Social Media and SM Marketing - EPI Leadership Course Week 2013 UA


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Slides of my presentation during the special leadership course week organized by students and lecturers of the University of Aruba for the students of EPI - Tourism Sector.

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Social Media and SM Marketing - EPI Leadership Course Week 2013 UA

  1. 1. Edward M. Erasmus, MALecture Social Media & SM MarketingUniversity of Aruba, May 29, 2013
  2. 2. Roadmap…• Digital Revolution• Social Media explained• Power of Social Media• Successful Social Networking• Social Media Marketing• Key takeaways
  3. 3. Since the commercialization of theInternet (1990s)• Tremendous impact on culture andcommerce.• The rise of near instant communication byemail, instant messaging, Voice over InternetProtocol "phone calls", two-way interactivevideo calls, and the World Wide Web.
  4. 4. As we speak…• More than 2.2 billion people are using the Internet.• Revolutionizing every aspect of our daily lives.• Faster speed, open source technology, cloudcomputing, smart phones, tablets and the growth ofsocially interactive platforms (social media) enablecreative and innovative new forms of businessopportunities.
  5. 5. Disrupting markets and businessmodels
  6. 6. Digital Revolution…
  7. 7. What is social media?
  8. 8. so.cial me.di.a…a whole network of sites where userscan interact with one another whether itis by sharing information or discussingvarious topics
  9. 9. Simply stated…Social media is peoplehaving conversations andsharing stuff online….
  10. 10. Thanks to social networking:• Society is moving towards a more social,collaborative, interactive and responsiveweb• Higher interconnectivity• Building communities
  11. 11. From social media to social movement
  12. 12. Social Media is disrupting how we…• Interact• Gather information• Make decisions• Collaborate, develop and create• Do business
  13. 13. Say goodbye to the era ofmonologue
  14. 14. The new communication model isdialogue
  15. 15. Social media is apowerfulnetworking tool…
  16. 16. Global Networking
  17. 17. Global Networking
  18. 18. Global Networking
  19. 19. Global Networking
  20. 20. Global Networking• Networking with peers around the globe iseasier than ever• Changing the way we relate to one another• Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities…
  21. 21. Social media marketingThe process of promoting businessor websites through social mediachannels
  22. 22. Not a hype…..It’s a fundamentalshift in the way wecommunicate.
  23. 23. So why Social MediaMarketing?
  24. 24. 5key reasons to start consideringSocial Media Marketing….1. Sites are free2. Fast outreach3. Users are active4. All ages and demographics5. Social media is everywhere
  25. 25. “One thousand three hundred and thirty years in timeis spent daily on ”Source:
  26. 26. Users following a brand: 31%Brand recommendations permonth: 8,000,000 +
  27. 27. Tomorrow’s consumers aretoday’s “digital natives”
  28. 28. “Social media is like a snowballrolling down the hill. It’s picking upspeed. Five years from now, it’sgoing to be the standard.”~Jeff Antaya, chief marketing officer of Plante Moran
  29. 29. How can Social Mediacontribute to your MarketingStrategy?
  30. 30. Traditional marketingoften focuses on thefour P’s:ProductPrice• Place• Promotion
  31. 31. Social Media Marketingenables you to add more P’s to yourmarketing & communication mix…
  32. 32. #1…..Participation• Offering customers a voice will leadto a greater sense of ownership
  33. 33. Co-creation….
  34. 34. Starbucks gave consumers avoice....the result:over 50,000product ideas
  35. 35. What is a brand anyway?.....#2…..Personality (brand)
  36. 36. A brand =…name, term, sign, symbol or design, or acombination of them intended to identify the goodsand services of a company.
  37. 37. Brand loyalty  Strong human connection• SM offers an opportunity for a brand toshow its personality, without it looking likea marketing plan or ad campaign.• SM Marketing is all about connecting withpeople first as human beings and then ascustomers later.• SM = branding through conversations!
  38. 38. #3...P2P
  39. 39. • Forget B2C or B2B……it’s now P2P (person-2-person)…customers want to connect and interact withcompanies on a 1:1 social level…and those who can deliver that, will gainsubstantial competitive edge..
  40. 40. #4… 24/ 7 Public Relations
  41. 41. • Show both sides of a story;• Can be used to provide comments, to dispelmyths and to correct incorrect informationthat may be circulating;• Consultation can take place in an effectiveway, as it allows for greater openness andtransparency.
  42. 42. So…in essence….Product Price PlacePromotionParticipationPersonality(brand) PRP2PR.O.I.Customer loyalty + Revenues
  43. 43. Getting started….1. Define your objectives2. Define your audience3. Define your strategy4. Choose your channels5. Plan a content agenda6. Decide on who will manage what7. Define measurement mechanisms8. Execute – evaluate – adapt – execute….
  44. 44. ConclusionSocial media has completely changed thelandscape of marketing, and whenexecuted well, it has positiveimplications for multiple divisions:• from consumer insights• to product development/innovation• to marketing• to corporate reputation
  45. 45. Key Takeaways….[3 P’s when launching SMM]•Purpose•Point of view•PatienceForget marketing, start engaging!
  46. 46. Some afterthoughts about SMM….• Core business: products / servicesQuality, promises, commitments, relationships• Social media is an ingredient, not an entrée…No replacement for all other marketing tools,instead: it should be integrated with otheronline and offline marketing strategies