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6th Annual Remote Device Monitoring & Management Summit


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The goal is to optimize processes around the use of our assets, to drive new opportunities wrapped around a model of predictive and preventive maintenance. You will learn how to:
• Prepare for this year of cost containment and savings with expert advice on how to self
fund your remote service project
• Use existing product offerings to create new revenue streams and address declining profits
• Mine real-time and historical data to improve customer understanding, touch and experience
• Decrease service costs through more efficient deployment and centralized management
• Use device connectivity to maintain and enhance your own differentiators rather than being a carbon copy of your competitor
• Increase customer awareness of remote service benefits and increase customer satisfactionthrough improved promotion, measurements, and value reinforcement techniques

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6th Annual Remote Device Monitoring & Management Summit

  1. 1. Register by April 3rd to Save $500 6th Annual Remote Device Monitoring & Management Summit TM Hear From Leaders in the Field June 22-24, 2009 • Boston, MA Senior Research Analyst, Strategic Service Management, The Aberdeen Group Global Director, Worldwide Service, Gerber Leverage Your Remote Device Programs by Learning How to: Scientific Prepare for this year of cost containment and savings with expert advice on how to self • Executive Director of Strategic Support Operation, fund your remote service project McKesson Use existing product offerings to create new revenue streams and address declining profits • Business Development, Remote Services, ABB Process Automation Mine real-time and historical data to improve customer understanding, touch and experience • President, Customer Care, Cardinal Health Decrease service costs through more efficient deployment and centralized management • Director, Multi-Vendor, Philips Medical Use device connectivity to maintain and enhance your own differentiators rather than being • Senior Director, Product Development, Ventana a carbon copy of your competitor Medical Systems Increase customer awareness of remote service benefits and increase customer satisfaction • President and Founder, Hahn Consulting through improved promotion, measurements, and value reinforcement techniques Senior Service Product Manager, Applied Biosystems Benchmark with a Vice President of Customer Support, “The goal is to optimize processes around the use of our assets, to Wide Range of Tomotherapy drive new opportunities wrapped around a model of predictive and preventive maintenance”. Industries Manager of Service Lab, Smiths Detection Randal Weaver, Program Manager, ROCHESTER GENESEE Including: LSS Services Research and Development Engineer, REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY Agilent Technologies Medical Device • Director, Services Marketing and Product Da An l & tia nt ta al Management, Gilbarco Veeder-Root Ini yme Semiconductor • Ca yti plo pt cs De Advanced Technology Systems Program Manager, ur Healthcare • e Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority Building Controls • CEO, Glassbeam Industrial • St eve izat l Se teg ue n ya Op Director, Remote Services, EMRT ra n io R im Lo rv y POS Systems g ed • ice & t tin gag ers ea n Mark W. Mueller, Managing Partner, Cr & E stom Network Connectivity • DataClarity Corporation Cu Utility • Vice President, Product Development, Impact “In the economic down turn, large process companies are being Technologies Telecoms • forced to optimize asset performance, while at the same time, Principal, Sagence reducing overall production and maintenance expenditures. Commercial • President & CEO, Palantiri Systems Remote Service, combined with field service, is the most cost Food Equipment • effective approach to supplementing existing maintenance Director, Global Services Engineering Programs, infrastructures to achieve that goal”. Power Generation Phillips Healthcare • John W. DuBay Business Development Remote Services - Technical Director, Security Systems • Rochester Institute of Technology North America, ABB PROCESS AUTOMATION Mining • Founder and Managing Director, SSI Partners, LLC Program Manager, U.S. Air Liquide America L.P. Major Sponsors: VP, Business Development, Qualtech System Inc. Media Partners: Sponsor: Chief Services Strategist, Qualcomm Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Axeda Corporation TM Vice President of Customer Success, Axeda Senior Manager Global Services, Security Operations, EMC Corporation | 1-800-882-8684 IT Director, EMC Corporation
  2. 2. Remote Device Monitoring Who Will Attend & Management Summit Attendees will include VPs, From Manufacturers of: TM Directors of: • Medical equipment • Strategic Initiatives • Semiconductor Dear Colleague, • Service Marketing and production equipment Business Development • Office equipment, Welcome to 6th Annual Remote • Technical Support Retail and POS Systems Device Monitoring and Managem ent Summit • Service/Support Call • Industrial equipment Center • Telecoms equipment With the status of the current econ omy, we know that you are facing • Product Management • Commercial even greater demands to increase customer satis faction, service delivery and increased • Services Technology transportation sales performance. The good news how ever, is that Remote Device Monitorin • Program Managers (aviation, automotive, g is continuing to bring about increased opportuni