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OBF Academy: Customer case - North Kirkwood Middle School


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Our customer from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, tells how they have started to issue Open Badges for their students. The kids have been involved in the process and they also have a dedicated instance of Open Badge Passport that is also branded for them. This is an ongoing story and we'll hear more before summer and this fall.

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OBF Academy: Customer case - North Kirkwood Middle School

  1. 1. Badgifying the School Experience Kevin Collier & Dr. Denise Ford North Kirkwood Middle School St. Louis, Missouri USA
  2. 2. About us and our School • Kevin– Technology Specialist • Denise– Gifted Teacher (SOAR) 6th, 7th, 8th • NKMS– 680 Students, aged 11-14. Every student has an iPad Mini, enabling a 1:1 learning environment. Kirkwood is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.
  3. 3. How Did We Get Here?!?- A Recipe for Success.. • Gamer Mentality– Life is a series of quests, in which you must “Level Up” your skills in order to defeat the challenges (“Bosses”) that pop up on your journey- Thanks! • Gamification in Schools– Been reading articles about making learning fun by bringing in elements of game design in the educational space. •– 7th grade began using site in order to boost their vocabulary • Gamification Class– Former Librarian, then Denise took a class that featured badges as rewards for skills acquired or achieved.
  4. 4. • Untappd- the beer app. • Badges are awarded based on beers you drank. • It made me realize that badges have always been around us. But the real reason was….
  5. 5. The Awakening…Badges are Everywhere!! If Badges are the new way to demonstrate skills, but they are also rewards and accomplishments, why couldn’t we do this for kids to reach, engage, and improve?
  6. 6. NKMS & Open Badge Factory • Created a Closed Open Badge Passport • Badges are awarded for participation in School Experience, Behavior, Contests, but also inside the classroom based on content—Mastery of skills. • Students apply for badges via our homepage (Hopefully, they’ll be able to apply through the passport soon)
  7. 7. Examples of our Badges
  8. 8. Our Passport
  9. 9. Content-Related Badges- 2 Examples
  10. 10. Content-Related Badges- 2 Examples
  11. 11. In Summary • We both feel this has enormous potential. • Teacher/Staff buy-in is critical– they have to help create the buzz. • We are starting with students first– but could see where this could also transfer to a professional development model for teachers. • This could spread to the other schools based on our success.
  12. 12. Feel Free to Contact Us! Kevin Collier- Technology Specialist Denise Ford- Gifted Teacher