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Robotics Fall 2009


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Robotics Fall 2009

  1. 1. WHAT: Nestle Robotics Club WHEN: Mondays and every other Thursday WHERE: Room 19 WHO: Mrs. Van and Mrs. Donskoy, 24 fourth and fifth grade students
  2. 2. A robot is any device that can move on its own. A good robot is a device that performs tasks that a human cannot perform. A robot does not always look like a human. A robot does not think, bleed, or feel.
  3. 3. NASA's Urban Robot, Urbie, features software- controlled cameras and sensors that allow it to operate autonomously in many types of terrain. URBIE checks out areas that would pose potential risks to human investigators. Source: JPL, How Stuff Works
  4. 4. Since 1964, NASA has sent 10 robotic explorers to fly by, orbit or rove around Mars, but snakebots will give scientists an unprecedented look at the Martian landscape. Snakebots, which could be ready by 2005, will be able to dig into the loose soil of Mars and burrow down to depths that other robotic probes can't get to. They can slither into the cracks of the planet's surface. "A snakebot could navigate over rough, steep terrain where a wheeled robotic rover would likely get stuck or topple," lead snakebot engineer Gary Haith says. Source: JPL, How Stuff Works
  5. 5. Robot doctors work where precision is necessary, such as spinal surgeries, brain operations, heart, etc.
  6. 6. Robot doctors work where precision is necessary, such as spinal surgeries, brain operations, heart, etc.
  7. 7. Work on a Team Solve math problems Build with LEGO Work on the computer Think like a scientist and en engineer
  8. 8. Students who... • Are responsible • Are creative • Can work on a team • Have good grades in Math and Science
  9. 9. Pick up the handout from your teacher, read it, and discuss it with your parents. Look at the schedule included in your packet and make sure that you can come on ALL the dates mentioned in the handout. Fill out RC Engineer application Sign the RC Engineer Commitment Contract Turn in your application along with the Commitment Contract on or before Thursday, October 15.
  10. 10. We can enroll 24 students only at this time (out of about 170 students in fourth and fifth grades) The rest of the students will be placed on the waiting list. Students who miss a meeting will have to leave the Club, and a new student on the waiting list will be placed instead of him or her.