ty despite a very difficult economic marine) environment. To capitalize on the many benefits inclu ding: a strong ROI, enhanced prod Engineers involved in: • Enterprise IT uct offerings, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and environmentally sound • Service • Food service equipment opportunities, you need to know how to optimize proc esses in order to extract the largest • Technical Support • Building systems – value that will deliver the greatest benefit to your overall organization. • Field Service Software HVAC, elevators, • Remote Services security Let this conference help you reach • Product Support • Construction equipment your key performance indicators for success Engineering • Power Generation Our Speakers Will Provide a Set • R&D/Product • Security systems - of Tools to Help You Obtain the Greatest Amount of Intelligence From You Development Airports r Devices Greg Dameron, Senior Director, Prod • uct Development, Ventana Medical Systems will teach you how to predict moveme nt of inventories and early dete ction problems through powerful busin Sponsorship and ess intelligence Randal Weaver, Advanced Systems • Technology Program Manager, Roch ester Genesee Regional Transportation will teach Exhibition Opportunities you how to manage key service metrics and analyze the net promoter score of service operations John Canosa, President & CEO, Palan • Sponsorships and exhibits are excellent tiri Systems will show you how to take advantage of Web opportunities for your company to showcase its 2.0 and true real time device connectivity to products and services to high-level, targeted change the rules of the game decision-makers attending the 6th Annual Remote Device Monitoring & Management Summit. IQPC l Da An tia nt Ini yme I look forward to seeing you in Bost & and Service Management IQ help companies like ta al on! plo Ca ytic De yours achieve important sales, marketing and pt s ur branding objectives by setting aside a limited e number of event sponsorships and exhibit spaces – all of which are customer-tailored to assist your Se & Rtimi organization in creating a platform to maximize its rv ev za l ya ice e tio Op exposure at the event. Naomi Secor Lo g ged St nue n tin a rs Group Show Director ra ea ng e te Cr & E stom For more information on sponsoring or exhibiting at IQPC gy Cu Remote Device Monitoring & Management, please contact Mario Matulich at 212-885-2719 or About Our Sponsors Major Sponsor: electronic products to be networked for remote access, monitor and control it over a network or Qualcomm Enterprise Services provides comprehensive Smart the Internet. Lantronix products provide a secure network connection to equipment and Service and M2M solutions for Telehealth/Telemedicine, Smart Grid, machines, even behind corporate firewalls, creating the virtual infrastructure for remote product Consumer Products, Fleet and Asset Management, and Industrial service models. They also extend the ability to remotely manage IT equipment and literally Applications. Our hosted solutions are tailored around the unique needs of each client, enabling thousands of networked devices, regardless of location, from a central point of access. The proactive, highly differentiated offerings delivered under the client’s own brand. Solution company’s headquarters are located in Irvine, Calif. Website: components include “plug and play” wireless communications, robust 24/7 IT infrastructure, enterprise software, and IT professional services. We bring a broad level of expertise and insight Axeda Corporation delivers on-demand remote service capabilities to over to our clients as mainstream adoption takes hold. The new administration’s focus on energy (and 100 of the world’s leading manufacturers including Cardinal Health, EMC, and energy conservation), healthcare and education offer new and heightened opportunities for Siemens. The award-winning Axeda ServiceLink solution allows companies to growth and dramatic impact through the implementation of Smart Services. Website: proactively service and support their products, driving optimal uptime at the lowest possible cost. www.qualcomm/ges/smartservices In 2006, Axeda became the first and only remote service application provider to receive the prestigious VeriSign® Security Certification. Axeda Corporation is a privately held company Sponsors: headquartered in Foxboro, Mass. and can be reached at EMRT is a leading software solutions provider helping companies connect machines, people and enterprise Sagence, a management advisory and consulting firm, helps device systems to create value by converting data into actionable information. manufacturers create innovative information based products and EMRT’s solutions help reduce cost, deliver incremental services revenue, increase responsiveness, predictive services through our Intelligent Connected Device practice. We focus on aligning enhance overall quality of service and extend the enterprise’s value to the customers. To learn business needs and strategy to ensure program success. more about EMRT visit us at Sagence is a firm designed to help clients compete more effectively by leveraging their information assets. We combine deep industry experience with expertise in information Qualtech Systems, Inc. (QSI) offers field service intelligence solutions to OEMs management, analytics and decision science, to build Strategic Information Capabilities for our and end users in the commercial and defense space. QSI customers have clients. Services include strategic advisory and planning services to solution architecture and consistently achieved higher customer