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OBF Academy Mar. 20 2018 - Case: The Guides and Scouts of Finland


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Skills and knowledge from hobbies
How to make them recognised in schools and working places?

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OBF Academy Mar. 20 2018 - Case: The Guides and Scouts of Finland

  1. 1. SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGESKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE FROM HOBBIESFROM HOBBIES How to make them recognised in schools and working places? Case the Guides and Scouts of Finland
  2. 2. The Guides and Scouts of FinlandThe Guides and Scouts of Finland SOME BACKGROUNDSOME BACKGROUND INFORMATIONINFORMATION First scouts in 1907 Internationally 40 million scouts in 200 countries Landed in Finland in 1910 The biggest youth organisation in Finland with 65 000 members Offers programs to all its members between 7 and 22 years of age Local associations provide the activities where a scout learns useful skills for life
  3. 3. Activities and learning in scoutsActivities and learning in scouts Relationships towards oneself, others, society and nature are the core of the educational program in scouts Adapted to different age groups so that a scout learns something new as well as deepens his/her understanding all the time Learning by doing is in the center of everything The older a scout gets, the bigger and more demanding are the projects
  4. 4. When you think about scouts and scouting,When you think about scouts and scouting, what comes to mind?what comes to mind? And what kind of skills and knowledge do scouts possess?
  5. 5. Not only camping and hiking… Mostly volunteer work and a hobby Scouts contribute yearly over 3 million hours of volunteer work (i.e. equivalent to 1800 full time workers) This volunteer work includes – Providing activities on a weekly basis – Administration of local ”clubs” – Organising excursions, camps, trips, events etc. Target groups for activities range from 2-3 persons to 17 000 persons with versatile job descriptions
  6. 6. How to make people aware of theHow to make people aware of the skills and knowledge gathered in theseskills and knowledge gathered in these projects?projects? Not only schools, employers and the public in general,Not only schools, employers and the public in general, but also scouts themselvesbut also scouts themselves
  7. 7. Several steps have been takenSeveral steps have been taken A project with The Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA 2016-2017 to bring up different ways to benefit from the skills learned outside the official school system Mentoring inside scout organization as well as mentors from outside Learning center planning Validated (credited) courses Badges
  8. 8. Badges Provide an easy way to tell all the wonderful things scouts do and learn in their hobby An accepted way in general Familiar way for scouts Own badges and badges in co-operation with other organisations  Target group scouts over 15 years  One must apply for the badge and show his/her skills  Also enables peer evaluation
  9. 9. Different badges for different purposesDifferent badges for different purposes Chairman Secretary Fundraiser
  10. 10. Roihu was a Finnjamboree with 17 000 participants in 2016 Volunteer in an event Learning in volunteer work Group leader at a camp Youth worker at a camp
  11. 11. Badges with different requirement levels Master of camp kitchen Cook in camp kitchen Gourmet cook on an excursion Cook on an excursion
  12. 12. Specialised badges with different focus areas Forest expert
  13. 13. Future Active development and the creation of more badges Active communication both outside and inside the scout organisation Co-operation with other organisations Badge for World Scout Jamboree 2019 Learning center
  14. 14. THANK YOU! WWW.PARTIO.FI Johanna Heinonen eLearning Manager (volunteer)