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Welcome to the Salava project final


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Get started! First Salava webinar. How to get involved.

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Welcome to the Salava project final

  1. 1. Welcome to the Salava project! Eric Rousselle Discendum Oy
  2. 2. What is Salava? The Open Badge Passport community edition. An open source project where the Open Badge Passport developed by Discendum is further developed by a community of developers, practitioners and users.
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  4. 4. About Open Badge Passport • A platform developed by Discendum as an outcome of the Open Badge Factory -project (2013 – 2015) • An alternative to the Mozilla Backpack, but more than a repository • A PLE and e-portfolio built from badges • A community where users can interact with their badges (badges as connectors) • A service used by thousands of badge earners around the world (68 countries)
  5. 5. Short presentation of the Open Badge Passport concept
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  12. 12. Why Salava? • Providing a service to the Open Badges community requires openness • Salava creates an opportunity for users, practitioners and developers to contribute to the further development of the Open Badge Passport vision • We want to “free” badges from the traditional credential’s carapace and explore how they can work as connectors and support learning communities • We want to keep the concept simple and user friendly!
  13. 13. Behind the Salava project • Strong commitments to: • The Open Badge Factory and Open Badge Passport users • The DML project (ADPIOS, Discendum, Omnia) • Open Badges community
  14. 14. What we have been doing? • Developing a new software written in Clojure and release under the permissive Apache 2.0 license • Setting up the open community site: • Starting some collaboration with Clojure developers • The first beta version of Salava will be released in about two weeks
  15. 15. Two steps • Step 1: building the infrastructure and the code base (nearly completed) • Step 2: Developing PLE / e-portfolio and community features – Communication – Connections between users – Badge earning / issuing features
  16. 16. Who can join the project and how?
  17. 17. • Users, practitioners, developers, interface translators are welcome! • If you don’t use Open Badge Passport yet, get an account and try it (it’s free!) • All instructions are in the site • Forum is the right place to start • Pull requests can be submitted in Discendum/Salava github
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  21. 21. More information: • Open Badge Factory • Open Badge Passport • the Digital Media and Learning Trust Challenge •
  22. 22. Thank you! @eric_rousselle