satisfaction and improved profitability by implementation. For more information please visit optimizing field service operational metrics such as asset uptime, lead time to act, mean time to repair, first time fix rate, spares consumption rate and work force productivity. QSI’s Only Glassbeam delivers product analytics TEAMS® software solutions enable optimization of product design for effective field service, Glassbeam is the first company to provide a software-as-a-service (SaaS) TM provide timely and actionable service intelligence in the field through real time and ondemand solution for product analytics – an automated, highly visual solution to monitoring and diagnostics and guide every technician to perform like an expert.Some of QSI's help equipment manufacturers unlock the business value of operational data that is routinely customers include Boeing, FEI Company, GE, Honeywell, NASA, Orbotech, Pratt & Whitney, communicated back to their organizations via “call-home” capabilities. Sikorsky, Thales and DoD. Website: Our solution incorporates patent-pending technology that can analyze product information from multiple sources, including customer product logs. The Glassbeam solution automatically creates Lantronix is a leading innovator in device networking technology. The a datawarehouse, Clearhive™ , that can be used to glean keen insight into key functions such company specializes in wired and wireless solutions which enable as engineering, services, support and sales. Register Today! | 1-800-882-8684 2
  3. 3. Monday, Pre-Conference Workshops June 22, 2009 A Guide to Successfully Marketing Remote Service Intelligence and Knowledge Creation A B Services Al Hahn, President & Founder, Hahn Consulting Bob Ticknor, VP, Business Development, Qualtech System Inc. Equip your direct and indirect marketing and sales teams with the There has been significant money and time spent on knowledge 8:00-11:00 Choose A or B (Breakfast will be served) tools and information they need to extract maximum commercial management projects and for many, it is not providing the desired benefit from Smart Services in the shortest possible time span. benefits. KM is great at knowledge; access and retrieval, publishing and In order to successfully market remote services you must know how to many other positive attributes. What is missing is the creation of the package, price and promote them. This master class will take you step- knowledge in the first place. Knowledge management does not create by-step through these important tasks. Learn what other companies knowledge but with the added value of Service Intelligence (SI) we have are doing and where there is room for innovation. This class will the best of both worlds. Service intelligence is all about creating the discuss best, worst and common practices for remote services. knowledge that is needed for any service agent to more effectively and What will be covered: efficiently solve customer issues. • Packaging remote services using bundling techniques for some, What will be covered: making them stand-alone for others • Learn how to know what knowledge needs to be created • Pricing remote services using cost-plus, market-based, and value- • Learn how to create the knowledge based techniques where they are most effective • Learn how to value the impact of the created knowledge • Promoting remote services using techniques appropriate for services • Define the interrelationship of KM, DRM and SI such as websites, data sheets, conference presentations and white • Understand where SI and KM interact and add value to with the papers service delivery process • Creating customer value with remote services by understanding how • Discuss the cost of not doing this customers receive value, then how to articulate that value How you will benefit: How you will benefit: • Walk away with a tools and techniques you can use to improve your • Utilize the best and common marketing practices for remote services knowledge creation • Avoid common mistakes associated with remote services • Hear about practical actions you can take today without any • Obtain the best prices for remote services, increasing revenue and technology or investment profits through better pricing and discounting practices • Learn key metrics and the typical value of knowledge components • Increase customer awareness of remote service benefits and increase • Discuss common pitfalls and how to avoid them customer satisfaction through improved promotion, measurements, and value reinforcement techniques Conducting Root-Cause Analysis of Equipment Developing a Roadmap to Becoming a Best in C A B D Failures Using Remote Service Data Class Service Organization: Leveraging Smart Remote Service to Generate Revenue and Mark Mosher, Director Product Development Support Solutions, EMRT, James Cotter, Director Remote Services, EMRT Optimize Performance The servicing of equipment has been going on for years; much of it Axeda simply reacting to problems at-hand. That is to say, there never was Due to increased pressure from asset owners/operators for higher much of a feedback loop that enabled equipment manufacturers to uptimes, and longer product lifecycles, manufacturers across many 11:15 – 2:15 Choose C or D (Lunch will be served) produce a higher quality product that increase MTBF. The increase in industries are incorporating Remote Product Service (RPS) solutions into equipment connectivity enables service organizations to gather data on their sales and support strategy. The challenge faced by many a regular basis and to respond to alarm conditions. However, many companies is a familiar