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philips group 9: presentation 4


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disruptive technologies

Published in: Leadership & Management
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philips group 9: presentation 4

  1. 1. Recap  Overview of the company  Global Production, Distribution and Marketing Management  Global HRM, Procurement, Financial Management and Technology
  2. 2. Introduction  Everything starts from research  Supported by in-depth research, detailed analytics and actionable data  Combined with direct customer input Philips arrive at solutions that are designed to overcome real-world obstacles to delivering better patient care.
  3. 3. Disruptive Technology  Google Glass IntelliVue  HealthSuite  ALS mind control  VISIQ ultrasound  Remote Patient Monitoring
  4. 4. Google Glass IntelliVue  Connecting Google glass and Philips monitoring devices so doctors can check patient data through voice commands rather than using their hands.  Allows doctors to view vitals, read checklists, confirm appointments, voice-control specific systems, teleconference with their peers across the globe and manage their schedules with improved efficiency and accuracy
  5. 5. Google Glass IntelliVue
  6. 6. HealthSuite – Digital Platform  Supported by  Open, cloud based platform  Apps based personalized programs
  7. 7. HealthSuite – Digital Platform
  8. 8. ALS Mind Control  A first-ever proof of such a concept  Let a person with no mobility control their environment using brain commands.  Demonstrates the potential to improve the quality of life for ALS patients  Give them the ability to interact, communicate and issue commands without moving their body or using their voice.
  9. 9. ALS Mind Control - Working User send brain commands Wearable display shows navigation interface Digital application reads commands and connects devices Smart products are activated
  10. 10. VISIQ Ultrasound  Designed to provide crystal clear images  Small light weight portable system attachable to a touchscreen device  Use built-in WIFI for DITCOM data transfers to hospitals  Use cloud PACS to share and storing images  Battery life of over 2.5 hours of back to back scanning  Features SonoCT, XRES, AutoSCAN, Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  11. 11. Possibly Disruptive in Future  BlueTouch  To stimulate body’s natural healing process  DoseWise Portal  Radiation dose management system  eCareCoordinator  A clinical Application  Devices and softwares for Chronic Diseases  IntelliSpace Cardiovascular  Improving patient care in cardiovascular  Ingenia 1.5T S  Enhancing patient’s experience
  12. 12. Disruptive Technology by Competitors  Tele-medicine System  Mobile cart programmed to maneuver through the busy halls of a hospital  PEEK Smartphone App  Uses the smartphone’s camera and flash to scan inside the eye and diagnose cataracts within 30 seconds.  Google Contact Lenses  Measure glucose levels in the tears of diabetic patients  Tug Pods  Delivery Droids that ferry pharmaceutical supplies
  13. 13. R&D for Future Technologies  Big Data Visualisation Hackathon  To enhance and create ideas for innovation  User-driven innovations  To acquire, analyze and process data  "Fabric of Africa”  Quality Improvement initiative.  Conducted intensive monitoring of mothers and unborn babies  Results show a decreased mortality rate from 6% to 0% in 8 weeks.
  14. 14. Recommendations for Disruptive Technologies  Stress releasing machine  Apps updating with maintenance of their devices
  15. 15. Use of Social Media Philips Healthcare has a great exposure of social media but before they started using social media, they introduced ‘The social media policy and principles’ for social media.
  16. 16. News Center  Philips have their own News Center  Provide with latest news about products  Keep updating about innovations  Provides news for shareholders and investors
  17. 17. NetForum Community  For doctors who are already using the Philips’ machines  They can do discussions and follow webimanrs
  18. 18. Twitter  They use twitter to inform targeted customers about the latest researches on the healthcare and to inform about the conferences and congresses.  They have 269,000 followers on twitter.
  19. 19. Healthcare Professionals on Twitter
  20. 20. Facebook  Via Facebook they inform targeted customers about their latest researches  Also they inform about the conferences and congresses  They review their products
  21. 21. LinkedIn  Use LinkedIn for recruitment process  For current researches  Relevant status updates increase engagement  106% increase in engagement by followers
  22. 22. YouTube  Advertise products  Share informative videos about the products  Share innovative ideas
  23. 23. SocialCast  An enterprise platform, where employees can log on to find information faster, exchange ideas, and ask questions.  Members increased from 400 to 7000 within two months