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Mandm Direct


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Mandm Direct

  1. 1. M and M Direct empowers marketing, finance and merchandising teams to analyse data directly using ANALYZER M and M Direct is the UK’s number one provider of discounted name-brand sports and leisurewear. The company sells direct to consumers, using mail order and the internet. It has a turnover of £65 million and has 2.5 million Customer names on its database. M and M Direct Cequity's end-to-end suite of integrated services includes customer Synopsis management consulting, marketing Industry Sector database & information management M and M Direct can improve the effectiveness and cut the costs of its mailings now that it is using Retail (On-line & Catalogue) solutions, analytics, metrics & ANALYZER for data analysis. It replaced a clumsy legacy system and, thanks to its ease of use, has dashboards and campaign empowered the marketing department to conduct its own analysis. As a result, the company can measurement support. Our state-of- respond more quickly to changes in fashion and the marketplace. smartFOCUS’ Campaigner is the-art technology solution, Cequity used to clean and deduplicate lists selected using ANALYZER before fulfilment. Solution Components ACE is powered by smartFOCUS and is a hosted customer marketing ANALYZER has had an impact far beyond marketing: the finance and merchandising teams also Data Quality/Management system that can be quickly use the software to measure business success, viewing reports in Excel using smartREPORTER. implemented without major hardware The Challenge or software investments. This helps us Single Customer View deliver rich yet valuable, information- “The internet is our predominant ordering channel,” says Chris Harle, finance director of M and M driven, customer& Visualization Analysis experience Direct. “It’s gone haywire in the last two years for three reasons. Firstly, the internet experience opportunities for you. has got better with more widespread broadband. Secondly, consumers are more internet-savvy. Predictive Modeling “From our experience, the Intelligent And thirdly, every catalogue we send out is actively promoting the website, which offers Analytical Marketing from smartFOCUS customers a better range of stock. The catalogue costs us money to make and mail and has 1000 Campaign Management makes it possible to instantly analyze, lines in it. We carry another 1500 or 1600 lines on the website that aren’t in the brochures.” segment, identify and communicate with large volumes of customers and contacts on M and M Direct had a legacy system which it used for data analysis, but it was too cumbersome. “It Email Marketing an individual basis. Intelligent Marketing was great if you could program and knew the system in detail,” says Harle, “but we wanted our improves customer communications - marketing team to be able to just drag and drop and get reports without having to wait a day for Online Execution throughout the entire lifetime of a company- the IT specialists to do them.” customer relationship and makes The Solution Performance Management performance driven multi-channel marketing a reality. smartFOCUS is faster and more M and M Direct now analyses its data using ANALYZER from smartFOCUS. “Its drag and drop interface efficient than we thought it would be!” Managed Service is simple to use,” says Harle. “At the touch of a button, it enables our marketing team to understand who is buying what, and who is responding to what promotion. It’s fast, flexible and easy to use. Consultancy Before, we spent 80% of our time getting the data and only 20% analysing it. Now we spend 5% of our CEO - Cequity Solutions time getting the data, and the rest analysing it.” The use of ANALYZER has been extended throughout the business beyond marketing, including the use of smartREPORTER to automatically generate and circulate daily sales reports which previously took two hours of work a day to produce. “The finance department uses smartREPORTER for measuring the business’s key performance indicators - at the touch of a button. When I come in each day, I can instantly see what we sold yesterday, the number of orders taken, their value, average order value, number and value of returns, number of parcels despatched and so on (each with a comparison against budget). The key performance indicators are fully automated,” says Harle. “The finance department uses smartREPORTER for measuring the business’s key performance indicators - at the touch of a button. When I come in each day, I can instantly see what we sold yesterday, the number of orders taken, their value, average order value, number and value of returns, number of parcels despatched and so on (each with a comparison against budget). The key performance indicators are fully automated,” says Harle. “Our buying and merchandising Powered by team also uses ANALYZER to monitor and control what brands we’re selling, the associated stock holding, and whether to buy more or start ditching product lines.” Continued overleaf
  2. 2. An integral part of the solution is Campaigner, which is used to clean and de-duplicate lists before they are sent to the fulfilment house. M and M Direct is able to run selections for catalogue or email promotions using ANALYZER, and then screen the database against suppression lists and deduplicate using Campaigner. The cleaned list is then automatically sent for fulfilment. Having access to data on a customer level is enabling the company to save money. “We’re analysing our customers at an individual and household level. We typically have 1.3 customers per household, so we need to ask whether we need to send a catalogue to each customer or just to each house,” says Harle. “If we don’t have to mail that extra 0.3 customers a brochure, that’s an immediate saving in production and mailing costs that will have an immediate impact on the bottom line. We’re also looking at who buys what, so that when we have a promotion on a key fashion brand like Bench, we can see what our Bench customers might also buy. Now we have postal pricing in proportion, we have to be even more selective about what we send out.” The Bottom Line/ROI I can’t emphasise Harle concludes: “The best thing about ANALYZER is that it has enabled us to get the information enough that it’s not we need without any aggro. I can’t emphasise enough that it’s not just about marketing, it’s a just about marketing, vital business management tool. It was sold to us as a marketing tool but we said it’s too good for marketing to be the only ones getting their mitts on it. We need to share it throughout the it’s a vital business company.” management tool About is the UK’s leading online and catalogue retailer, bringing big brands at bargain prices to a computer or letterbox near you! Founded 20 years ago, has been supplying customers with fantastic products at prices that no high street store can dare to compete with. At, you will find brand fashion, sportswear, outdoors clothing, sports equipment and accessories for men, women and children from more than 200 top brands - all at astonishingly low prices with discounts of up to 75% on rrp. With top buyers who can spot a good purchase a mile off, stock that is updated every hour and with no expensive stores to run, it means at you will never have to pay the full price again! About smartFOCUS Reach us at: smartFOCUS (LSE:STF) is a leading international marketing software company that empowers 105-106, 1st Floor, Anand Estate, marketers with the intelligence to drive high performance multi channel campaigns and more 189-A, Sane Guruji Marg, Mahalaxmi, valuable customer relationships. Its Intelligent Marketing solutions integrate off-line and on-line Mumbai-400 011, India data, analysis, campaign and performance management to deliver better targeted more timely Phone: +91 22-43453800 and relevant communications that increase campaign conversion rates and improve customer’s insight. Fax: +91 22-43453840 For more case studies, white smartFOCUS now has over 300 customers worldwide using its marketing software including AAA, papers and presentations log on to: ABN AMRO, ATOS, Centreparcs, EMI, Fig Leaves, Harrods, Hilton International, NSPCC, Societe Generale and QVC. smartFOCUS is headquartered in the UK, with offices in the US, continental Europe and Asia Pacific. Or Write to: For the latest thinking in Analyical Marketing, check out our blog at: Contact details Note: This is an ‘original paper’ by smartFOCUS. Cequity ACE is powered by smartFOCUS and Cequity uses this distinguished technology to empower its end-to-end suite of analytical marketing and customer relationship management solutions. Powered by