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Taleo Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudyBIRT Helps Taleo Bridge the TalentIntelligence Gap > Company profile Leading provider of on-demand“Actuate Professional Services delivered a custom consulting engagement tailored exactly to our talent management solutionsintegration needs. And that was one of the fundamental reasons for the successful launch anddeployment of TBE Insight in under 120 days.” > induSTry Software/High Technology — Leonid Igolnik, Vice President, Engineering at TaleoOver 85% of companies struggle to link Taleo’s key internal challenges were finding an > appliCaTion Human Resource Managementtheir human resource strategies to their experienced OEM vendor that could adapt tobusiness objectives. As a leading SaaS talent its SaaS multitenancy model and offered rapid > ChallengeSmanagement solutions provider, Taleo helps time to market, ease of integration, and an • Customer demand forcustomers grow their businesses by gaining open architecture. enhanced analytics, morea better understanding of their most criticalasset—their talent. Solution data sources • Rapid growth pushed limits ofChallenge After considering several other BI vendors, Taleo selected Actuate and BIRT for the scalability • Integrate OEM BI solution intoHowever, Taleo customers needed more than analytic and reporting component of its multitenancy SaaS modelthe homegrown reporting offered in Taleo TBE Insight module, based on the followingBusiness Edition (TBE), and began demanding criteria: > SoluTiongreater scalability, dashboards, analytics and • Open, interactive and scalable - Engaging user experience through BIRTease of use. BI solution Interactive Viewer“As our business grew to over 4,000 - Proven scalability with large customers • Ease of integration, develop- ment flexibilitycustomers, Taleo needed to deliver a more - Open architecture and Java APIssophisticated analytics component that could - Professional Services capabilities > benefiTSmeet the requirements of customers with - Solid OEM track record • Incredibly fast time to market,over 2,000 employees,” states Kevin Nanney, “The architecture match was significant; open saving moneyvice president, TBE products at Taleo. “With source-based BIRT technology platform, APIs • Drive customer satisfaction,more sophisticated product requirements, we and XML rolling up in an extensible open empower users with self-serviceknew we needed an industry-leading, third architecture—the technology roadmap and performance insightparty solution that would integrate into and scaling are key,” recalls Leonid Igolnik, vice • Expand new marketsupport a SaaS delivery model.” opportunities
  2. 2. Case Study: Taleopresident of engineering at Taleo. “It was an functionality--fast. Not only does the Actuateexcellent fit for us actually—and Actuate was architecture make it easy to innovate andextremely supportive in helping us do the integrate, but it provides powerful tools forprototype.” troubleshooting and debugging.The BIRT-based Insight module in TBE According to Igolnik, “Actuate has enabledenables clients to access reports, analytics, us to deliver complex functionality in farand dashboards from any TBE module. less time. Faster time to market results inManagers can use TBE Insight to access cost savings, revenue growth potential andintelligence on candidates, requisitions higher customer retention as well.”compliance, performance metrics, on- drive customer satisfaction, empowerboarding, compensation and more. users with self-service performanceTBE Insight is delivered as a seamless, information insight. TBE Insight putsbranded analytics component of the overall performance measurement intelligence atTBE solution. “Our users don’t know where the human resources user’s fingertips – fromActuate begins and Taleo ends and vice the time the employee was hired, to howversa,” says Igolnik. “Actuate Professional they are doing today and discovering whereServices delivered a custom consulting they want to go tomorrow. “Having thisengagement tailored exactly to our information changes everything for a humanintegration needs. And that was one of the resource employee or recruiter,” declaresfundamental reasons for the successful Nanney.launch and deployment of TBE Insight in Managers can now run their own queriesunder 120 days.” and easily share information with colleagues.benefits “The Interactive Viewer was the number one reason we chose Actuate; it helps usenjoy incredibly fast time to market, to deliver an interactive experience tosave money by leveraging the BIRT open our customers. Feedback has been superarchitecture and Java APIs. Taleo can now positive—ease of use, things they couldn’treact quickly to changing market demands do before like moving data, sharingand customer needs by delivering new information,” states Igolnik. 2 Powered by BIRT, TBE Insight helps Taleo deliver an interactive experience to its customers
  3. 3. Case Study: Taleoopen new market opportunities by actuate - the people behind birTdelivering industry-leading talent Actuate founded and co-leads the Eclipseperformance intelligence to the market. BIRT open source project. ActuateOneActuate BIRT has brought new functionality is a unified suite of products for rapidlyand helps enable Taleo to sell to larger developing and deploying BIRT-basedprospects. “Actuate provides us with custom Business Intelligence applicationscapabilities that can drive revenue year- and information applications. Applicationsto-year,” says Nanney. “We now have new built with ActuateOne provide one useropportunities and potentially new markets experience regardless of task or skillbecause of the strength of our interactivity level; are supported by one server for anyand analytics offering.” deployment including cloud and are built with one BIRT design that can access andabout Taleo integrate any data source - including highTaleo combines leading on-demand talent volume print streams. ActuateOne adds richmanagement solutions with the industry’s data visualizations, including interactivity,largest ecosystem of customers, partners and dashboards, analytics, and deploymentcandidates. Taleo’s solutions and ecosystem options to web and mobile BIRT applications,together provide businesses of all sizes the helping organizations drive revenue throughTalent Intelligence necessary to better know higher customer satisfaction and improvedtheir people and grow their businesses. More operational performance.than 5,100 organizations use Taleo for talent Actuate has over 4,600 customersacquisition, performance and compensation globally in a diverse range of businessmanagement, including 49 of the Fortune areas including financial services and the100, across 200 countries and territories. In public sector. Founded in 1993, Actuate isaddition, with Taleo’s Talent Grid, you have headquartered in San Mateo, California,instant access to the world’s largest talent with offices worldwide. Actuate is listedmanagement network of over 200 million on NASDAQ under the symbol BIRT. Forcandidates, 140 partner solutions and 5,100 more information, visit the company’s webcustomers. Taleo runs on a world-class cloud site at www.actuate.com or visit the BIRTinfrastructure and offers 99.9% availability. community at www.birt-exchange.com. actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-8828 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway Web: http://www.actuate.com Suite 500 3 San Mateo, CA 94404