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Iksula Ecommerce Consulting Services

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Iksula Ecommerce Consulting Services

  1. 1. Iksula Internet Consulting
  2. 2. The internet Dilemma!! Brands / Companies are looking to leverage Internet medium. But the question is how? Business Engage with Consumer Insight Drive Brand Build the online Objectives users & Research Awareness sales channel Company / Brand Build your own Online knowledge Website Branding campaigns ecommerce enabled sources (Video, Display Ads) websiteInternet Tools (Blogs, Forums, RSS Company driven Feeds) Blogs Lead based Participate in a campaigns marketplace Online surveys Forums (Display ads, SEO, (eBay, Rediff, SEM) Indiatimes) Industry tracking Social Media
  3. 3. Challenges to building your internet strategy? • Understand the internet landscape • Understanding organizational requirements on Internet • Identifying internet tools which Build organizational organization can leverage Internet Strategy Current Organizational • People capabilities • In house web technology Capabilities expertise Training• Understanding Training Needs• Understanding HR Requirements Online Presence Design Business Processes Product Requirements & Technology Selection • Understanding Tech Requirements • Evaluate technology fit to organizational needs • Map online processes to existing processes
  4. 4. Iksula offers Consulting Services at Various Stages of an Organization Growth and also in various facets of Internet Businesses. • Engaging with Internet Businesses at following stages: – Start Up Phase – Evolution Phase – Growth Phase • Consulting E-commerce and Internet Businesses on : – Medium Feasibility & Product Definition Consulting – Business Process Consulting – Implementation Consulting – Growth Strategy Consulting
  5. 5. Iksula Consulting Services1 Product Ideation & Definition 2 Business Process Consulting •Internet Business Vision Creation •Process Assessments and Gaps Report •Business & Product Feasibility •Business Process Flow Mapping •Requirement Gathering & BRD Creation •Process Re-engineering •Functional Specification Documentation •Data / Workflow Modeling •Technology Planning and Partner Selection Internet Business Consultancy3 Implementation Consulting 4 Growth Consulting •Implementation Project & Partner Management • User LTV Strategy •Management Team Building •Brand Building Strategy. •Complete Ownership of Implementation •Content / Category Strategies •Product / Feature Development
  6. 6. Iksula Consulting Services Across stages of an Organization Start Up Phase Evolution Phase Growth Phase Client contribution Medium Feasibility •Internet Business Vision Creation •Business & Product Feasibility& Product Definition •Requirement Gathering & BRD Creation Consulting Iksula contribution •Functional Specification Documentation •Data / Workflow Modeling •Technology Planning and Partner Selection •Process Assessments and Gaps Report Business Process •Business Process Flow Mapping Consulting •Process Re-engineering Client contribution •Management Team Building Implementation Consulting Iksula contribution •Implementation Project & Partner Management •Complete Ownership of Implementation Growth Strategy User LTV Strategy Brand Building Strategy Product / Feature Development Consulting (Acquisition, Conversion & Retention) Content / Category Strategies
  7. 7. Iksula Key Consultants
  8. 8. 1 Product / Service Definition Consulting Service Service details Business Consulting • Business Vision Documentation • Targeted Market Definition and Segmentation. • Milestones and Roadmap of Technology Product Business Requirement • Analyzing end user and internal user requirements Gathering & Documentation • Creating user scenarios and User Flows. System Requirement Definition Features and functionalities of the application are & Documentation documented Designing Workflow with Wire • Detailed wire frames for client to envision the workflow frames • Iterative finalization to incorporate all requirements Vendor Selection for Product •Build / Buy, Solution research (Open Source / Development Commercial), Technology Selection etc • Iksula, with high neutrality and un biased approach, selects & engages right implementation partners
  9. 9. 1 Product Definition Partnership: Iksula helps clients define the key requirements and even works with the vendor to monitor the development Vision Development Feasibility Study / Project Appraisal Testing URS / RFP Client Demo Functional Specifications Revised IT Vendor Selection Release Test Case Creation Launch Product Definition IT Vendor Partner
  10. 10. 1 Product Definition Partnership: Role of Iksula and other constituents during product definition and development Business Vision Planning Capital Reach Management Owners Understanding Understand Develop Help in System Iksula Business Business Functional Architecture Engaging Requirement Process Specifications Technology Developme Take the Development Develop the Deploy & Definition Support nt Team Planning System Commission from Iksula Study Business Translate Handover to Iksula & User Behavior into Innovate Create Specs Technology Behavior functionalities
  11. 11. 2 Business Process Consulting: Iksula works with its clients to define business process for efficient internet business operations Service Service details Process Assessments and Gaps Analysis Business Process Flow • Process flows across various exiting / new systems Mapping and sub systems and their integration points across the organization. • Defining new process and design for custom / new business process applications Process Re-engineering • Some process need to be integrated with New Internet Business Process. Role & Responsibility Planning • MIS / Reports Design, KRA planning, Right Resourcing
  12. 12. 3 Implementation Consulting: Iksula manages the outsourced / in-house product development and also works with internal stake holders in implementing the designed processes Service Service details Implementing Technology Project • Managing Timelines and Budget of Development & Partner Management • Technology Planning, Technology Architecture, Data Modeling, etc • Infrastructure Planning Management Team Building • Help Management & Technology Resourcing Implementing New Process and • Setting Marketing, Sales & Operations Process Facilitating Integration. • Setting Up Reports and other measurement system Developme Take the Development Develop the Deploy & Definition Support nt Team Planning System Commission from Iksula Study Business Translate Handover to Iksula & User Behavior into Innovate Create Specs Technology Behavior functionalities
  13. 13. 4 Growth Consulting: Iksula works with its clients to grow there Internet business / medium. It works with its clients on an ongoing basis on various facets of Consumer Business Strategy User LTV Strategy • Identify and Finalize Acquisition Sources (Acquisition, Conversion & Retention ) and Communication • Usability study ( AB / Testing ) • Segmentation Planning • Loyalty Management Tools • Implementation. Functional review of site by expert panel Functional & Feature Discovery • Suggested functional and feature enhancement to foster business objectives Brand Building Strategy Content / Category Strategy
  14. 14. 4 Growth Consulting: Iksula in specific offers Online Marketing and Category Strategy Planning and Implementation Online Marketing Internet Onsite Retention Marketing Merchandising Marketing • PPC • A/B Testing • Segmenting and • SEO/SMO • Market Basket Driven Targeting • Display/Affiliates Cross/Up sell • E-mail Marketing Category Strategy & Planning Consumer Insights Driven Gross Margin / Supply Strategy Monetization
  15. 15. Value Adds from Iksula•Efficient and reliable consulting•Partner level commitment of team and management•Experienced minds with innovative Internet Specialists•Commitment to delivery & Success•Comprehensive offering from vision to reality