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(MBL204) State of The Union: IoT Powered by AWS

Why does connecting your physical devices to the cloud create more value for the user? How can connectivity enhance user experience? Why does connecting your things enhance your business model? In this session, Kyle Roche, GM of AWS IoT, will discuss the power of connecting your devices to the cloud and share AWS vision and latest products and features. Kyle provides an overview of real customer use cases and shares trends we are seeing among IoT customers. He will also bring some key customers on stage to share their experiences.

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(MBL204) State of The Union: IoT Powered by AWS

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Marco Argenti VP, AWS Mobile and IoT MBL204 Connecting the Unconnected The State Of Union – Internet of Things
  2. 2. The Promise of the Internet of Things - Smarter Products That Get Better with Time - Processes That Are More Efficient and Predictable - Closer Relationship with Your Customers - Offerings That Were Not Possible Before
  3. 3. Direct to Consumer: a New Meaning
  4. 4. The Product Is the Interface Mediated Simulated Direct
  5. 5. Communication Happens Naturally
  6. 6. However… - Devices Are Hard to Connect, Manage - Things Do Not Interoperate Out of The Box - Low Signal to Noise Ratio in Collected Data - Applications and Things Do Not Always Match
  7. 7. AWS IoT is a fully managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. Extract and filter data from your devices and take action with custom rules Securely connect and manage any physical device across multiple networks and protocols Create web and mobile applications that interact with devices reliably at any time Device SDK Device Security and Policy Management Device Gateway Registry Rules Engine Shadow
  8. 8. AWS customers are connecting physical things to the cloud in every industry imaginable. Healthcare and Life Sciences Municipal Infrastructure Smart Home Retail Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain Agriculture Education Automotive
  9. 9. Philips Jeroen Tas CEO Healthcare Informatics, Solutions and Services
  10. 10. We are enabling the transformation of healthcare to a networked, patient- centric model
  11. 11. HealthSuite digital platform
  12. 12. AWS IoT
  13. 13. Key takeaways Open health data infrastructure HealthSuite @AWS spawns new wave of innovation Maximize the full potential of the Internet of Things to enable connected care Mobile and voice will be the major interfaces for connected personalized health and care IoT for health requires a hugely scalable, secure infrastructure, provided by AWS
  14. 14. Increase the Value of a Product Over Time with Data Telemetry and Usage Data Data Filtering and Routing Rules Ordered Stream to Amazon Kinesis Firehose Storage and Offline Analysis Online Monitoring Customization, New Capabilities
  15. 15. Jon Cotter Sr. Software Development Manager, Data
  16. 16. All the music on earth, in every room of your home, wirelessly. Sonos is the smart speaker system that streams all your favorite music to any room, or every room. Control your music with one simple app, and fill your home with pure, immersive sound.
  17. 17. Connected products improve over time
  18. 18. Connected products provide unique insights
  19. 19. Sonos Analytics Pipeline Collect Store Process Performance and Availability Cost and Durability Accuracy and Flexibility Amazon EC2 EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon Kinesis Amazon EMR
  20. 20. Sonos Analytics Pipeline Collect Store Process And Streaming Amazon EC2 EC2 Amazon S3 Amazon Kinesis Amazon EMR
  21. 21. Pipeline Capabilities • Facilitated the addition of event-based reporting (>10x increase in data) overnight • Able to accept any type of data (text, binary, JSON, XML)* • Durable, secure storage of raw data • Simple, secure, robust and operating at greatly reduced costs • Developers can add data without waiting on us • Near real time visibility via streaming or on S3
