Twitter Tools, Tweeple, and Twang


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This collection of slides is an overview of the most popular, as well as the most useful, Twitter applications. It begins by outlining some of the many tools available to enrich your Twitter experience such as mobile phone apps, desktop programs, and web-based extensions. It then moves on to explain best practice when expanding the list of people you follow, as well as getting others to follow you. Finally, there is an over view of the "Twang" (Twitter's foreign language) that you will in counter. #awesome!

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  • Twitter Tools, Tweeple, and Twang

    1. 1. Twitter: Tools, Tweeple and Twang by Doug Devitre, CRS, ABR, CDEI Sp on so re d by: De a n H a rt m a n C on ti nen ta l H ome Lo a n s
    2. 2. Twitter is a foreign language
    3. 3. Today’s Learning Objectives •Learn what is necessary to create a Twitter Profile. •Understand the various tools available for Twitter users. •Follow people and get people to follow you. •Speak the Twitter language.
    4. 4. Top-Ten Twitter Tools
    5. 5. TweetDeck
    6. 6. www.t
    7. 7. www.t wit
    8. 8. search.t
    9. 9.
    10. 10. www.t
    11. 11. Twitter Background Customization
    12. 12. www.t
    13. 13. www.t
    14. 14. Cloudlet for Firefox
    15. 15. www.t
    16. 16. Get People to Follow You
    17. 17. Five Ways to Get More Followers Advertise Profile URL Participate in TweetUps Share Valuable Content Tweet Often Follow Others
    18. 18. Advertise profile URL Profile URL = Add this to: Email Signature Facebook Profile Website or Blog Linked In Account Marketing
    19. 19. Participate in TweetUps
    20. 20. Share Valuable Content
    21. 21. Tweet Often
    22. 22. Follow Others
    23. 23. Five ways to Find People to Follow Prospect on Ask people for their twitter handle Follow your friends. Search for people of influence Keep an eye out for the ‘Follow Me’ button
    24. 24. Prospect on search.t
    25. 25. Ask People for Their Twitter Handle
    26. 26. Follow Your Friends
    27. 27. Search for People of Influence
    28. 28. Look for the ‘Follow Me’ Button
    29. 29. TWANG URL Shortener RT Retweet # Hashtag @ Mention d Direct Message ‘Post’ Twitter RSS Feed
    30. 30. URL Shortener
    31. 31. Ret weet (RT) Repost a post someone else’s post and give them credit. Just type “RT @firstposter” before quoting. Joe: Happy New Years Everyone! Steve: RT @Joe Happy New Years Everyone!
    32. 32. Hashtags (#)
    33. 33. Mention (@) Append @username when your post is related to a specific person. Example: “@stevesmith did a great job in his presentation today!”
    34. 34. Direct Message (d) Private message to a single twitter user. Example: “d stevesmith How have you been?”
    35. 35. Post
    36. 36. Twitter RSS Feed
    37. 37. Vip Membership Detailed How-To videos that you can see over and over again. Updated 5 times per week. Downloadable Powerpoints that you can use in your office. Monthly Special Report on issues surrounding social media. Webinar Archives
    38. 38. Become a VIP $249.95 per year/ $29.95 per month
    39. 39. See You There!
    40. 40. Thank You!