one for advocates of new technology- how to organizations are still using the “old” service model in a more efficient recognize and realize the potential business benefits. During this way rather than fully utilizing the advantages of connected devices. In workshop you will learn how high performance businesses leverage this workshop, you’ll learn how you can go beyond your basic remote smart remote service technologies and receive a framework to evaluate service delivery model in a way that better utilizes the data you collect your respective businesses and discover additional opportunity. to increase the effectiveness of your diagnosis. More specifically, how Participants will learn how to: you can ensure the data you gather supports incident prediction and • Identify the criteria for what defines a high performance service condition-based maintenance. Most importantly, how do all of these organization issues tie into the mission critical business goals for remote services • Understand the capabilities offered by remote service technologies within the organization as a whole? • Recognize the benefits offered by deploying remote service What will be covered: technologies • Identify salient data for diagnostics support • Develop and launch new smart remote service offerings for both • Create a diagnostics model internal and external customers • Fishbone a diagnostics model How you will benefit • Determine parameters for remote proactive service • Learn how reduce field service visits by 15% • Limit false positives • Hear how you can reduce mean time to repair by 50% • Align these technical advances with the business goals of the service Richard MacKeen model Executive Vice President and Co-Founder How you will benefit: Axeda Corporation • Identify parameters that need to be generated as state and incident data • Supply remote diagnostician with better data and tools • Enable remote prognostics and condition-based maintenance • Develop results based technical advances in the service business model that can increase aftermarket service revenue for the organization 3 Major Sponsor: Sponsors: TM
  4. 4. Monday, Pre-Conference Workshops June 22, 2009 Business Intelligence & Analytics Applied to Service Transformation – How Remote E A B F Smart Services Data Services Enables the Shift of Skills Within a Service Organization Mark W. Mueller, Managing Partner, DataClarity Corporation As increasing numbers of equipment manufacturers become Jack Levin, Founder and Managing Director, SSI Partners, LLC connected to larger populations of their customer’s equipment, the Traditional models of service delivery don’t cut it anymore. There aren’t potential value of the data being harvested grows exponentially over enough skilled technicians to go around. Even if there were, they would time. Yet most OEMs have not taken steps to liberate all this data that be too expensive. Equipment service organizations will have to can many times result in cost savings, incremental service revenue, dramatically change to compete. They will need to “transform” by increased levels of customer understanding, and product engineering shifting the skills distribution around the organization. feedback to name just a few. This transformation is made possible with remote service technologies. Early adopters who understood this concept but utilized traditional Unlike any other time in our service business history, we have the data warehousing and business intelligence techniques not optimized opportunity to invoke meaningful change - the kind of change that for remote product data found their initiatives severely lacking because allows service organizations to scale and still keep costs in control. This 2:30 – 5:30 Choose E or F they did not employ a holistic approach where both the equipment is the change that delivers on the promise of better service at a lower and business system data was integrated. Additionally, these legacy cost. systems were rarely designed to provide predictive or even near real- Participants will learn how to: time information necessary to promote service behaviors consistent • Identify key success factors to achieving this transformation with the expectations of equipment users today – they simply did not • Identify current inhibitors to change and how to overcome them deliver the right information to the right stakeholders at the right time, • Align the service mission with what motivates service employees which is just critical in today’s business climate. • Apply remote service technologies to fully leverage employee skill sets In this workshop, we will discuss and show you several approaches to How you will benefit: liberate both business and machine information to optimize processes • Overcome internal barriers to achieving successful change around various strategic product and service initiatives. • Enlist the organization in supporting the transformation instead of Participants will learn how to: resisting it • Decrease service costs through more efficient deployment and • Achieve a scalable model that can grow with the business centralized management • Increase revenue through intelligent value-add service offerings • Increase service operating margin and profit through better management of field spare parts inventory • Evolve service operations to automate problem resolution, fixes and updates • Mine real-time and historical data to improve customer understanding, touch and experience • Create products that are more reliable, and easier to adopt and use, and accelerate introduction cycles by way of a product engineering feedback loop A Next Generation Approach