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Making an Impact - Social Media and Online Networking


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Careers presentation at University of Sussex, June 2015

Published in: Career
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Making an Impact - Social Media and Online Networking

  1. 1. Making an Impact - Social Media and Online Networking Skills Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Blogging - Social media & using it to get a job
  2. 2. Today Social Networks • How can Social Networks and Digital Media can be used in: • Communication • Careers choice & recruitment • Passive v Active (Research v Communication) • Constructing a Social Media Profile • Social Media as a Career
  3. 3. Traditional Face to face networking… Working the room…… Now augmented by online social media
  4. 4. Networking “a group of people who exchange information, contacts and experience for professional or social purposes” (oxford dictionary) “ Its not what you know, but who you know and who knows you that matters! ”
  5. 5. It’s increasingly an expectation that you will have some form of Online Social Media presence. This is a growing part of the recruitment & careers process BBC overview of Electronic Applications 2011 CNN Money Feb 2014 Social Media can be used for: 1.Researching what’s out there, what people do & job roles 2.Finding vacancies 3.Communication between recruiters / candidates & vice versa 4.Reflecting on what you are offering – CPD process
  6. 6. Networking can help you to… • Generate careers ideas • Find out about jobs you’ve not considered • Find out what a job is really like – ‘insider information’ • Ask how your skills and interests fit those of the job • Explore the hidden job market- where jobs aren’t advertised • Opportunity to ask for work experience
  7. 7. Online Networks A professional looking online presence can help you to make contact with people in the sector you are interested in Examples of your creativity on web pages, blogs, online videos are important in media/ creative industries
  8. 8. Linkedin research link 10 million in UK Sept 2012 = 1/3 of the workforce 2014 16million (i.e. ½ the UK workforce)
  9. 9. Careers Research using LinkedIn •
  10. 10. Passive v Active Passive •Looking at people related to you or where you are going •Looking at what other people are saying / doing •Reading Blogs •Researching companies Active •Communicating = liking / sharing / asking / blogging / content creation
  11. 11. Unsure about networking, remember…! • We all have networks • You have probably already used networking skills (finding work experience/ part time work) • Most people are flattered to be asked for advice • There are many established networks that you can use • It never hurts to ask someone (tactfully) for help - they can always say no!
  12. 12. Look after your network • Follow up and keep in touch • Say “Thank you!” • Share good news! • Offer to help others
  13. 13. There are many tribes in the world……..
  14. 14. with different dress codes….. Actual and Virtual
  15. 15. check what is appropriate!
  16. 16. Recruiter Expectations Offer Academic Personal Work Portfolio Evidence --------------  Your ongoing portfolio Time
  17. 17. Data Protection Think carefully about : • Medium selection • Content Selection • Privacy • Security
  18. 18. Social Media as a Career • Associated to IT Digital Media / Marketing & Advertising • Linkedin Sussex Alumni • Wired Sussex • Social Media Jobs The Guardian
  19. 19. Need more help? Come into the Careers & Employability Centre Library Ground Floor / North East Corner Check the website • Book a one-to-one with a Careers Adviser • 01273 678429 •