HE Student Induction 13/14


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HE Student Induction 13/14

  1. 1. Welcome My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  2. 2. College Mission To provide high quality education and training that is inclusive and matches the needs of our diverse learners, employers and the economy. My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  3. 3. Core Values Values guide the behaviour and shared priorities of our organisation: • progressive atmosphere that promotes innovation and enterprise • inclusive environment that upholds respect and removes all barriers to achievement • responsibility to ensure customer service excellence • influential player that maintains quality to ensure economic success My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  4. 4. The Student Charter Sets out the standards of service you can expect from the College, and what the College expects from you My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  5. 5. The Student Charter What you can expect from us: • A safe, healthy and respectful environment • Supportive, approachable and friendly staff • Clear guidance about your course and what is required • Start lessons on time and use a range of learning styles and materials • Assignments marked within the time specified • Good feedback on assignment submissions • Accessible resources, and services to support your learning • Advice and guidance about career routes and progression • Involve you in College decision making My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk 5
  6. 6. The Student Charter What we will expect from you: • Respect for everyone and your environment • Excellent punctuality • Full attendance on all parts of your course programme • Come to class equipped with right stationery/materials • Motivated and enthusiastic towards learning • Meet self study elements of your course to achieve standards required • Meet all set deadlines for class work/assignments • Inform personal tutor promptly of any difficulties with your work • Prompt contact re absences (before first timetabled class) • Adhere to terms of Acceptable Use Policy when using college computers • Keep your College ID badge with you at all time
  7. 7. Teaching and Learning What you can expect in the classroom: • Knowledgeable, highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers • A wide variety of teaching and learning methods • Learning activities relevant to your starting point and personal targets • Regular checks on your learning to ensure progress is made • Opportunities to explore issues relating to Equality and Diversity • Development of skills needed to boost employment opportunities My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  8. 8. Assessment What you can expect: • A plan showing when you will be assessed throughout your course; this will be available through My College>My Course • A variety of different assessment methods • Clear guidance on the scope and criteria for assessment • Marked work returned within two working weeks • Correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar • High quality feedback that enables you to improve • Scheduled opportunities for you to discuss and respond to feedback • Where appropriate, opportunities to resubmit work to improve your grades My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  9. 9. Teaching and Learning How are we doing? You will have opportunities to feedback on the quality of your learning experience through focus groups, surveys and other activities Find out more at: My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  10. 10. Wider Learning Wider Learning • Homework and extension activities to stretch and challenge you • Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) to enhance your learning • Access to other learning materials and resources through My College> Learning Resources My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  11. 11. About the College • The only further education college in the City • SIX sites in the campus - five in the City Centre • A wide range of vocational and academic curriculum, including Apprenticeships • Work with employers/universities to deliver relevant skills My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  12. 12. College Campus Plus 12 College Skills Centres at well known neighbourhood venues across the City
  13. 13. Personal Tutors Students Subject Tutors Learner Support Learning Mentor Enrichment Health & Well Being Finance Childcare Advice & Guidance Support for students
  14. 14. Employment and Enterprise Zone (EEZ) - what’s in it for you? Provides students with all the advice and guidance needed to find employment. The EEZ will help students: • Determine your career path and identify key strengths • Compile a CV, complete job applications and prepare for interview • Offer new skills or additional training to meet current job vacancies • Secure work placements with local employers • search for relevant work, and offer ongoing support once employed Employment and Enterprise Zone at the Learning Exchange, Roscoe Street
  15. 15. Enrichment Get more from college! Enrichment is all of the extra stuff you can get involved in whilst you are with us. Whether you just want some social activities or are looking for extra opportunities to help make the most of being at college we have something for you. Find us online… w: facebook.com/livcollenrich w: twitter.com/livcollenrich e: enrichment@liv-coll.ac.uk My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  16. 16. Social and Events Freshers’ Fair • Student social rooms • Trips Sports Football • Gym • Basketball • Rock climbing • Scuba diving Volunteering Student Ambassadors • Charity fundraising • Christmas toy appeal • Food bank Enterprise Enterprise Club • Guest speakers and master classes • Student markets • Funding opportunities Creative and Media Student magazine and media team • Radio studio • Jewellery making • Photography • Fashion workshops • Graffiti Some activities you can get involved in: What will you choose?
  17. 17. My College For everything you need to know about College and your course, check your electronic HE Handbook and visit: My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk
  18. 18. Further information on the VLE • HE VLE Further Information • HE Policies • HE Procedures • HE funding
  19. 19. And finally... May I wish you every success ~ both in College and for your future My College at: my.liv-stu.co.uk