South Florida HDI Event IT Industry Awards Celebration January 10, 2013


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The Analyst of the Year and Desktop Support Technician of the Year awards are an amazing opportunity and honor for our chapter and for the eventual winner who will represent the South Florida HDI chapter. The winners will also compete at the HDI Southeast regional level.

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South Florida HDI Event IT Industry Awards Celebration January 10, 2013

  1. 1. IT Industry Awards Celebration South Florida HDI Chapter January 10, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda• 2:00 – 2:30 Networking & Registration• 2:30 – 2:45 HDI Updates• 2:45 – 3:45 Michael W. Kublin, People Tek• 3:45 – 4:00 Break• 4:00 – 5:00 Meet our candidates, announce winners• 5:00 – 6:30 Celebrate!! (TEKsystems)
  3. 3. HDI AOY & DST Awards• 2010 – Jorge De La Rosa• 2011 – Carlos Negron (Regional)• 2012 – Raquel Robinson• 2012 – Colin Thomas• 2013 - ???
  4. 4. HDI 2013 Conference & Expo• Get your license to learn at next year’s conference and expo! April 16–19, 2013, under the lights of Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay!• Stay on the cutting edge of industry trends, gain topic- specific expertise, be inspired, and network with your peers• Even better: As HDI members (gold and above), you save $200 on your HDI 2013 registrations! Register at
  5. 5. HDI 2013 Conference & Expo• Register by February 15, 2013, and you could save up to $500! Early Bird Discount $200 Alumni Discount $100 Member Discount (Gold and above) $200 Save $500
  6. 6. HDI Team Certified• New level of recognition for support teams with at least 80% of staff HDI- certified• Annual award includes recognition in HDI publications and a crystal award to display on-site• Application fee of $150 (collected after team qualification has been verified)• Register at – Contact your account manager or the Customer Care Center for assistance• Watch for more information in upcoming mail, newsletters, and emails
  7. 7. Desktop Support Survey• Currently collecting data for the 2013 report.• Survey closes January 25!• Share with your desktop support colleagues:• Members silver and above and all survey takers get the final report.
  8. 8. What’s coming in 2013 September 16, 2013 Malcolm Fry Power of Quality TourWhat You Will Learn• Balance quality, performance, and cost• Create sensible Service Acceptance processes; service pipeline, service catalog and service retired• Build a quality improvement initiative• Delegate incidents rather than escalate incidents• Build a quality focused training plan• Work with other key ITSM units to improve quality; Service Desk, Problem, Incident, Change,• Request and Asset Management
  9. 9. vChapter – January 15, 2013• Sometimes More Is More: – Multichannel Support • Roy Atkinson•
  10. 10. $100+ $1000+ $79 Conferences, events and Online resources, webinars, Research Corner, whitepapers… Training discounts $240 Value $75Focus Book Series and AnnualPractice and Salary Report Local Chapter Membership $165 $100 (only for today)
  11. 11. Question of the Day What value and/or benefit have you gained byparticipating in South Florida HDI?
  12. 12. Thank you to our Sponsors!
  13. 13. South Florida HDIThanks go to the following• Lynn Johnson – VP of Programs• Yleana Franco – VP of Sponsorship• Tony Di Perna – VP of Membership• Eddy Fuente – VP of Finance• Albert Noa – Strategic Advisor• Tony Alvarez – VP of Communication• Janice Wong – AOY Project Manager
  14. 14. Volunteer?• Welcome to 4th Annual AOY and IT Industry Award Event
  15. 15. Mike KublinMichael W. Kublin is the founder and President of PeopleTek,Inc, aleadership coaching and development company specializing inhelping leaders, teams, and organizations thrive by having thecourage and commitment to lead, plan, and communicate withconfidence.PeopleTek specializes in enabling technicians, professionals, andtheir teams to examine their behaviors and determine what is / isnot effective and to identify what may be inhibiting desiredresults. By examining behaviors, leveraging preferred styles, andby removing fear from leadership, organizational growth occursand results improve..
