South Florida HDI Virtual Event: IT Alignment and Value Network Metrics


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South Florida HDI is continuing to expand their presence outside of South Florida with their first ever webinar, sponsored by Cherwell. Our goal is to increase contributions and knowledge to the IT professional community in Latin America and Caribbean markets. In addition, this allows us to take advantage and reach other HDI members and non-members throughout the United States. The South Florida HDI chapter has been commended for their innovation and growth within the HDI community and this is another step in our growth.

Keynote Presentation by Dell's Bill Payne

Session Name: IT Alignment and Value Network Metrics: A Wake-Up Call.

Bill’s session will challenge IT executives to transform and elevate the way they measure, manage, and communicate the value of their IT services. By leveraging key concepts from the underleveraged ITIL service strategy area, IT alignment and value network metrics have the potential to clearly communicate business value in terms that are meaningful to the business.

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South Florida HDI Virtual Event: IT Alignment and Value Network Metrics

  1. 1. South Florida HDI Virtual Event South Florida HDI Chapter April 3,
  2. 2. Agenda• 12:00 Meeting Kickoff• 12:00 – 12:15 HDI News & Updates• 12:15 – 12:45 Bill Payne – Dell Computer• 12:45 – 12:55 Q & A• 12:55 – 1:00 Wrap up and Raffle $25 Amazon Gift
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  5. 5. Continuing Certification• HDI certifications are globally recognized credentials for technical support professionals• To uphold the value that HDI certifications provide, HDI is introducing the HDI Continuing Certification program, which is a new set of requirements and processes for maintaining some HDI certifications.• Complete details are available
  6. 6. What’s coming in 2013 September 16, 2013 Malcolm Fry Power of Quality TourWhat You Will Learn• Balance quality, performance, and cost• Create sensible Service Acceptance processes; service pipeline, service catalog and service retired• Build a quality improvement initiative• Delegate incidents rather than escalate incidents• Build a quality focused training plan• Work with other key ITSM units to improve quality; Service Desk, Problem, Incident, Change,• Request and Asset
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  8. 8. CIO Value Prop: Creating Actionable Awareness Empowering informed decisions by sharing knowledge, relationships and experiencesAccess to a substantial repository Expand your network of peersof information, best practices, the and industry colleagues; take latest industry trends (Yearly advantage of others Practices & Salary) and training. perspectives and experience. KNOWLEDGE RELATIONSHIPS Strengthen internal team collaboration throughHDI Buyer’s Guide, aimed at membership and participationhelping guide products and in a common organizationservices to the people who need them. EXPERIENCES Case Studies and timely topical discussions delivered through regular newsletters, meetings, webinars and conferences.
  9. 9. Volunteer?Contact Eddie Vidal at
  10. 10. Bill PayneBill Payne is a results-driven IT leader with twenty-eight yearsof diverse professional experience. He is an expert in thedesign, delivery, and support of cost-effective IT solutionsthat deliver quantifiable business benefits. His previous roleshave included data communications consulting, messagingsystems analysis, infrastructure engineering teammanagement, medical information systems deployment,retail and infrastructure systems management, and IT servicemanagement consulting.
  12. 12. Are you an IT-metrics expert? “An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing.”• Most of us produce metrics, some of us use metrics. “Things have to be used to be useful.”• A lot of our “service delivery” metrics are not truly meaningful to our business clients.• Service delivery teams can champion IT Alignment and IT Value through the structure of their metrics
  13. 13. The Challenge• It’s easy to fall SO HARD into the metrics-expert trap … mostly by only measuring operational service delivery results.• Operational service delivery results only measure performance against a pre-determined standard.
  14. 14. The Challenge• The strategic challenge is to leverage your metrics to: – keep IT services closely aligned with business goals – communicate business value in meaningful business terms
  15. 15. Meeting the Challenge• Alignment Metrics • Value Network Metrics – Provide useful tools for keeping IT – Useful for planning and services closely aligned with operational decision-making business goals – Value is generated through – Communicate facts regarding exchange of knowledge, service performance to indicate information, goods or Services workload, and capacity to meet – A Value Network is a set of demand relationships between – The kinds of data analysis tools that stakeholders based on value help keep IT services aligned with – Value Network Metrics account business goals fulfill one or more of for the value delivered to or from the following needs: stakeholders in terms of: • to direct action, • Productivity • to intervene and drive change, or • Service Quality • to measure, validate, or justify • Customer Satisfaction – expenditures, – processes, and/or • Service Levels – system capabilities • Service Funding
