Hacking Planning in Advertising


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This thinking might help your ad agency or brand to increase strategic value and find the unexpected opportunities.

The good news is that it's simpler to fix than everyone thinks.

Here is my attempt that not only fix the flawed business model of advertising, but reinvent it.

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Hacking Planning in Advertising

  1. 1. Shared pain SO WHAT’S THE ISSUE? HACKING PLANNING 5 secrets to increase strategic value
  2. 2. Shared pain SO WHAT’S THE ISSUE? This thinking will help your ad agency ask real questions to solve better problems
  3. 3. Why Change? The world is in a period of massive change. ! True or False? An absolute, undeniable truth. ! Yet how we think, how we work and what we produce as an advertising industry has changed remarkably little. ! inspired by Gareth Kay
  4. 4. We need to rediscover strategic creativity with a hacking mindset ! Hack. (ing) ! To find the most ingenious and effective solution to a problem ! embezzled from G. Kay
  5. 5. I believe strategic planning as a concept doesn’t fail It is SIMPLY weakened by the questions we ask. ! By exploring what agencies deliver, my hope is to discover how we can reach the full potential of strategic planning.
  6. 6. My conundrum: strategic planning is based on an old agency model Current communication briefs look almost identical as the ones from the 80's
  7. 7. Just changing briefs to the post-digital world won’t help
  8. 8. Clients view strategic planners as surface solutions for ads Most ad agencies solve the promotional communication bits of campaigns. ! And are rarely involved in the cornerstones of marketing: product, pricing and distribution. 
 The Result: A band-aid solution to brand problems, endless opportunities forgone
  9. 9. Challenge Create a responsive hack approach that stretches the brilliant minds and strengthens any creative agency and their business
  10. 10. Current agencies responding to this challenge by: This is lazy advertising New projects Current Projects Creating new com briefs and objectives (embrace new digital technology, media planning) Making current business more valuable (brand models and digital projects) Existing clients ????? Exploring into new clients (pitches) New clients Inspired by Ana Andjelic
  11. 11. First steps to hacking is finding new questions To real creative bravery New projects Current Projects Adding new services to the business line (embrace new products, additional revenue streams) Making current business more valuable (brand models and digital projects) Existing clients ????? Exploring into new business categories (Create partnerships hubs ) New clients
  12. 12. The role of strategy in long term future-facing growth Ultimate goal to help any brand or product facing growth New projects Current Projects Adding new services to the business line (embrace new products, additional revenue streams) Create brands from scratch and be a startup investor Making current business more valuable (brand models and digital projects) Exploring into new business categories (Create partnerships hubs ) Existing clients New clients Create value for people from scratch. Be the growth. Not just sell the techniques
  13. 13. Why bother? You might be thinking…What we do works and we already make $$ The lifespan of brands is limited and under pressure 37 years 15 years 1937 2012 By 2030 more than 75% of the S&P 500 will be companies that we have not heard of yet Yale University
  14. 14. In a world that’s interactive & open, strategy needs to… Use a problem-solving approach and a hack methodology to help client’s grow their business and challenge them to embrace innovation. !
  15. 15. Back to Basics…. What exactly is STRATEGY? (Otherwise known as my 2 cents) Spotted during Cannes Lions from G. Kay !
  16. 16. By its natures strategy is to solve a challenge/difficulty Business Brand Strategy is based on structured, intelligent thinking about businesses deviated in four main categories. ! ! Context People To get a clear and differentiated point of view that will lead to ACTION ! Inspired by Richard Rumelt
  17. 17. The way how agencies use strategic planners is very limited. The industry standard insists that strategic planners define the ‘What’ and ‘Who’ of a problem by: ! - competitive reviews - trend research - brand models - summaries of best practices - focus groups - data analytics ! And convert the answers into a message. Leaving creatives to define the ‘How’.
  18. 18. No doubt, we need to hack, plan strategy When you decide you’re in the hacking business “by asking the better questions and solve real problems”; ! ! the challenge lies in the way your agency perceives & executes strategic creativity