  16. 16. Not All Technology OrganizationsAre Created EquallyPresented to HDI South Florida Chapter Michael W. Kublin President, PeopleTek
  17. 17. Session Objectives . . .Discuss why all IT organizations NOT createdequallyLearn the 4 symbols associated with Vision,Mission, Goals, and Measures (VMGM)Understand why all behaviors and processesmust link to your VMGMIdentify one thing you can change to increaseyour focus and impact within your organization in2013 2
  18. 18. ICE BREAKER Who Am I? 3
  19. 19. Vision, Mission, Goals and MeasuresCreate Successful Organizations! We use symbols as reminders 4
  20. 20. Where do you start?Why? 5
  21. 21. VISIONA Vision is a dream or aspirationYou may have one for yourself and/or yourorganizationA vision provides direction and guides us toa place far awayIt may be unattainable, but we can try andfocus our attention and make strides forgetting there 6
  22. 22. MISSIONRepresents what you are going to doHow you’re going to do itIt makes the vision come closer to us; itbrings the vision alive and makes it morepersonalThe mission begins to bring clarity toour vision 7
  23. 23. GOALSBring 100 percent personal clarity tothe vision and missionRequires ACTIONThink in terms of what, when, &and how the actions will be carriedout, and by whom and when 8
  24. 24. GOALS contGoals must be “SMART”S pecificM easurableA chievable (and actionable)R ealisticT ime-bound 9
  25. 25. MEASURESSymbolizes measurement andprovides guidance and directionIt acts as a compass letting usknow if we are on track, or if ourdirection or behavior requireschange 10
  26. 26. DOCUMENT YOUR PLAN . . . “People who have goals achieve far more than those who don’t, and those who have written goals achieve the most of all”. --Robert McGarvey Make a commitment! 11
  27. 27. Written Plans Are Critical!Are your vision, mission and goals written? 1. Yes 2. NoHave they been communicated to ALL thatcan support them? 1. Yes 2. No 12
  28. 28. B VMGMVISION, MISSION, GOALS, and MEASURESdictate all of our leadership, team andorganizational BEHAVIORSBy creating them purposefully, rather than bychance or mistake, we will be more successfultechnology organizations and deliver betterresults for our customers, shareholders andourselves 13
  29. 29. All Key Processes MUST be linked toyour Vision, Mission and GoalsKey processes include:HiringTrainingPerformance AppraisalsRewards and recognition3 C’s Communication Change Conflict 14
  30. 30. All Key Processes Need People!VMGM achievement requires people talentSuccess is not possible without a fullyengaged, and skilled, teamPeople must feel appreciated and valuedReward and recognize the contributors! Be consistent Be clear what the recognition is for Celebrate individual and team successes 15
  31. 31. Strategies Must Also Link To Your VMGMThey provide:Structure and guidanceThey help you determine if youare:Customer focusedOperations focusedProduct focused 16
  32. 32. DECISION MAKING & INVESTINGWhere does your organization invest their money?OPERATIONS EXCELLENCEFocuses on PROCESS. Volume driven;usually low cost/high volumeCUSTOMER INTIMACYFocuses on CUSTOMER needs &relationships; usually higher cost/less volumePRODUCT INNOVATIVEFocuses on the PRODUCT;$$$ are geared towards research and development 17
  33. 33. Where Are Investments Made?vesttheir money?If Your Organization is:OPERATIONS EXCELLENCEFocuses on PROCESS. Volume driven;usually low cost/high volumeWhat are you likely to invest in?Name a company that thrives on PROCESS 18
  34. 34. Where Are Investments Made?vesttheir money?If Your Organization is:CUSTOMER INTIMATEFocuses on CUSTOMER needs &relationships; usually higher cost,less volumeWhat are you likely to invest?Name a company that thrives on CUSTOMERneeds and relationships 19
  35. 35. Where Are Investments Made?vesttheir money?If Your Organization is:PRODUCT INNOVATIVEFocuses on the PRODUCT;$$$ are geared towards research anddevelopmentWhere are you likely to invest?Name a company that thrives on productinnovation 20
  36. 36. EXERCISE 21
  37. 37. ACTIONS FOR EXCELLENCEKnow your VISIONEnsure your MISSION supports the VISIONHave actionable GOALS in place that willhelp achieve your MISSIONMEASURE your progressREWARD based on VMGM successesLink all training/development with your VISION, MISSION, and GOALS 22
  38. 38. “First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means toachieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.” -Aristotle 23
  39. 39. Michael W. Kublin is the President of PeopleTek, an executive and professional development company specializing in helping leaders, teams and organizations maximize their potential. Mike is author of 12 Steps For Courageous Leadership and PeopleTek’s Leadership Journey, is Michael W. Kublin on the Graduate School Advisory Board for Keiser University, on the 888.565.9555 ext 711 Board of Directors for Catch 81 (a non profit), is ITIL v 3 certified, and is a member of SHRM and ICF.
