South Florida HDI Event: Mobility Creates Transparency and Increases Business Value May 9 2013


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In this session, attendees will learn how to:
Improve end-user satisfaction (employees and customers) by providing instant access to available services, self-service tools, and status updates for service requests.
Appease your CIO with instant access to real-time performance dashboards, emergency change requests, and customer satisfaction ratings.
Free IT support staff from their desk, allowing them to manage their entire workflows from their smart phone or tablet.
Give your Help Desk team the power to demonstrate the value they bring to organization.

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South Florida HDI Event: Mobility Creates Transparency and Increases Business Value May 9 2013

  1. 1. South Florida HDI Event:IT Service Support Goes MobileSouth Florida HDI ChapterMay 9,
  2. 2. Agenda• 5:00 – 5:30PM Networking & Registration5:30 – 5:45 HDI News & Updates• 5:45 – 6:45 Matt Neigh – Cherwell Software• 6:45 – 7:00 Q & A, Wrap up and Raffle• 7:00 – 8:30 Happy
  3. 3. Thank you to our Sponsors!
  4. 4. HDI Team Certified• New level of recognition for supportteams with at least 80% of staff HDI-certified• Annual award includes recognition inHDI publications and a crystal award todisplay on-site• Application fee of $150 (collected afterteam qualification has been verified)• Register at– Contact your account manager or theCustomer Care Center for assistance• Watch for more information inupcoming mail, newsletters, and emails
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  7. 7. What’s coming in 2013September 16, 2013Malcolm FryPower of Quality TourWhat You Will Learn• Balance quality, performance, and cost• Create sensible Service Acceptance processes; service pipeline, service catalog andservice retired• Build a quality improvement initiative• Delegate incidents rather than escalate incidents• Build a quality focused training plan• Work with other key ITSM units to improve quality; Service Desk, Problem, Incident,Change,• Request and Asset
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  12. 12. South Florida HDIThanks go to the following• Tony Di Perna – VP of Membership• Yleana Franco – VP of Sponsorship• Eddy Fuente – VP of Finance• Donnie Herrera – VP of Programs• Albert Noa – Strategic Advisor• Frank Ortiz – Leadership Council• Stephanie Santiago – VP of Communications
  13. 13. Volunteer?Contact Eddie Vidal at
  14. 14. Matt NeighAs Cherwell Software’s technology evangelist, Matthew works closelywith existing customers and industry peers to understand how ITSMsoftware solutions are currently being utilized, to explore how customerbehavior is driving innovation, and to discover how emerging trendsmight impact service delivery. Matthew boasts extensive experience withintegrating service management solutions into organizations of varioussizes and industries. He has traveled to more than 50 countries aroundthe globe speaking, training, and consulting on topics ranging from inter-personal relationships to cross-cultural adjustment to ITSM practices.Matthew is also a popular speaker at HDI, PinkElephant, and itSMFevents.
  15. 15. Matt NeighCherwell Technology EvangelistCherwell Software
  16. 16. Employee
  17. 17. DiscussHow is instant access andmobile devices changingthe way your IT engagesemployees/customers?
  18. 18. Employee BYOD
  19. 19. IT has to Support?
  20. 20. Transparent IT
  21. 21. ImagineYour organization is going touse Twitter as a means ofcommunicating. Whatwould that look like?
  22. 22. Monday Morning• Consider a plan to get your ServiceDesk up to speed on Mobile Devices(or at least know where to look).• What is data/reports your constituentsare constantly asking for? Considerhow to make those readily available.
  23. 23. C-Level
  24. 24. DiscussHow is instant access andmobile devices changingthe way your IT engages theC-level or V-level?
  25. 25. Dashboards
  26. 26. ImagineYour C-level wants instantaccess to metrics in IT. Howcould you facilitate that?
  27. 27. Monday Morning• Consider ways you can make decisionsC-level needs to make regarding ITmore readily available• What is data/reports your C-level areconstantly asking for? Consider how tomake those readily available.
  28. 28. DiscussHow is instant access andmobile devices changingthe way your IT Departmentengages your organization?
  29. 29. IT Department
  30. 30. Ban BYOD
  31. 31. Time Wasters
  32. 32. Remember the 90’s?
  33. 33. Automate Process or Keep Manual?
  34. 34. Take Advantage of Mobile
  35. 35. ImagineYour IT is using mobiledevices to handle servicecalls. What are some waysthey could provide bettercustomer service?
  36. 36. Monday Morning• Consider ways you BYOD can help IT moreeffectively deal with issues.• What processes are you doing manually thatyou could be automating?• What features are available on a mobiledevice that your team could start using?
  37. 37. Volunteer?Contact Eddie Vidal at
  38. 38. 57 Fans65 Members180 Members226 Followers2800 Emails882 ContactsPlease Join our Social Media Sites @HDI_So_Florida
  39. 39. Closing & Raffle• Additional NetworkingHappy Hour LocationCarolina Ale House8669 NW 36 Street, Doral, Florida 33166• Next Meeting June 6, 2013• What’s In Your Service Catalog– A joint South Florida HDI/itSMF South Florida LIG event• Please complete our Survey