  22. 22. 2014 – Released Wireless Setup Removed the need for the Bridge with a simple software update in 2014 Ran the largest Beta in the Company’s history Mountains of Usage and Telemetry data analyzed to make sure it worked to our standard.
  23. 23. Trueplay: Smart Speaker Tuning Trueplay measures the acoustics in any room and fine-tunes your speaker. Launching in 2015 yet available to devices purchased over 5 years ago Data-driven evaluation and testing
  24. 24. Looking forward with AWS Costs are constantly being reduced, increasing ROI New Capabilities offered by AWS IoT New Amazon Kinesis Firehose service New S3 Storage Tier Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Spark as a service
  25. 25. Cloud-connected devices are smarter today, and become even smarter over time ”A 10 year old product can do things that hadn't been invented 10 years ago. Most importantly, going forward, people will expect your product to improve, and if it isn't being updated and getting better, you're literally being left behind.”
  26. 26. DEVICE SDK Set of client libraries to connect, authenticate and exchange messages DEVICE GATEWAY Communicate with devices via MQTT and HTTP AUTHENTICATION Secure with mutual authentication and encryption RULES ENGINE Transform messages based on rules and route to AWS Services AWS Services - - - - - 3P Services SHADOW Persistent thing state during intermittent connections APPLICATIONS AWS IoT API REGISTRY Identity and Management of your things AWS IoT: How it Works
  27. 27. Subscribers Publishers Secure by Default Connect securely via X509 Certs and TLS v1.2 Client Mutual Auth Multi-protocol Message Gateway Millions of devices and apps can connect over MQTT or HTTP. Elastic Pub/Sub Broker Go from 1 to 1-billion long-lived connections with zero provisioning AWS IoT: Securely Connect Devices
  28. 28. AWS IoT: Front Door to AWS Registry Establishes an identity for devices and manages metadata such as the devices’ attributes and capabilities Rules and Actions Match patterns and take actions to send data to other AWS services or republish Shadows Apps and devices can access “RESTful” Shadow (Thing’s State) that is in sync with the device {Thing Name, Sensor Temp, , GetTemp(), Output LED} Rules Engine Shadow Registry S3, Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, DynamoDB Amazon SNS Mobile App
  29. 29. Enforce Security and Policies End to End { "sql": "SELECT * FROM 'foo/bar'", "ruleDisabled": false, "actions": [{ "dynamoDB”:{"roleArn”:"arn:aws:iam::your-account-id:role/iot-actions-role", "tableName": "sampleTable" } }] } PolicyPrivate Key & Certificate Thing/Device Rule AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Role Policy SDK AWS IoT AWS Services Execution Role Policy ID Time Stamp GPSAsset Utilization Asset Tracking Location Tracking
  30. 30. More Predictability and Efficiency Means Less Waste Device is put into standby to prevent damage. Operator is alerted that maintenance is necessary AWS IoT processes data coming from devices, triggers actions based on rules. Sensor Data is Streamed to Amazon Kinesis, stored in S3 and analyzed by Amazon ML
  31. 31. Dr. Ilham Kadri President, Diversey Care
  32. 32. AWS IoT and Sealed Air : A Winning Formula “We're excited about AWS IoT to provide scalable and efficient connectivity for our connected 'Internet of Clean' products, supporting millions of connected cleaning appliances means we have to process billions of telemetry and command messages reliably, with low-latency, and cost-effectively. Now we can rely on AWS IoT for that critical infrastructure, and focus on helping our customers create cleaner, healthier environments.”
  33. 33. AWS IoT Ecosystem: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts Hardware Partners IoT Systems Integrators IoT Communication IoT Management Platform IoT Analytics PlatformIoT Operating Systems
  34. 34. You don’t want to miss these deep dive sessions MBL203 Everything about AWS IoT – Venetian H 12:15 PM MBL311 AWS IoT Security - Palazzo A 1:30 PM MBL312 Rules and Shadow - Palazzo A 2:45 PM MBL313 Devices SDK and Kits - Palazzo A 4:15 PM MBL303 Mobile Devices and IoT - Delfino 4005 4:15 PM MBL203 Devices in Motion - Delfino 4005 Friday 10:15 AM MBL305 IoT Data and Analytics - Delfino 4005 Friday 11:30
  35. 35. Thank you!