  40. 40. 15
  41. 41. Rock Stars!!!• How do you recognize and show appreciation to your employees?• What makes an employee go above and beyond?
  42. 42. Drona Achaibar Nominating Manager: Cory Kramer Presenting: Donnie TomlinsonHis dedication to both the customers and the other analysts in the department areunquestioned as evidenced by his continuedcontribution to assisting other analysts when they need help.
  43. 43. South Florida HDI Analyst of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Drona Achaibar January 10, 2013
  44. 44. Mark Allen Nominating Manager: Wendy StutzmanMark has a very commanding but soft wayabout him so that he is able to guide the customer to resolution.
  45. 45. South Florida HDIAnalyst of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Mark Allen January 10, 2013
  46. 46. Gregory Duhaney Nominating Manager: Sony Fenelon Greg has the customer’s interest at heart. He is the first one to go above and beyond to advocate for the customer. His thorough understanding of the customers needs andhis technical acumen have made him a shining star.
  47. 47. South Florida HDI Analyst of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Greg Duhaney January 10, 2013
  48. 48. Luis Encinosa Nominating Manager: Juan Gomez Luis is always professional, friendly andknowledgeable. I always hear what a pleasure it is to talk to Luis from the user community.
  49. 49. South Florida HDI Analyst of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Luis Encinosa January 10, 2013
  50. 50. Calixto Garcia Nominating Manager: Robert Pinto He demonstrates the passion of customerservice and is always thinking from the side of the customer.
  51. 51. South Florida HDI Analyst of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Calixto Garcia January 10, 2013
  52. 52. Sergio Gomez Nominating Manager: Robert Pinto Sergio takes steps to plan out strategicscenarios to implement so that a solution is acquired to improve the results
  53. 53. South Florida HDI Analyst of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Sergio Gomez January 10, 2013
  54. 54. Francisco Zuazo Nominating Manager: Jackie Allanic Frank possesses a can do attitude and isalways willing to take on projects. Frank is on top of his professional and technical development.
  55. 55. South Florida HDI Analyst of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Francisco Zuazo January 10, 2013
  56. 56. Arthur Borrego Nominating Manager: Juan GomezHe can always be counted on keeping proper documentation and keeping all parties concerned updated on the status of theproject. He is punctual , friendly and always exceedingly professional.
  57. 57. South Florida HDIDesktop Support Technician of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Arthur Borrego January 10, 2013
  58. 58. Sorriel Singleton Nominating Manager: Marta Duque Sorriel constantly resolves conflicts and handles other difficult situations withremarkable patience and admirable tact.
  59. 59. South Florida HDIDesktop Support Technician of the Year Nominee is hereby granted to:Sorriel Singleton January 10, 2013
  60. 60. And the WINNER is...CONGRATULATIONS!
  61. 61. Volunteer?
  62. 62. Closing & Raffle• Additional Networking Happy Hour Location• Surveys
  63. 63. Please Join our Social Media Sites53 Fans 165 Members 2800 Emails67 Members 217 Followers 882 Contacts @HDI_So_Florida