to Monetizing Device Connectivity: Why You Should Stop G A Monitoring Your Devices John Canosa, President & CEO, Palantiri Systems allow your company to capitalize on your unique competitive Chris Kuntz, VP Business Development, Palantiri Systems & Mike advantages, domain experience, and intimate knowledge of your 5:45 – 8:45 (Dinner will be served) Mahoney, Senior Enterprise Architect, Palantiri Systems equipment. Discussions regarding remote monitoring have for too long been Participants will learn how to: focused on providing more efficient maintenance and repair services • Build your brand by creating unique and differentiated services that go and driving customer satisfaction. However the reality of today is that far beyond maintenance and repair. satisfaction is not enough. A satisfied customer will walk away from • Create an engaged customer base that eagerly contributes to the body you if they get a better deal somewhere else. The goal of any of community knowledge organization today must be to create loyal and engaged customers Extract value from a real time social collaboration style environment • that have a true stake in you as a vendor. that includes customers, employees and devices as participants This workshop shows how you can get out of the monitoring as a • Take advantage of Web 2.0 and true real time device connectivity to replacement for break/fix service mentality and start using device change the rules of the game connectivity as a true competitive weapon. By combining some of the How you will benefit: macro trends such as social networking and device networking, OEM's Gain a better understanding of how companies are benefiting from • can create a true community environment that not only lets them Web 2.0 and extended collaboration tools become a more efficient organization internally, but also creates • Come away from this workshop viewing device connectivity as an potential new revenue streams and unique market growth integral part of the business rather than a remote service offering opportunities. Attendees of this workshop will learn how to start • Use device connectivity to maintain and enhance your own building an ecosystem of differentiated information based services that differentiators rather than being a carbon copy of your competitor Register Today! | 1-800-882-8684 4
  5. 5. Main Conference Day One Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 10:00 Morning Break 8:00 Mark Vigoroso, Chief Services Strategist, Qualcomm 10:45 Real Time Cost Management of Remote Monitoring Keynote: Exploring the Next Generation of RDM for A Diverse Industry Mix 8:15 Capability: Beyond Cost Savings to Value Added Scott Terdic, Program Manager, U.S. Air Liquide America L.P. Offerings to Your Customer Manage a sea of data and generate standardized reports • Fawaz Khalil, Director, Services Marketing & Product Establish and set and efficiency benchmarks • Management, Gilbarco Veeder-Root Reduce cost and improve resource consumption through remote • Leverage Remote Device Monitoring infrastructure and capability to device monitoring and management • provide value beyond the traditional single unit break/fix model; by Research Study Findings 11:30 Research Takeaway Session: moving into adjacencies and delivering site-wide decision-support Turning Service and Support Into a Profit Center Increase “stickiness” and retain customer loyalty by driving • competitive advantages in site layout, marketing, customer Glen Allmendinger, President Harbor Research satisfaction, inventory management, environmental footprint and Receive a copy of the Harbor Research Report on Business Models • other areas for Smart Services Enable enterprise-wide view of local assets to drive process, Forecast and plan for service demand to achieve sizeable • • planning and functional improvements improvements in key field service metrics Realize the importance remote service plays as a competitive • Research Takeaway Session: Research Study Findings 9:00 differentiator as product margins shrink from increased global Benchmarking Data: competition The Maturity of Remote Product Service Examine the challenges, opportunities and go-forward approaches • Sumair Dutta, Senior Research Analyst, The Aberdeen Group that define world-class profit-maximized service management Receive the results from the 2008 and 2009 research efforts, Articulate the key success factors and guiding principles to succeed • • benchmarking key service and asset performance criteria to 12:15 EMRT and Impact Technology Lunch Session: distinguish best-in-class service and manufacturing companies Examining a Remote Services Implementation Learn how Best-in-Class companies are looking to optimize the processes • Lifecycle Model around the use of your assets, so as to drive new revenue streams wrapped around a model of predictive and preventive maintenance Jim Cotter, Director, Remote Services Solutions, EMRT, Bill Discuss key performance areas tracked with respect to serviceable Nickerson, Vice President, Product Development, Impact • asset availability, service efficiency performance via first-time fix and Technologies improvement in mean time between failure for their assets over the This session introduces a Remote Services Implementation Lifecycle last two years Model for product manufacturing companies. The stages of this Gain insight into the roadmap to Best-in-Class, leveraging process standard model will be presented along with how your company can • oriented strategies, organizational structure and improved benefit by adopting this model. These stages include Device knowledge assimilation and