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Microsoft 365


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Deep Dive into Microsoft 365

Published in: Technology
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Microsoft 365

  1. 1. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Deep Dive into Microsoft 365 Suhail Jamaldeen
  2. 2. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud About Me Suhail Jamaldeen Microsoft MVP – Office Apps & Services Lecturer – lisbro academics Lead Consultant – titum Blogger – www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud
  3. 3. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Agenda Microsoft 365 Office 365 Developer Program Demo – Developer Program Power Automate Microsoft Graph API Demo –and Microsoft Graph API
  4. 4. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud About you • After A/Ls • Undergraduate – IT Track • Undergraduate – Non IT • Professional – IT track • Other Professional
  5. 5. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud How many of you are aware of Microsoft 365 A. I’ve never heard of it before B. I’ve heard of it, but not sure what it is C. I’m pretty sure I know what it is D. I’m using and I build apps
  6. 6. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Microsoft 365
  7. 7. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Windows 10 A series of personal computer operating systems Broadly released for retail sale on July 29, 2015 Windows 10 editions Windows 10 Enterprise For organizations with advanced security and comprehensive management needs. Windows 10 Pro A solid foundation for every business. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Designed for people with advanced workloads or data needs. Windows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) The foundation for your intelligent edge.
  8. 8. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Microsoft Office 365 A collection of Microsoft applications in the cloud​ Software as a Service (SaaS) Offering​ Applications are available depending on the licensing​ Be productive anywhere  Web based applications​  Desktop applications​  Mobile applications
  9. 9. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Periodic Table of Office 365
  10. 10. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Office 365 vs Microsoft Office 2016 vs Office Online​ Office 365  is a subscription based service.  Most of the Office 365 plans include Office 2016​ Office 2016 is also sold as a one-time purchase​ Office Online is the free version of Office that you can use in your web browser​
  11. 11. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Office 365 Portal​
  12. 12. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Office 365 Developer Program Use Office 365 developer subscription to develop your solutions free of charge Independent to your production environment  Tenant level settings  Users Build Solutions Add-Ins
  13. 13. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Subscription Office 365 E3 Developer subscription - Before August 25th, 2019 Microsoft 365 E5 Developer Subscription​  25 user licenses for development purposes  Core Microsoft 365 workloads and capabilities (Windows not included)  All Office 365 Apps  Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection  Advanced analytics with Power BI  Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)  Azure Active Directory Free trial for premium services
  14. 14. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Office 365 Resources  Office resources gallery aggregates tools, samples, documents and more into one place 
  15. 15. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Signup for Office 365 Developer Program us/office
  16. 16. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Power Automate  Previously known as Microsoft Flow (Announced the new name during MS Ignite 2019)  Power Automate is a cloud-based software as other Office 365 products  Can develop workflows without any development knowledge  Multiple Templates  Combination of Trigger, Action and Condition  Successor to SharePoint Designer Workflows
  17. 17. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Power Automate Supported Platforms Can interact with other applications like MailChimp, Dropbox, Twitter, SharePoint, and OneDrive and many more  Some services are labeled as Premium (e.g. Salesforce, CDS)
  18. 18. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Start with a Trigger Examples:  When a new item is created in a SharePoint list or library  When a new tweet is posted containing a particular term  Flow button on a mobile device  Triggered from a PowerApp  On a schedule
  19. 19. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Perform Actions Examples:  Create a SharePoint item or CDS record  Post a tweet  Send a mobile notification  Interact with PowerApps  Use the Modern Approvals experience
  20. 20. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Create Flows  Create a Flow directly from your Custom list or Document Library in the browser or phone app  Create/run a Flow on a selected file, item, or folder  Using the app, search for SharePoint triggers and actions
  21. 21. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Power Automate
  22. 22. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Microsoft Graph API Microsoft Graph is a RESTful web API No need many different APIs Gateway to the data in the Microsoft Cloud
  23. 23. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Supported Platforms
  24. 24. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Developer Advantage  Mostly everything from a single endpoint.  No separate token management  Multiple platform supported with examples and code base  Code base are open source and available in GitHub
  25. 25. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Microsoft Graph API
  26. 26. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud SharePoint Online​ Content management​  Organize and manage content in libraries and lists with metadata, records management, and retention policies.​ File sharing and storage​ Sites with various templates​  Team sites: Organize and collaborate on content, data, and news to stay on the same page​  Communication sites: Broadly share and communicate your group’s message across the organization with beautiful, dynamic communication sites.
  27. 27. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud  Blog site: Enables you or your organization to quickly share ideas and information. People can comment on the posts and rate your posts. Real-time coauthoring  Display everyone's changes as they happen. Search​  Customize your enterprise search and results with enhanced features to surface resources across Office 365.​
  28. 28. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud SharePoint Online
  29. 29. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Questions & Answers
  30. 30. www.Suhail.Cloud #SuhailCloud @SuhailCloud Thank You www.Suhail.Cloud @SuhailCloud #SuhailCloud