  16. 16. Information Technology Alignment Metrics “help keep IT services closely aligned with business goals” … “How often, how well, for how many people or business processes, with what features and at what costs?” Financial Management 1 IT Service (value stream) Fiscal Management Investment Management Capital and Expense Cost Management APPLICATION Prioritized and Project Management COORDINATION BOARD Sequenced Innovations PROJECT SCORECARDS Business-IT Alignment “OPERATIONS COORDINATION BOARD” Alignment, Prioritization, Resource Planning, Scheduling Changes Continually manage the warranty and 2.1 BRM SERVICESENGAGEMENT CHANGE utility of services for support of business OPERATIONS CHANGE ORDERS processesBUSINESS SERVICES MANAGEMENT Planned INNOVATION Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Yield PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Expedited Resolution Span Innovations KTLO Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Emergency New Business Value that has been Yield DATA QUALITY NOTES Resolution Span added REQUESTS FOR CHANGE1 Business Service 2 Manage for continued delivery of associated with Configuration Item in business benefits Change Orders and Standard Services and Break/Fix Service Requests2 Default Change Orders Problem Management Exceptions Keep The Lights On and Customized SERVICE REQUESTS Change Orders SERVICE LEVEL 2 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Ability to meet Operational Demand at MANAGEMENT Yield what relative cost 2.1 Innovation or KTLO 3.1 Resolution Span determined by change LEVEL 1 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Analyze for applications at risk Category Yield Resolution Span3 Incidents or Requests for break/fix 3 standard/defined services Labor Costs Labor Costs TIME TRACKING SYSTEM 3.1 Level (relative costs) 4 Costs for and relationship between the determined by Group KTLO and Innovation services assignment in Service KTLO Innovation Requests PERSONNEL Enterprise Lagging indicator in support of4 Innovation or KTLO MANAGEMENT Operations business-IT alignment and resource labor tracked in via Commercial planning specific labor tracking General & Administration codes Research & Development
  17. 17. IT Alignment Metrics• An IT Value Stream is what the business “hired” IT to do: – Send and receive messages NOT “maintain MS Exchange 2010 platform” – Facilitate customer relationship management NOT “provide Siebel CRM version 6.2 with 99.999% uptime”• Value streams should align with your Service Portfolio (ITIL Service Strategy)• Useful in a “portal” view to keep the Business / IT alignment conversation going.• Steal ideas from: - you already paid for it!!!
  18. 18. Value Network MetricsStakeholders ProductivityServices or Value Customer / Business Unit User Service Customer Service Levels Satisfaction Service Funding Quality Service Provider
  19. 19. Value Network MetricsValue Description Source Receiving Stakeholder Stakeholder (from) (to)Productivity The value of IT services in terms that Customer / User Business Unit are meaningful to the business.Service Quality The ability of a product, service, or Service Provider Customer / End process to provide the intended value. UserCustomer The perception of a product or service Customer / User Service ProviderSatisfaction relative to expectations in the areas of process and outcome.Service Levels Measured and reported achievement Service Provider Business Unit against one or more service level targets.Service Funding The funding for lifecycle costs of Business Unit Service Provider owning and operating a configuration item, or of providing a service.
  20. 20. Value Network Metrics Example Productivity Average Traffic Connection Analysis by # of VPN Duration / Source / Connections Bytes Destination Transferred System Customer / Business Unit User Customer Satisfaction Rates Customer Service Levels Satisfaction Incident & Service Request Service TCO Resolution Funding Times, Uptime Quality Data Incl. Percentage Average Labor Costs of Normal Connection vs. Dropped Speed Connections Service Provider
  21. 21. Value Network Metrics ExampleValue Network Metric Description Example(s) SourceProductivity Measures that demonstrate the value of IT # of VPN Connections; Avg. duration of System Logs and Reports services in terms that are meaningful to the connections; Avg. bytes transferred; business. Unique users; Traffic Analysis by ApplicationService Quality The ability of a product, service, or process Avg. connection speed; Percentage of System Logs and Reports, Service to provide the intended value. normally ended sessions versus Management System Problem dropped connections; Uptime TicketsCustomer Satisfaction Measures of the perception of a product or Customer Satisfaction “Level” or Transactional and Periodic Surveys service relative to expectations in the areas “Percentage”. of process and outcome.Service Levels Measured and reported achievement Service Level Target success rate (Avg. Service Management System against one or more service level targets. Incident & Request Resolution Times) Incident and Request TicketsService Funding The lifecycle costs of owning and operating Maintenance and licensing costs, labor Financial management tools and a configuration item, or of providing a costs, activity-based costing, etc … reports service.Business Value Description Example(s) Service Management TaskContextRelationship to Trends Each Value Network Metric’s relationship Last month’s # of VPN Connections Regular Actionable Analysis to a historical trend for the same metric versus the last 6 month’s average. (more, less, same, etc …)Macro Correlation to Underlying reason or event that has driven Uptick in VPN Connections trend Cross Functional IT Value any differences in the current measure corresponding to holiday break or IntelligenceDifferences to Trends versus the historical measures. business event such as regulatoryand Averages inspection preparation.
  22. 22. Value Network Metrics• Value Network Metrics measure and portray the tangible and intangible value of an IT service, with a focus on the Productivity delivered to the Business.• Useful in planning and operational decision making about IT value streams.• Of particular value to the Product Manager role, and therefore also the Business Relationship Manager role (ITIL Service Strategy).
  23. 23. Challenge Re-stated – A Call to Action• Integrate your Portfolio Management and Financial Management services with your alignment and value metrics. Things have to be used to be useful.• Build an IT Alignment portal and use it keep the Business / IT alignment conversation going• Cross-link your metrics into Value Networks and use the results for planning and operational decision-making about IT value streams
  24. 24. IT Alignment and Value Network Metrics: A Wake Up CallThank you for attending this session. Don’t forget to complete an evaluation form!
  25. 25. Volunteer?Contact Eddie Vidal at
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  27. 27. Wrap Up• Raffle Winner of a $25 gift card is… – John Baldwin from Barry University• Next Meeting May 2, 2013 at 5 PM• IT Support Services: Mobility Creates Transparency and Increases Business Value – Matt Neigh - Cherwell Software’s technology evangelist• Please complete our Survey