  in  their  commercial  for  the  2012   Super   Bowl   which   showed   how   Budweiser   has   been   present   in   every   happy  moment  in  American  history  (e.g.  the  end  of  the  war).   "  Budweiser   also   invest   in   sport   sponsorships   and   is   now   the   official sponsor for MBL,   once   again   tying   its   image   to   one   of   the   most   popular  sports  in  the  US.
  38. 38. Budweiser Channels "  Magazines:  $  1551.1  K29   "    Branded  Reality  show  “ The  big  Kme”   "  Outdoor:    $598.5  K   "  Mobile  applicaKon  “ Truck  your  Bud”   "  Online:  $  2015  K   " Website  www.buweiser.com     "  TV:  $70,909  K   " Facebook  1.7  M  fan     "    Media  buzz  about  unique  communicaKon  tool  (i.e.  reality  show)   "  Consumer  generated  Product  review  on  YouTube   "  The   launch   of   the   digital   campaign   “ Track   your   Bud”30   represent   Bud   effort   to  connect  with  its  audience  with  the  medium  they  use  the  most.   "  The   applicaKon   let’s   drinkers   trace   the   beer   back   to   one   of   the   12   US   breweries;  coherently  conveying  Budweiser’s  American  heritage.    "  The   branded reality show31 on   ABC: “The Big Time” givesContestants  a  shot  at  their  dream  (e.g.  pitch  for  the  Yankees)  "  It’s  a  new  form  of  Branded Entertainment,  guarantees  brand  exposure  and   Kes   the   brand   with   the   its   consumer   lifestyle   and     builds   an  emotional connection with  them.
  39. 39. Heineken Vs. The RestHeineken’s  compeKtors’  commercials  have  the  beer  as  the  focal  center.  The  beer is theprotagonist of  the  acKon.  Heineken’s  ads  are  fancy  and  modern  but  the  beer is lost  in  their  narraKve.  Heineken   should   increase the exposure of   the   beer   in   its   commercial   and   include   a  stronger call to action.    A  multiple channel strategy  is  a  common  denominator  for  these  Brands.  Every  one  of  them  is  trying  to  create  a  coherent image through  Online  &  Offline  media;  Brands  are  leveraging   the   synergies among paid-owned-earned channels and   are   engaging  with  consumers  thanks  to  “push-­‐pull”  communicaKon  techniques.  Heineken’s   has   signed   two   important   contracts   with   YouTube   and   Facebook,   contracts  that  should  allow  an  effective integration of digital media in  their  future  campaign.  Offline  global  campaign  to  cohesively  posiKon  the  brand  in  the  different  markets.      Heineken   has   to   improve   its   channel   mix’s   ability   to   engage   with   consumers   and   to  stimulate  their  contribuKon  in  creaKng  Heineken’s  image.  
  40. 40. Heineken Vs. The Rest (Cont’d)Sport   sponsorship   are   crucial   for   the   three   domesKc   beers   and   help   them   to   connectwith their consumers lifestyle and  guarantee  high  exposure  for  the  brands.  Heineken’s  does  sponsor  the  US  Open  but  it’s  missing  a  sponsorship  that  connects  with  the  US  consumer  lifestyle.  Heineken   should   find sponsorships to connect with the US consumers.   Not  necessarily  sports  but  also  entertainment  and  other  type  of  events.       FuncKonal  appeal   Prizes  and  compeKKon  to   has  some         sKmulate  social  media   potenKal   interacKons  Unique  branded  communicaKon   Good  causes  can                             help  your  brand                   connect  with    consumers  
  41. 41. Barriers
  42. 42. Heineken direction Heineken  will  consolidate  its  presence  in  the  five  conKnents32.   A   special   focus   will   be   on   Middle Eastand Asian market  since  they  are  expected  to  post  the  highest    growth  in  2011-­‐201632.   Heineken  has  decided  to  introduce  a  new  global  campaign  for  its  flagship  brand.    Heineken  global  focus  may  cause  a  disconnect with local market such  as  the  US.        Find   the   right balance between   “Think   Global,  Act  Local”    There   is   a   lost connection with   the   US   consumers.  
  43. 43. Heineken & the lost-connection  The   US beer market is shrinking33 and   compeKKon   from   subsKtute   products   is   increasing   but   premium lager beers   are   expected  to  outperform the market32.    Heineken   has   a   chance   to   stay   relevant   in   the  US  and  gain  market share.    Despite  its  numerous  campaign,  Heineken  has  not  found  a  successful  and  long   lasKng  positioning for the US market.     Heineken  has  to  find  a  way  to  emotionally connect with  the  US  consumer  base.    Heineken  scaaered  sponsorships  and  promoKons  in  the  US  are  not  enough.      From  share of heart to  market  share.  
  44. 44. Heineken barriers If  Heineken  wants  to  create  a  meaningful  connecKon  with  the  US  consumers  it   has  to  consider  and  find  a  way  to  overcome  these  barriers:   Fierce Competition  Domestic brands leverage  scale  economies,  and            emphasize  their  US  personaliKes  through    massive  sport  sponsorships34.      Imported beers are   finding   new   successful   posiKoning  (e.g.  Corona  &  HK  owned  Dos  Equis)   Heineken Perception  Heineken is  perceived  as  a  beer  for  special  occasion.  Not  the  everyday  type  of  beer.   Trends’ threats  Environmental  conscious  consumers  may  be  against   imported  beer  because  of  their  CO2  impact33.   Channel complexity  The  digital  media  have  impacted  the  Us  Beer  market    and  force  brands  to  compete  in  a  fragmented  landscape.  
