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Annik research analytics deck pvd

  1. 1. Global Research Practice Better Data. Better Decisions Founded in 2000©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. About Annik• Annik Analytics helps client better understand the data - Annik’s Strategic Information Management services leverage domain knowledge, analytical models and applications to manage and find meaning from data which is generated through market research, business transactions and the macroeconomic environment• Annik partners with clients to provide innovative, efficient global research solutions – Delivers efficiency in market research operations• Annik combines deep research expertise with the latest technologies – Technical innovations optimize data collection, increase data quality & deliver efficiencies through report automation ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Quality Certifications & Accreditations• Quality Compliant for CASRO, ESOMAR, AMA, MRA• Six Sigma • COO Master Black Belt • Black belts throughout organization• ISO Compliant • 27001 certified • 20252 compliant as per CASRO guidelines• CMMi Level 3 certified• “First Time Right” ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Leadership TeamRahul Sahgal Sandeep Bhatia • Founder/CEO • COO • CASRO Board • 17+ yrs experience Member across • 18+yrs experience in • GE, GM, Suzuki MR/MRO • Certified Six Sigma MBBRudy Nadilo John Bird • Senior Partner – Global • Partner – Global Research Practice Research Practice • Ex-CEO Greenfield • 18+ yrs experience in • Deep MR experience Market Research • Software & Technology • 7 years CPG experience ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. The Gamut of service offerings One Stop ShopGlobal Panel Data Data Business Technology Sourcing Collection Processing Analytics Survey Design Interactive ~240 panels Data Cleansing Programming Consulting Dashboards B2B / B2C Survey Tools Tabulation Statistical Real time Analysis Reporting Healthcare Translations Verbatim Coding Modeling Multi Mode Testing Charting Executive Sample Multi Country Reporting Management DMS Hosting End to End Project Management ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Data Management ServicesAnnik helps you make better decisions by maximizing your Data and BusinessIntelligence investment. We achieve this by leveraging our proven expertise insimplifying, structuring, cleaning, integrating, and maintaining your Data andProcesses across the Enterprise. Assess Monitor Simplify Better Data Better Decisions Integrate Structure Getting Data Clean“Business Ready” ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Technology Driven Analytics Annik is uniquely positioned in the Market Research & Consulting domain, by blending technology with research & analytics to provide business intelligence, and reporting solutions guided to business performance. Business Analytics • We convert data into digestible insights, which helps our clients gain an in-depth visibility in their business operations. • We encourage opportunities to weave behavioral, and business performance metrics into our research designs to provide strong links to the bottom-line: ROI, profit, and market share. Technology • Our technology based solutions help manage information effectively, enabling clients to take strategic decisions at any point of time.©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Domain and Industry ExpertiseWe offer business analytics to support strategic decision making inmultiple industry verticals. Industry Expertise CPG / Retail IT & Telecom Healthcare HR Market Assessment Advertising Effectiveness ₋ Brand Positioning ₋ Creative Effectiveness Domain Expertise ₋ Segmentation ₋ Brand Recall Impact Business Analytics ₋ Market sizing ₋ Impact on purchase behavior Customer and Employee Product Evaluation Experience ₋ New products, design, ₋ Loyalty, engagement & pricing strategies satisfaction ₋ Product segmentation ₋ Customer behavior analysis ₋ Predictive Modeling ₋ Customer segmentation ₋ Employee satisfaction ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Glimpse of Analytics OfferingsWe deploy advanced analytics tools and techniques coupled with deep domain expertise and help clients in solving their high- impact problems under different business situations- Predictive modeling- Maxdiff analysis- Trade off / Conjoint analysis- Price sensitivity analysis- Cluster analysis- Factor analysis- Discriminant analysis- Multiple regression analysis- Correspondence analysis / perceptual map- Principal component analysis- Fishbian modeling- Churn analysis- Time series forecasting- Driver analysis- Heat map analysis- Customer/Employee landscape ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Market Assessment Offers Brand Positioning Solutions we provide : • How are we perceived relative to our competitors in the marketplace? • What are our brand image strengths and weaknesses? • Does our brand image reflect key elements of our brand communications strategy?Correspondence Analysis Market Profiling Solutions we provide: • Classifying the market according to need and behavior • Understanding the characterization of different market segment • Identifying immediate target market and long term prospect MarketSegmentation ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Advertising Effectiveness Offers Brand Health Impact Questions we help address: • How effective is your advertising campaign in improving brand recall? • How effective are you advertisements in generating brand appeal in the marketplace? • What attributes in your advertising campaign are having the most impact on your brand image?Fishbein Modeling (Pre/Post) Persuasion Assessment Solutions we provide: • Identification of advertising creative content that separates you from you competitors in terms of appeal, relevance, believability and motivation. • Competitive assessment of advertising campaigns on purchase behavior. Composite ScoreIndexing (Pre/Post) ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Product Evaluation Offers Needs Assessment Solutions we provide: • Helps in understanding what is important; is consistent with what motivates them or what is expected • By plotting attributes on a quadrant according to their relative stated importance and the degree to which the marketplace perceives the need as met by current agents.Need Gap Analysis Opportunities and gaps in the market can be identified. Trade-off & Pricing Strategy Solutions we provide : • What share will I lose on the arrival of a new competitor? • How price-sensitive is my market?Price sensitivity and • How will my new product cannibalize share of existing products? market share • How can I segment the market in terms of benefits/products/service needs?(Conjoint Analysis) ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Customer & Employee Experience Offers Employee Engagement Employee engagement has a direct influence on a series of other performance measures which consequently determine and drive the performance outcome of an organization. Employee Engagement Index transcends from a human resource initiative, “into a strategic approach supported by tactics for driving improvement and organizational Employee Engagement change” & Satisfaction Customer Loyalty Optimizer Solutions we provide: • Assess key customer experiences (touchpoints) that most impact loyalty. This analysis can help prioritize key touchpoints that matter most to the customer. Our results provide clear, actionable operations and service areas to maintain or improve Driver Analytics upon. Business Impact Assessment Solutions we provide: • Directly link customer satisfaction and loyalty programs to customer retention and Customer Lifetime Value. • Identify which specific elements of customer satisfaction have the greatest impact on profits to quantify the financial impact of various program changes in Integration of Businessmetrics with patient loyalty order to maximize return. ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. The Client ChainOur Clients Their Clients ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. What our clients say “This is an unique approach and we never came across such a detailed methodology.“I presented the PepsiCo conjoint today. It was very well If we decide to get this donereceived. One person called it “the best research we will go with Annik only”presentation I have ever seen”.Thanks to the Annik team for your work on the project. I ~Freshly Squeezed Ideas~know that this required learning a few new softwarepackages. We appreciate the effort. “ “A+ work! He said it was “I wanted to let you know that I have comprehensive, the layout and enjoyed working with you and your team presentation made sense and it was great on this project. I appreciate the working with the team. They plan on responsiveness and attention to doing a follow-up on this study soon.” detail, especially with regards to the analytics and reporting. The client was very happy with the results.“ “We really appreciate the creativity shown by Annik. The report was of high quality. "This was an excellent experience and are We see Annik as our top partner” happy with the partner we found in Annik!" ©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Thank You©2012 ANNIK TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PVT LTD. All rights reserved. 16