management Enablement, Integration, Participation, Knowledge and Action based Understand the value of remotely captured data across other value on the gathered intelligence that results in measurable ROI. • chain components in your organization, i.e. product design, 12:35 Lunch for Speakers & Delegates marketing, and manufacturing Track A: Initial Deployment Track B: Data Capture - Data Analytics - Business Intelligence Achieving a More Customer-Centric Business Model by Building the Business Case and Financial Justification 1:30 Leveraging Enhanced Data Collection from Connected for Launching a Remote Service Program Equipment Jim Pendergast, Vice President of Customer Success, Axeda Earl Clark, Principal, Sagence Steve Deasy , IT Director, EMC Corporation • Maximize system uptime and improve productivity through Chris Grondin, Senior Manager Global Services, Security monitoring of customers instruments Operations EMC Corporation • Reduce the loss of critical samples and reagents, and help ensure the Discuss the business process implications for remote device • accuracy and quality of results monitoring and management and ensure the economics of a • Integrate data collected via remote monitoring into the product project are sound design cycle for continuous improvement Develop a service business case that is aligned with product • • Expand service to more product lines enabling more customers to strategies and properly aligns service with products take advantage of the strong benefits that the service delivers Conduct a ROI and payback analysis to obtain stakeholder buy-in • Hear about the secret to gaining adoption in secure, regulated • environments Discuss the key success factors to track and measure upon rollout • Change Management: Preparing Your Organization Improving Asset Auditing & Management to Improve 2:15 for the Shift from Products to Services Maintenance Efficiency, Cost & Reliability Robert Bell, Executive Director of Strategic Support Operations, Gerard Doyle, Manager of Service Lab, Smiths Detection McKesson • Analyze usage to optimize maintenance and replenishment Review the concept of remote device monitoring and management • Gain access to real-time information remotely such as asset usage • and how to deliver the message to key stakeholders and and replenishment of stock and consumables throughout the organization • Conduct a real-time audit and traceability of high value assets for Examine the process requirements for the R&D Function improved reporting capability and reduced workload on asset • Identify the support core competencies necessary for installing the administrators • system Establish ownership throughout the key organization departments • Afternoon Break Afternoon Break 3:00 5 Major Sponsor: Sponsors: TM
  6. 6. Self-Funding Your Remote Service Project On-Demand Product Intelligence Using Your Systems’ 3:45 Operational Data Bob Ticknor, VP Business Development, Qualtech Hear how to yield returns three to four times the investment in this year Puneet Pandit, CEO, Glassbeam • of cost containment and savings • Lower support costs, including Tier 1 support cost reductions of 20% Discuss the various methods and best practices that are necessary to • Increase revenues from new services of 4% or more now possible using • achieve the optimal amount of savings real time performance and capacity information on your products Discuss the common pitfalls and how to avoid them • Conduct better product planning on new features leading to new revenue • Validate your current work with CSS streams across product lifecycles • Learn what metrics to look at for the most value with the least effort • Maintain effective up-sell and cross-sell of products based on real-time • customer information • Increase customer satisfaction through product enhancements and faster resolution of issues Protecting Your Business Resources: Identifying & Delivering Greater Business Value Through Business 4:30 Evaluating Security Risks Associated With Your Remote Intelligence and Performance Management Service System Greg Dameron, Senior Director, Product Development, Ventana Philip Severe, Senior Service Product Manager, Applied Biosystems Medical Systems Evaluate how vendors manage response to security issues over time • Gain competitive advantages with visibility to service and device • Discuss the culture around security issues and address how to overcome performance through powerful business intelligence capabilities enabling • customer security concerns and accelerate remote service program news ways to organize, view, schedule and distribute data adoption • Leverage remote service technology to achieve business goals and elevate Identify the risks and requirements upfront through a careful remote customer productivity and satisfaction by minimizing time spent • service evaluation process troubleshooting and decreasing the need for on-site service calls Establish a policy for permitting access only to appropriate resources to • Predict movement of inventories and early detection of problems, enabling • enable safe business communication manufacturers and 3rd party service providers to proactively schedule maintenance and maximize asset readiness Cocktail Reception 5:15 Main Conference Day Two Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Coffee & Registration 10:30 Panel Discussion: The Green Evolution and Remote 7:30 Service Chairperson’s Opening Remarks 8:00 Michael Thurston, Technical Director, Rochester Institute of Mark Vigoroso, Chief Services Strategist, Qualcomm Technology Randal Weaver, Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Supporting