Peer Assisted Learning Leicester Award Introduction


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  • (Say that every year a number of students are also awarded an additional ‘distinction’ certificate?)
  • LA in general – what it is/appearing on transcript/ HEAR
  • Peer Assisted Learning Leicester Award Introduction

    1. 1. Learning Development Introduction to the Peer Assisted Learning Leicester Award Steve Rooney Zoe Enstone Marta
    2. 2. ‘Things I wish I’d known about studying at UoL as a fresher’
    3. 3. What is Peer Assisted Learning? “... a scheme that fosters cross-year support between students on the same course. PAL encourages students to support each other and to learn co-operatively under the guidance of trained students, called PAL Leaders, from the year above.” (Bournemouth University, PAL leader views (UWE)
    4. 4. What is the Award about? • Build on your mentoring experience; • Use your knowledge and experience to help others to learn; • Refresh your own knowledge; • Gain numerous new skills; • Increase your employability and gain
    5. 5. What will completing the Award involve? • You will work in a team to design and lead a peer assisted learning (PAL) activity. • The PAL activity could take the form of: – face to face sessions – IT mediated support – resource development (or a mixture of the above) • We will provide you with training and guidance to enable you to undertake the
    6. 6. Assessment of the Award • Portfolio containing: – evidence of at least 20 hours of peer assisted learning related leadership activities (inclusive of meetings, preparation, publicity etc) – if you are running face to face sessions this should equate to around 6 hours contact time. – skills audit completed during initial training – 1500 – 2000 word reflective assignment or blog – presentation materials • Presentation drawing links between skills you have developed and skills required by graduate
    7. 7. Timescales • Information session: Tuesday 18th October • First training session: Tuesday 25th October • Second training session: Tuesday 1st November • Deadline for peer support activity proposals: Monday 7th November • Update 1: Friday 25th November • Update 2: Friday 16th December • Update 3: Friday 17th February • Update 4: Monday 5th March • Deadline for finishing PAL activity/last update: Monday 5th March • Presentations: Monday 19th – Wednesday 21st March • Deadline for submission of portfolio: Wednesday 28th
    8. 8. What is the Leicester Award? • Encompasses a range of employability courses and programmes available to University of Leicester students; • Gives you the opportunity to gain a qualification which encourages reflection and personal development in a range of ways; • Appears on your degree transcript; • More information at
    9. 9. What’s next? • Complete the registration form; • Come to the training sessions; • Plan your PAL activity and submit the proposal; • Run the PAL activity. We will keep in touch and support you with the above!
    10. 10. Contacting us and staying in touch (0116) 2231889 2nd floor, David Wilson