Building your Network - Breakout Session @ Student Leadership Summit 2013 Aruba


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Slides of my Breakout Session during the Student Leadership Summit 2013 organized by Cirkle K of the University of Aruba. Date: March 15, 2013.

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Building your Network - Breakout Session @ Student Leadership Summit 2013 Aruba

  1. 1. Building your Network Edward M. Erasmus, MA March 15, 2013
  2. 2. About me…• Edward M. Erasmus• Degree in Business & Finance• Degree in Public Administration, Management & Organization Sciences• Professional areas: accounting & control, public finance, strategy, marketing, financial management, operations management, entrepreneurship and innovation, social media.• Married, 3 daughters
  3. 3. About me…• Head of Operations @ Free Zone Aruba NV• Part-time lecturer @ the University of Aruba (FEF & FAS)• Speaker and facilitator• Member of the National Council for Innovation and Competitiveness (NCIC) since 2011• Advocate for a sustainable Aruba• DJ, music producer, innovation freak…
  4. 4. How about you?...• Name• A unique and outrageous word to describe you
  5. 5. Before we start….
  6. 6. Roadmap for today… The roots of networking Networking explained• Forms of Networks• 7 Tips for better Networking• Networking in the 21st century• Some final thoughts••
  7. 7. • A field of computer science• In the context of online social networking (via social media)• Complex network theories…• Etc., etc.
  8. 8. But to uncover the origin of networking wewill have to travel way way back in time…
  9. 9. 6,000 years B.C.
  10. 10. Barter…• The first evidence of network building with the purpose to exchange goods.
  11. 11. Which brings us to the point of networks….
  12. 12. Network…• A concrete pattern of relationships among entities in a social space.
  13. 13. Networking is… Socialization with a purpose A process of exploration• One or more fluid conversation• A way to learn how to help others• Taking genuine interest in others• Creating genuine interest in yourself••
  14. 14. Networking is…• Not drinks with the buddies• Not telling someone all the problems you have• Not telling everyone how much you need a new job• Not sticking your card in somebody’s face• Not a debate• Not proving how smart you are…
  15. 15. Networking is about relationship building• Building and maintaining genuinely helpful relationships with other people, for mutual benefit.• It’s about creating a diversity of connections and win-win alliances with others through nurturing relationships based on trust.
  16. 16. Why Networking??Because the alternative is sheer luck…
  17. 17. Why Networking??• Everyone of us has something to offer that someone else wants…..• Information, resources, skills, experiences, connections, etc.• Good networking promotes mutual exchange…
  18. 18. Forms of networks1. Social networks among individuals: friendship, advice-seeking, romantic connections, acquaintanceship2. “Formal,” contractual relationships among organizations and people: strategic alliances, buyer-supplier contracts, joint ventures etc.
  19. 19. Forms of networks relationships flow through people: director3. “Informal” inter-organizational interlocks, employee mobility, social networks that cross organizational boundaries4. Affiliations, shared memberships that suggest connections: trade associations, committee memberships, co-authorships etc.
  20. 20. Personal networking• Networking for personal and social reasons• Finding people with common interests• May lead to unexpectedly meaningful connections
  21. 21. Strategic networking• At a strategic level, it is important to consider how you should be networking to achieve your business and career goals.• How can networking help you? Who should you be networking with and how can you meet those people?• What can you do for them?
  22. 22. 7 tips for Networking at events1. Resist the urge to arrive late.2. Ask easy questions.3. Ditch the sales pitch.4. Share your passion.5. Smile.6. Don’t hijack the conversation.7. Remember to follow up.
  23. 23. “Communication–thehuman connection–is thekey to personal and careersuccess.” ~ Paul J. Meyer
  24. 24. Networking in the 21st Century
  25. 25. State of Social Media• Since the launching of Facebook (2004) and Twitter (2006).• Unprecedented growth in usage of social platforms.• Not just for sharing fun stuff with friends…• Opportunities for people and businesses to engage in creative new forms of online communication and networking
  26. 26. Countless array of platforms…
  27. 27. Not a hype….. It’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.
  28. 28. 1B
  29. 29. microblogging tool + social networkingRegistered Users200,000,000 +Updates per month130,000,000 +
  30. 30. Registered Users200,000,000 +•Find contacts•Start and use groups•Create resumes•Use ‘signal’ for news/info•Link with slideshare•…and more….LinkedIn community inAruba is growing fast!
  31. 31. Contains profiles ofFortune 500executives andleadingentrepreneursAverage individualsalary on LinkedInis $115,000
  32. 32. Social Platforms arechanging the way we network
  33. 33. Social Networking is disrupting how we… Interact Gather and share information• Make decisions• Collaborate, develop and create• Do business••
  34. 34. The Facebook Effect.. 1. Driver for Democracy 2. Content Sharing and Collective Experience 3. A Return to Neighborly Communication
  35. 35. Driver for democracy
  36. 36. Driver for democracy
  37. 37. Collective experience
  38. 38. Return to Neighborly CommunicationA global village…
  39. 39. Global Networking
  40. 40. Global Networking
  41. 41. Global Networking
  42. 42. Global Networking
  43. 43. Global Networking• Networking with peers around the globe is easier than ever• Changing the way we relate to one another• Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities…
  44. 44. Building Your Network Create a network database Use social media to your advantage • Join service clubs • Offer to volunteer and help others • Build your own interest group(s) • Join global networks and platforms • •
  45. 45. Some final thoughts…
  46. 46. Network with purpose and integrity Know what you want Know what you have to offer• Think ‘Win-Win’• Never misuse your contacts• Be patient••
  47. 47. Networking Zombies…Avoid becoming one...
  48. 48. Edward M. Erasmus, MAe.erasmus@fzanv.comedward.erasmus@ua.awFacebook:
  49. 49. Questions…