a Globally Dispersed Customer Base 8:15 Authority Through Remote Service Transformation Scott Terdic, Program Manager, U.S. Air Liquide America L.P. Mark Hessinger, Global Director, Worldwide Service, Gerber Discuss green as a strategic priority as it addresses the issue of shrinking • Scientific product margins and an overall responsibility for cleaner environment Transform your service organizations from an quot;old-worldquot; product Achieve a greater cost savings with green initiatives, reducing CO2 • • identification and development approach to an application emissions and eliminating burning and shipping processes development environment Learn how your organization can emerge as an important contributor in • Create both the infrastructure and the organization to support new reducing carbon emissions through intelligent device collaboration and • world products and services that will increase revenues and profits management Extend the reach and expertise of your globally located technicians for • 11:15 Panel Discussion: The Aging Workforce and Remote faster and more accurate resolution to product issues Service Transform your produce support processes to drive customer loyalty by • measuring customer satisfaction to ensure long-term retention Mark Hessinger, Global Director, Worldwide Service, Gerber Automate consumable resupply in generating new revenue sources Scientific • Phil Severe. Senior Service Product Manager, Applied Biosystems Showcasing the Continuous Value of Remote Services 9:00 Jonathan Gray, LSS Services, Research & Development Engineer, through Proof of Performance Service & Delivery Agilent Technologies Mark Vigoroso, Chief Service Strategist, Qualcomm Prepare for the succession of a highly-skilled workforce approaching • Discuss the remote services vs. human touch paradigm retirement age by learning ways to capture knowledge and share this • Develop response and resolution metrics and proactive support value information across teams • Drive greater customer intimacy through careful positioning to the end Discuss how remote service software can encapsulate historical • • customer expertise on diagnosis and repair of problem Re-engineer and re-train your internal sales and service organizations • Morning Break 9:45 for remote service capabilities of the future 12:30 Lunch for Speakers & Delegates Track A: Creating Loyal & Engaged Customers Track B: Service Strategy & Revenue Optimization Deployment of a Service On-Demand Model for Lowered Discovering New Sources of Profit from Additional 1:30 Costs & Improved Operations Services While Helping Your Customers Streamline Operations Randal Weaver, Advanced Systems Technology Program Manager, Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Dave Kline, Director, Multi-Vendor Services, Philips Medical, Jim Managing key service metrics and analyzing customer response to service Cotter, Director Remote Services Solutions, EMRT • operations • Obtain added service revenue from higher-value maintenance contracts Putting a value on customer time: Reduce costs while growing good will • Increase service profitability through lower costs and more efficient delivery • Benefit from best-in class service in extended aftermarket service • Receive full-time secure and complaint access to your equipment, enabling • offerings like direct content advertising, customer loyalty program and effective support that meets the customer’s LOS requirements without service customization violating security requirements Register Today! | 1-800-882-8684 6
  7. 7. Embedding Service in Products as a Core Competitive Servicing Your Own Equipment to Achieve Competitive 2:15 Differentiator Product & Service Integration for Additional Revenue Streams John W. DuBay, Business Development, Remote Services, ABB Automation Tom Chowanies, President, Customer Care, Cardinal Health Learn about service intelligence delivery through Web 2.0 technologies • Specify requirements for increased remote serviceability in product lines • Achieve global scalability and quick end user adoption through a • Modify your remote service toolset to accommodate the product line • commonly accepted and easy to use environment enhancements Reduce total cost of ownership through optimized OEE • Redefine standard operating procedures for service delivery teams to • Enhance your knowledge of equipment by plugging device connectivity benefit from increased remote service • into the knowledge management environment, enabling direct • Create additional service offerings as a result of increased remote service contribution by the equipment capability Afternoon Break Afternoon Break 3:00 Listening More Closely to the Voice of the Customer Reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) With Your 3:45 (VOC) for Continuous Improvement of Products and Service Strategy Services Richard Springer, Jr., Vice President of Customer Support, Greg Dameron, Senior Director, Product Development, Ventana Tomotherapy Medical Systems • Gain an understanding of all the costs related to launching, deployment Understand the customer is always right; however, what they say they and maintenance of services • want and what the really want are not always the same • Identify financial feasibility of each stage of RS deployment Leverage remote services to gain insight into the untold truths about • Listen to a unique concept of total cost of ownership and work through • what customers really want a cost/benefit analysis Show how remote service data can drive strategic service offering • roadmaps Integrating Remote Services into CRM Backend Increasing Cash Flow with