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The UCS Solutions Journey to Implement SAP CRM


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The UCS Solutions Journey to Implement SAP CRM

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The UCS Solutions Journey to Implement SAP CRM

  1. 1. The UCS Solutions Journey to Implement SAP CRM CCMG Presentation November 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• UCS Solutions Overview• The Need for Change• Key Benefits• Our Customer Base
  3. 3. UCS Solutions Overview• UCS Solutions was established in 1998 (Affinity Logic)• IT Services business focussed on the Retail Industry• In September 2003 UCS Solutions was acquired by the UCS Group• In May 2011 Business Connexion acquired a 70% stake in UCS Solutions (management holds the remaining 30%) and created the largest listed IT services business in Africa.• UCS Solutions have offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Dubai and clients in South Africa, Dubai, Egypt, UK, Tanzania.
  4. 4. Our relationships with our clients are guided by …• Being passionate about service quality and ensuring that we meet our promises• Offering practical innovations• Investing to earn our clients trust and respect• Developing a strong track record to achieve better results• Selecting the right partner to support our clients needs
  5. 5. UCS Solutions Business Overview >> Application Services UCS Solutions Client Engagement &Support Teams Unlocking business return for clients from their investments in SAP by designing, enhancing and running their systems landscape and supporting keyApplication Business Infrastructure Service optimisation initiatives. Services Solutions Services Management >> Business Solutions Supply Chain Specialist retail supply chain, merchandise and SAP Consulting Planning and Integrated Service Services Inventory Cloud Services Management store Optimisation expertise focussed on process and system optimisation Customer Contact runSAP Services Customer Insights Strategic Sourcing Specialist Retail Learning capabilities designed to Centre maximise investments in systems and people. SAP Retail Store and Multichannel End User Support >> Infrastructure Services Flexible, innovative and dynamic hosted Enterprise IT services for business critical systems. SAP Analytics Retail Academy OGRC & DR >> Service Management Proactive management of multiple service providers SAP/Sybase Strategy Mobile Solutions Realisation Networks underpinned by our dedicated customer contact centre.
  6. 6. IT Service Management• Ensure that all service providers are being managed in a consistent manner, to provide a seamlessly integrated service• Delivering consistent, sustainable service• Responsible for tracking, management and escalation of all IT related issues for the client• Client Service Management is a service designed to enhance, integrate and optimise client IT services• Key to supporting this service is our Customer Contact Centre
  7. 7. The Customer Contact Centre • The single point of contact for the logging, tracking, escalation, resolution and closure of problems and requests• Manages calls that require resolution by both internal UCS Service Divisions and 3rd Parties• Has been designed – To ensure flexibility in order to meet growth requirements of any service – To increase first call resolution and customer satisfaction – To measure the delivery of service from all service providers on a common basis• We have approximately 30 consultants and take over 20,000 calls per month, predominantly for retail clients
  8. 8. We focus on… • Providing a consistent, reliable and trustworthy service to our customers • Reviewing call quality on an ongoing basis and improving our staff understanding of client processes and also soft skills when dealing with customers• Deploying an experienced CCC management structure to ensure agent productivity, training and development and ongoing technology enhancements• Providing a stable, adaptable technology platform with accurate reporting and reliable email and SMS escalation service
  9. 9. The Need for Change• Technical Limitations• Changing Customer Requirements• Additional Business Requirements
  10. 10. Technical Limitations• Outdated call logging system – No supplier support – No upgrade path• Limited skilled resources available for support – Speed to resolve issues negatively impacts customer service• Significant modifications, integrations and customisations – Limitations in terms of customer growth; scalability a risk – Modifications are no longer sustainable; failure would have a significant negative business impact
  11. 11. Changing Customer RequirementsThe system was designed some time ago and was no longer able tokeep up with new customer expectations namely: • Ability to log calls via the web and mobile connectivity • Workflow-driven service delivery capabilities • “Self help” • Dashboard reporting • ITIL Compliance
  12. 12. Changing Customer RequirementsThe system was designed some time ago and was no longer able tokeep up with new customer expectations namely:• Improved call resolution due to integrated Knowledge Base, Known Errors and Problem Management• Greater flexibility around SLA management
  13. 13. Additional Business Requirements• Better problem and release management functionality• Improved change management processes and control• Workflow-driven service delivery capabilities• Integration into single / multiple CMDB’s• Integration into time recording system
  14. 14. New System Requirements• Standard out of the box functionality – Minimal modification – Clear up-grade paths• Incident, change and problem management – ITIL compliance• Extend our current service offering – log via web, self help, mobile client• Best practice trends and processes• Support readily available
  15. 15. New System Requirements• System reliability and scalability – for the business (not just the CCC)• Flexibility – SLA management – Severity levels – Customer segmentation – Resolver segmentation• Dashboard reports• Knowledge base of previous known errors and CI relationships
  16. 16. Improve Service Delivery Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  17. 17. Assessment Process• Reviewed and assessed a number of products in the market• IT Service Management Module of SAP CRM was selected• UCS Solutions certified Rapid Deployment Solution Partner Services Marketing Billing/ Account Sales s Receivabl eShip/ Select Ensure Product/ Fulfillme Quote nt Inventor Order/ y/Build Credit Check
  18. 18. Key Benefits
  19. 19. Key Benefits of SAP CRM• CRM system with IT Service Management features and functions incorporated• Best-in-class functionality for marketing, sales, and service• Meets our internal business requirements and the client requirements• Interactive dashboards, easily customizable
  20. 20. Key benefits of SAP CRM• Maturing Service Management Product – Dedicated to research and development, ensuring the tool always has the latest trends & best practices included in new releases.• Intuitive, user-friendly design for quick adoption with minimal training• Built-in integration with the ERP functionality in SAP Business All-in- One• Attractively priced for midsize companies
  21. 21. Additional Business Advantages Operational Efficiencies• Integration into SAP time management• Integration into Solution Manager – Automated call logging from our SAP customers – Better control of change management – SAP support teams have access to a wider “technical” knowledgebase and common known errors• Ability to do job costing for service requests
  22. 22. Additional Business Advantages Strategic Advantages• Repositions the Call Centre for opportunities beyond IT support• Access to sales, marketing and campaign management functionality within CRM• Integration into SAP ERP, resulting in enhanced customer centricity and views
  23. 23. Implementation• Utilised Rapid Deployment Suite – First client live in approximately 3 months• Changes required to accommodate old system enhancements• Integration to third parties challenging• Solid foundation on which to build• On-going improvements and optimisation• Utilised by many of our retail customers
  24. 24. Retail Clients utilising SAP CRM
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