  45. 45. Media Channels
  46. 46. Beers and Digital Media ★ The  impact of digital media on  the  Beer  Market  is  parKcularly  evident  if  we   consider  the  evolution of brand communication  and  its  main  channels.  ★ In   the   past,   a   coherent and strategic presence on  tradiKonal   media,   an   up   to   date   packaging   and   few   branded  gadget  were  enough  to  connect  with  consumers’  lifestyle.    ★ One to many communication; communicaKon   wastotally  controlled  by  the  company.   ★ Digital   Media   have   created   a   Digital world of opportunities,   brands   that   will   be   able   to   understand   and   leverage   all   the   different   touch   points   will   succeed   and   will   build   emoKonal   relaKonship  with  consumers  desKned  to  last.     ★ For  beer  brands,  digital  media  are  a  crucial  tool  in   supporting emotional brand idea because   of   their   close   connecKon   to   consumers   and   to   their   lifestyle.   ★ Two Way CONVERSATION;   consumer   interacKon   with  the  brand  and  earned  channel  highly  valued.      
  47. 47. With great channels come great opportunities★ Digital  Media  have  fragmented  the  channel  landscape,  as  a  result  of  this  phenomenon  the  creaKon  of  an  integrated channel mix is  now  one  of  the  biggest challenge that  a  brand  has  to  face  to  efficiently  deliver  its  brand  idea.  ★ Understand   the   difference   between   tradiKonal   and   social   media:   Heineken   has   to  understand  that  social  media  are  not  just  another  channel  where  the  brand  can  PUSH  its  adverKsing  but  should  be  pla{orm  for  an  ongoing conversation with  its  consumers35.  ★ Heineken has  to  create  a  coherent  image,  engage  with  its  consumers  and  find  new  way  to  stimulate  user  generated  content.     ★ Understand   and   leverage   the   strengths   of   the   different   channels   and   their   dynamics   (e.g.   Consumers   are   more   likely   to   comment   non-­‐promoKonal   Facebook   posts   rather   than   promoKonal  ones35).   ★ Heineken has   to   be   where   its   consumers   are   and   provide them some utility, consumers   will   engage   with   branded   content   if  they  perceive  there  is  something in it for them.
  48. 48. Key Considerations Defend market share form  increasing  compeKKon  of  CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE both  imported  and  domesKc  beers   US  consumers’  perception  that  Heineken,  as  a  premium   MAJOR BARRIER imported  beer,  is  not  for  “everyday”  consumpKon     Show  how  every day has its premium moment,  give   SOLUTION Heineken  a  more  approachable  personality     KEEP IN MIND 1.  Because  of  a  fragmented media environment media  selecKon   should  efficiently  leverage  media  properKes  with  inventory  on   mulKple  pla{orms   2.  Target  Audience  needs and media consumption patterns:     Highly  Mobile  GeneraKon36       Tech  Savvy     MulK  pla{orm  media  consumpKon  
  49. 49. Channels Selected TV Mix  of  Sports,  Lifestyle  and  News  channels  to  appeal  to  this   complex  Persona.    ESPN37    Comedy  Central      CNN  IFC   MagazinesSelect  magazines  that  have  a  digital  ediKon  to  meet  the  need  of   a  target  audience  that  is  always  on  the  go.    Traveler37    Wired    GQ    Forbes    Men’s  Health    Sport  Illustrated   Display Advertising Maximize  brand  exposure  on  those  websites  that  are  more  relevant  for  Target  Audience.  Mobile  adverKsing  to  be  included.   Wsj.com37    Tripadvisor.com    ESPN.com   Cnn.com    Hulu.com    NyKmes.com  
  50. 50. Channels Selected Company Website  Use   the   Website   as   a   Hub   for   the   other   online   iniKaKves.   User  will  be  able  to  create  a  profile,  parKcipate  in  contests,  HK.com upload content that   will   then   be   leveraged   through   other   company  channels  and  iniKaKves  (crowd-­‐sourcing).    Create  Mailing List to  re-­‐target  Heineken  Consumers  with   special  promoKon  and  to  provide  useful  content.   Social Media  Youtube:   Upload   video,   sKmulate   target   audience   to   create   their   own   and   feature   them   on   the   Heineken   Channel    Facebook:   collect   fan   picture   of   their   “premium   moments”,   post   content   that   the   target   audience   will   find  relevant  not  only  promoKonal  posts38.      Twitter:   give   the   brand   a   voice   and   a   personality,   comment   on   sport   events,   relevant   events,   again   not   only  promoKonal  tweets.  
  51. 51. The Consumers’ PathwayTV AwarenessMagazinesDisplay Ad Mobile Ad Website ConsiderationTweet of the dayPackaging Acquisition Retention Facebook App. Youtube Channel User Profile Facebook Loyalty
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