  19. 19. 5 specific ways to increase strategy’s value !
  20. 20. 5 specific ways to increase strategy’s value ! Innovation Strategy Partnerships with brands Connect with innovators Incubator for startups In-house Lab
  21. 21. How strategic planning is valuable to innovation Understand problem If you tweak the strategy process by changing the constraints… Diverge ideas ! Real problems are revealed. Choose the best idea ! You will be able to use strategy as problem-solving approach Make prototype Validate and test it Example of a new strategy process
  22. 22. How partnerships with a brand helps your agency Try to combine different company departments to create something new. ! When you’re working like this, you’ll get collaborative output that will add values to consumers. 
 Not just add numbers to a made-up parameter. Example of a digital lab between multiple partners (ad agency/brand/ technology companies and users)
  23. 23. Why connecting with innovators will help you thrive Work with a diverse team to identify new commerce gaps within the context of market, user, financial, and technology constraints. ! At best you will innovate from the unexpected combination of two of more things that aren’t typically combined.
  24. 24. How being an incubator for startups will have value Look for the potential of collaboration. Don’t limit yourself to being an investor by giving money, but help them with space, education, connecting in return for lifetime partnership. ! This working mix of freedom and constraint fuels fresh thinking that creates value.
  25. 25. How an in-house lab suits your agency Why exploring failure and success will help you? Dedicate some time to making things just for your company. Or for fun. Or for profit. Sometimes all three. ! Fail fast, learn faster. ! Through exploring failure and success you’re able to find resistance. And new questions and problems. Example of ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners and their house lab
  26. 26. With hacking planning you might find the unexpected opportunities Let’s change the world together It is pertinent for agencies to continually to be at the forefront of change in different disciplines in all market categories. ! ! Hacking Planning provides the right environment for it to happen and broaden your agency culture with new approaches
  27. 27. Hacking planning will deliver a better valuable strategic advice Let’s change the world together To prove we strategists / planners are in the business to ask real questions and solve real problems. ! ! on a direct product and business level in order to look after users, not brands!
  28. 28. TIME FOR HACKING PLANNING Systemic integration of these five core approaches might increase strategy value in any creative agency Innovation Strategy Partnerships with brands Connect with innovators Incubator for startups In-house Lab
  29. 29. TIME FOR HACKING PLANNING This can turn agencies into growth hackers for brands by pointing the way for their business in the emerging digital markets Innovation Strategy In-house Lab Incubator for startups Partnerships with brands Connect with innovators
  30. 30. Bart van de Kooij Interested - want to know more hit me at vandekooij [at] gmail [dot] com or https://twitter.com/bartvandekooij ! Strategy thoughts https://medium.com/@bartvandekooij ! moving education in adland forward as a talent developer https://www.facebook.com/rawadvertisers ! Professional proof http://www.linkedin.com/in/bartvandekooij
  31. 31. A big thank you to my advisors and sources Gareth Kay (Founder Zeus JonesSF, former strategy partner GSP) - for planting the seed and allowing me to hack his mind ! Robert Campbell (Head of planning W+K) - for his midnight advice and demands to make it better ! Martin Weigel (Head of planning W+K) - for his bits on Canalsideview blog ! Ana Andjelic (Head of Strategy CreateThe Group) - rethinking about strategy ! Richard Rumelt, “Good strategy, bad strategy”. ! and Tim Polder for sparring, honesty. ! EXTRA: Brand example links of hacking planning that increase strategy value Innovation strategy: IDEO human centred toolkit - http://www.ideo.com/work/human-centered-design-toolkit/ ! Partnerships with brand departments: Hotel chain Hyatt lab and ad agency Undercurrent - https://hyattdxlab.com/ ! Connect with innovators: RG/A / Nike / users - http://www.nikefuellab.com/ ! Incubator for startups: Google Ventures - http://www.gv.com/ or W+K Portland lab - http://www.piepdx.com/ ! In house design-lab: Goodby Silverstein & Partners BETA - http://goodbysilverstein.com/beta