Rapid Data Capture: 4:30 Integrating Remote Services Workflow Into The Company Chris Lafratta, Director, Global Services Engineering Programs, Back Office Phillips Healthcare Leverage real-time information to predict market requirements such as Connect remote devices to back-office applications and providing access • • demand as well as risks, adapt to dynamic business conditions, and to multiple networks and multiple communication layers within a align operations globally across the extended value chain specified network Create information driven value chains to drive revenue and maximize Enable field, plant and other personnel to collect, access and easily view • • profitability data from their monitored equipment 24 hours a day, from any Internet- Identify and predict the business implications of any exception connected computer or other web-enabled device via a secure website • conditions, adapt to those issues and report detailed status back to the Retrieve and integrate data into your company’s ERP systems • ERP or external systems Registration Information End User Pricing Others Pricing Register by Register by Register by Standard Register by Register by Standard 04/03/09 04/24/09 05/22/09 Price 04/24/09 05/22/09 Price Conference Only (save $500) (save $400) (save $200) Conference Only (save $800) (save $400) $1,299 $1,399 $1,599 $1,799 $1,999 $2,399 $2,799 All Access (save $1,796) (save $1,696) (save $1,596) (save $1,496) All Access (save $2,096) (save $1696) (save $1,496) $2,199 $2,299 $2,399 $2499 $2899 $3,299 $3499 Workshops Only $549 each $549 each $549 each $549 each Workshops Only $549 each $549 each $549 each Please note that multiple discounts cannot be combined. Other includes: Solution Providers, Consultants, or any Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration third party vendors that partner with or provide services to and includes lunches, refreshment and detailed conference Team Discounts organizations. IQPC maintains the right to enforce pricing materials. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is For information on team discounts, please contact IQPC based on company type. received and may be subject to cancellation. Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684. Only one discount may be applied per registrant. A $99 processing charge will be assessed to all For IQPC’s Cancellation, Postponement and Substitution registrations not accompanied by credit card payment at Policy, please visit Special Discounts Available: A limited number of the time of registration. discounts are available for the non-profit sector, Venue: Please see the website for the most up-to-date information government organizations and academia. For more MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IQPC * CT on the event venue. information, please contact customer service at 1-800- residents or people employed in the state of CT must add Special Dietary Needs: If you have a dietary restriction, please 882-8684. 6% sales tax. contact Customer Service at 1-800-882-8684 to discuss your Discounts valid for qualified executives involved with Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: specific needs. remote device monitoring and service only. Discounts are JPMorgan Chase ©2009 IQPC. All Rights Reserved. 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  8. 8. International Quality & Productivity Center ❑Yes! Please Register Me For 535 5th Avenue, 8th Floor New York, NY 10017 Remote Device Monitoring & Management Summit TM ❑ Conference Only ❑ Workshop(s) Only ❑ All Access ❑ A or ❑ B ❑ C or ❑ D ❑ E or ❑ F ❑G Please Choose Your Workshops: Your customer registration code is: When registering, please provide the code above. Name__________________________________ Job Title ________________________ Organization____________________________________________________________ Approving Manager______________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________ City__________________________________State______________Zip___________ Phone________________________________Fax_______________________________ 5 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER: E-mail__________________________________________________________________ ❑ Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events. Web: 1 ❑ Check enclosed for $_________ (Payable to IQPC) 2 Call: 1-800-882-8684 ❑ Charge my __Amex __Visa __Mastercard __Diners Club Email: 3 Card #____________________________________Exp. Date___/___ Fax: 1-646-378-6025 4 Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer can be found on 5 Mail: IQPC preceding page. 535 5th Avenue, 8th Floor New York, NY 10017 ❑ I cannot attend, but please keep me informed of all future events. 10721.003/NP Register by April 3rd to Save $500 6th Annual Remote Device Monitoring & Management Summit TM Major Sponsor: June 22-24, 2009 • Boston, MA Leverage Your Remote Device Programs by Learning How to: Prepare for this year of cost containment and savings with expert advice on how to self • Sponsors: fund your remote service project Use existing product offerings to create new revenue streams and address declining profits • Mine real-time and historical data to improve customer understanding, touch and • experience Decrease service costs through more efficient deployment and centralized management • Use device connectivity to maintain and enhance your own differentiators rather than • being a carbon copy of your competitor Increase customer awareness of remote service benefits and increase customer satisfaction • TM through improved promotion, measurements, and value reinforcement techniques