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Networking and stakeholder engagement


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This presentation was made at the Honeycomb networking event in Cape Town. It draws upon lessons learned in project management around networking and how these can be applied in small business and entrepreneurial environments.

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Networking and stakeholder engagement

  1. 1. Name | Louise Worsley Networking & stakeholder engagement Lessons learned from project management
  2. 2. Great PMs have great networks….
  3. 3. Bursting your social bubble
  4. 4. Connect to It’s the quality not the quantity of your network that matters
  5. 5. Map your LinkedIn network with Weak ties
  6. 6. Bursting your social media bubble
  7. 7. Finding the right presence Personal & private Professional & private Professional & public Personal & public Source: Dutta, S, (2010)
  8. 8. Bursting your social media bubble 1. Find highly active accounts run by people who are wildly dissimilar from you 2. Follow for thirty days – even if you don’t like what they say. 3. Don’t engage. Lurk! 4. Self-study what is new to you Twitter exercise
  9. 9. Make a memorable connection
  10. 10. Connecting you with energy and the drive to achieve your ambitions Connecting you with opportunity
  11. 11. Your network should empower you It should inspire you Networks for • Information • Political support • Personal development • Sense of purpose • Work/life balance • Personal support and energy
  12. 12. Implementation is accepted Supported by taxi people
  13. 13. The 6 principles of stakeholder engagement Stakeholder engagement provides information, time and space for stakeholders to participate 5 It never hurts to be polite 6 1Stakeholders should have a say in decisions that affect them 2Stakeholder participation includes the promise that contributions will visibly influence decisions 3 Stakeholder engagement seeks out those potentially affected by, or interested in, a decision 4 Stakeholder engagement seeks input on how they wish to participate
  14. 14. Thank you! @worsley_louise • Name | Louise Worsley • Web | • Email |
  15. 15. Stories borrowed from… • Reggie Springleer, Manager Industry Transition, City of Cape Town And many, many others… Worsley, LM. (2016). Stakeholder-led project management, Changing the way we manage projects, Business Expert Press Gladwell, M, (2000). The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. New York: Little, Brown, and Company Have a look at Cross, R. & Thomas, R.J. (2011) Managing yourself: A smarter Way to network, Harvard Business Review, Available online at Cross, R. (2011) The most valuable people in your network, Harvard Business Review, Available online at Dutta, S. (2010) What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy? Harvard Business Review, Available online at LinkedIn network mapping available at