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Introduction to Microsoft Teams


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An overview of what Microsoft Teams is and where it fits into Office 365 collaboration.

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Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  1. 1. Introduction to Microsoft Teams April 2018 @directorcia
  2. 2. Overview • You get Microsoft Teams if you have a full SharePoint License (i.e. you don’t get it with Office 365 Business) • Teams is available to all Office 365 Suites (apart from above exceptions) • Utilises existing services like Exchange, SharePoint, etc • Has a dedicated app available on all platforms • Is now enabled by default on all Office 365 tenants • Microsoft Teams administration is available in the Services area in the Office 365 Admin portal
  3. 3. Collaboration Universes
  4. 4. Old New Modern Data Comms Shadow IT Files IT Admin Ad Hoc Linear Parallel User Structured Control Data Access Office 365 Team Work
  5. 5. What is Teams?
  6. 6. Chat, calls & meetings for today’s teams Integrated Office 365 apps Customizable and extensible Enterprise security, compliance & manageability
  7. 7. Unlock productivity with 150+ integrations
  8. 8. File storage is in SharePoint
  9. 9. Full SharePoint Site
  10. 10. Automate with Bots
  11. 11. Customer Support • Enable continuous knowledge sharing between shifts • Provide visibility into customer escalations • Search for solutions across conversations • Speed up issue resolution with various subject matter experts Engineering • Enable continuous discussion across a distributed team • Discuss ideas and requirements, gather inputs in the open • Store standard documentation and files • Integrate with developer tools like Jira Finance • Prepare earnings release with cross- functional stakeholders • Streamline data consolidation and analysis • Store budgeting documentation and files • Share economic trends and news Human Resources • Drive alignment on job descriptions and streamline interview processes • Plan and prepare new employee onboarding • Engage distributed employees in training • Share department resources and documentation Marketing • Coordinate campaigns and event tasks • Share the latest content drafts for feedback • Get automated reports from analytics tools • Prepare marketing launch across multiple stakeholders Sales • Get quick answers from PMs and Sales Ops • Share key customer wins • Get lead notifications and deal mentions • Share latest company, product and competitor news Operations & Project Management • Streamline project communication and tools • Provide status updates, get feedback, coordinate tasks • Share files and collaborate on deliverables • Get new project members up to speed quickly
  12. 12. Guest Access
  13. 13. Anyone with an Azure Active Directory (AAD) account or a Microsoft Account can be added as a guest in Teams. • Can have any email account (Work accounts e.g. Office 365) • Accounts are added and securely managed within Azure AD through Azure AD B2B Collaboration • IT admins can quickly and easily view, add, or revoke a guest’s access to the host tenant • Are included as part of your Office 365 subscription at no additional cost • Are subject to Azure AD & Office 365 service limits Guests
  14. 14. Guest Access Capabilities Capabilities Teams User Guest User Create channels X X Participate in a private chat X X Participate in a channel conversation X X Post, delete, and edit messages X X Share a channel file X X Share a chat file X Add apps (tabs, bots, connectors) X Create tenant-wide and teams/channels guest access policies X Invite a user outside the Office 365 tenant's domain X Create team X Discover and join public teams X View org chart X Note: Office 365 admins control the features available to guests.
  15. 15. How to enable Guest Teams In the Office 365 Admin Center, Settings > Services & add-ins, choose Microsoft Teams. Select the user/license type you want to configure to Guest Make sure Turn Microsoft Teams on or off for all users of this type is set to On
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. Personal Teams StaffHub Group Office 365 Exchange Shared Mailbox SharePoint Team Sites YammerPlanner Connectors Persistent Chat Skype Plan Network Rostering Meeting Exchange Personal Mailbox SharePoint OneDrive for Business Personal DataShared Data
  18. 18. Yammer Intranet (SharePoint) Hub Sites Communications Sites Teams Sites Microsoft Teams OneDrive for Business Layer 1 – OneDrive for Business Layer 2 – Microsoft Teams Layer 3 – SharePoint Layer 4 – Yammer Layer 5 – External Layer 3A – Hub Sites Layer 3B – Communication Sites Layer 3C – Team Sites
  19. 19. Yammer Intranet (SharePoint) Hub Sites Communications Sites Teams Sites Microsoft Teams OneDrive for Business Create Consume Individual Business Audience Mode InformationFlow
  20. 20. Take aways • Microsoft Teams is a different way of collaborating • Microsoft Teams enables the user to create the spaces they need to do work with others • Naming conventions and setup of services can be confusing • Backup and recovery is something that needs to be carefully considered and managed • Microsoft Teams is being widely adopted and will continue to iterate rapidly
  21. 21. Resources • Introducing Microsoft Teams- FMzZFF0&t=68s • Teams Quickstart - ms-Quick-Start-422bf3aa-9ae8-46f1-83a2-e65720e1a34d • Administrator settings for Microsoft Teams - com/en-us/article/Administrator-settings-for-Microsoft-Teams-3966a3f5-7e0f-4e a9-a402-41888f455ba2 • Get started with Microsoft Teams - case/Article/Content/872/Getting-started-with-Microsoft-Teams • Success with Teams -
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